First Impressions: Rick Hearst Returns to B&B as Whip

What are your first impressions of Rick Hearst’s return to The Bold and the Beautiful as Whip? Just from the opening scenes of Nick closing the door in his face a couple of times I’m looking forward to where this is headed.

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    New couple alert: Pam and Whip, LOL. But thank you for bringing Rick Hearst back to LA and away from the mob bs on GH and hope that they use him and hook him up with Brooke and Felicia.

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    I agree with the comments above mine. I’m so glad Rick Hearst is back. I never caught him the first time, but I USED to watch him on GH (before I got bored out of my mind) and GL. I, sadly, did not see his demise on GH, but the writing was on the wall pretty much the whole time he was there. WHAT A WASTE! I was always wanting he and Sonny to bond and be good brothers, but there was no room with Jason. Oh well.

    I’m glad B&B is using him. Let’s hope they do well by him and give an exciting storyline.

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    I can’t wait for the Brooke/Whip reunion. It’s great to have Rick Hearst back! I could see him with Felicia at some point … but we all know that Brad Bell doesn’t give a shit about Lesli Kay and will probably waste him on Donna or Katie. :(

    But as I said it’s great that he is back. Whip was always fun and he will be fitting right in to the Jackie M crew. LOL What a bunch of crazy people…^^

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    I would love to see a Whip/Katie/Bill/Felicia quad but we all know Bell can’t see out of the box and we will be stuck with the same old recycled Tridge/Bridge triangle.

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    When you could choose between Ridge and Whip … come on it shouldn’t take you a second to say yes to be Mrs. Whipple Jones. And yes, even the name wouldn’t scare one bit. LOL

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    And he was so funny with Clark and Pammy! I’m loving the Jackie M. hijinks, better than the Forester boringness. The look on his face when Jackie said she didn’t marry Owen as a publicity stunt!

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    :::Fist in the air, Damn you Luke damn you! You made me watch B&B to see Rick Hearst! Fist in the sir::::

    I love Rick Hearst and he was so unused on GH instead they prefer untalented actor, I wonder why their rating are on the toilet, NOT just kidding.

    I loved him when he was on previously and loved the fact that he had a sense of humor, seriously lacking in Brook! The scenes with him – beside the scene with Brook all drama with Ridge – where hilarious. Brook should get a medal for having to spew the same exact words years in, years out! Seems like I miss nothing the last 5 years, they are all the same! :bigsmile:

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    I know people rag on B&B because of the same story lines. Maybe they need new writers to give them a fresh perspective. It is hard to right good story 365 days a year. It is just nearly impossible to do it consistently. I think many soaps recycle some story lines.

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    The Jackie M. scenes were the best part of the show.

    B&B needs to get off the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor merry-go-round. It’s just irritating that after decades these people can’t get their stuff together.

    Of course, one of the problems with soaps is that marriages are meaningless because just days or months after a wedding something happens to break up the newlyweds. Why bother being emotionally invested in a couple if they’re always torn apart?

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    I just decided to give B&B a chance since I love Rick Hearst. I started this week on Tuesday and this seems to be a pretty enjoyable soap so far. I’m excited about giving it shot.

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    Rocco? BTW, what’s happened Rocco? He made a brief appearance and I just saw him in the background at the runway show. Is he here now as background filler?

    Also, what about Victor Alfieri? Will he be on the show regularly or was this just a one time show?

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