Lynn Herring Extends ATWT Stay

Lynn Herring is extending her stay in Oakdale. Carolyn Hinsey is reporting at New York Daily News "She will now air through the fall and share scenes with former GH husbands Jon Lindstrom and Stuart Damon."

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Congratulations to Lynn Herring! This must mean that she has chemistry with Trent Dawson, who plays her onscreen son Henry. It's also great news that she'll also be teamed with Jon Lindstrom and Stuart Damon.

Hmm....You don't suppose that Goutman and company started hearing rumors of GH wanting to bring Herring and Damon back on canvas and is checkmating that from happening?

Today's ATWT was actually good(mainly because of the Brad/Katie/Henry/Vienna/Geneva hilarity).

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ATWT viewers are in for a big treat to have Herring, Damon and Lindstrom onscreen at the same time. These are 3 of my all time favorite soap's no wonder GH is in the toilet.

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Extended before her stuff even airs. Does that mean ATWT is happy with her?

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Does this mean her storyline will not be over in 3 weeks?