OLTL’s Kish to Kiss Onscreen!

Set your DVRs now boys and boys and girls and girls. One Life to Live‘s refreshingly-organic gay couple Kyle (Brett Claywell) and Fish (Scott Evans) will kiss on Aug. 6, according to this week’s Suds Report!

With CBS being justly criticized for the lack of physical affection between their gay couples — GL’s Otalia, Y&R’s Radam, and World Turns’ Nuke — it’s nice to see that ABC is the only network that refuses to treat their gay lovers any different from their heterosexual counterparts. On AMC, Rianca was shown making love and kissing up a storm almost every episode (Well, when she wasn’t macking on Zach, that is). Not to be outdone, Suds Report has learned that fledgling couple Kyle and Fish will indeed kiss on-screen on Aug. 6, so if you’re not watching One Gay To Love, start tuning in now. The Kish storyline is by far the most interesting story on the soap and is quickly becoming the most realistic gay coupling on daytime. Look for an exclusive interview with Brett Claywell (Kyle) and Scott Evans (Fish) next week at Out.com.

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    This will be good for a minute and then the shit is going to hit the fan (yall watch!) Same thing happen to Nuke, Otalia, all of Bianca’s pairings, and it will happen to Kish.

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    ABC did that with Bianca’s pairing YEARS ago when they were the first, but with Rianca they did not. They kissed, made love and got married! I’m holding out hope for Kish.

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    Oh my frakking g**!!! I literally can’t wait!
    I agree with Branco, I like so much the characters, they’re perfect for each other, exactly polar opposites!

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    I’m excited. I love the storyline so far. And I have hope that they don’t screw up Kish.
    Even though US soaps still have way to go to have similar gay relationships like European soap have. “Hollyoaks”, “Alles was zaehlt” and “Forbidden Love” are still the champs there.

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    Cool beans. Marking my calendar. OLTL’s Kyle and Fish, is the best written on the three. Even better than Nuke’s early/courtship days.

    Take that Y&R!!

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    OLTL is the best written ABC soap. (Of course, given its sister soaps are crap, that isn’t saying as much as I’d like but…)

    As for Y&R, come on, hasn’t the Adam/Rafe pairing played out like I said it would? Adam being a straight/bi psycho using gullible/stupid Rafe? Yeah, it would have been nice to see Rafe & Adam kiss or at least in bed but it was obvious where the story would proceed.

    Adam is responsible for killing Ashley’s baby. That makes him a non-starter for having any long lasting, loving relationship.

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    Why doesn’t your TVguide.ca column allow for comments? Your the best soap columnist on the web along with the D.C. folks. Wouldn’t commenting increase your page views because your site would be stickier?

    Thanks again for your hard work!

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    Yay!! I was waiting for this news for a long time and the 6th of august wouldn’t come too soon for me!

    I really like the chemistry between Fish & Kyle!

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    Yay! Right now, OLTL’s Fish/Kyle is the best of the gay male storylines on US soaps: ATWT’s Nuke are poorly written characters (especially Noah) getting into one ridiculous storyline after another; Y&R’s Phillip III reveal lacks impact due to Thom Bierdz’s underwhelming acting (and the fact that the character comes across as an arrogant jerk) while the Adam/Rafe pairing is somewhat offensive (cutting away from the kisses, Rafe is a lovesick chump and Adam is a moustache-twirling villain).

    So bravo to OLTL for creating genuine, realistic characters who are gay; that Fish is a true-blue, geeky cop and Kyle is a bit of a cad who none-the-less still carries a torch for Fish has made this far and away the most interesting and compelling of the stories. Plus, Scott Evans and Brett Claywell have already demonstrated some terrific chemistry.

    OLTL isn’t perfect (Rex, John, Destiny, I’m looking at you), but the Fish/Kyle romance and the whole Tea/Todd/Blair stuff keeps me glued to the set!

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    Mrs Adam Carrington


    I never expected an epic romance between Adam and Rafe but I wanted a twisted tale of manipulation, deceit and seduction. And goddamnit I wanted to see them kiss, if we had to watch Todd and Marty have sex on OLTL then we can definitely watch Adam and Rafe kiss on Y&R.

    Btw OLTL and Y&R are the only soaps I follow any more.

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    Is there a site where I can get caught up on this storyline? One of the things that helped me get into Otalia was the Wikipedia info and then the YouTube site that had all the clips. I’d really like to check out this storyline, especially since it would appear the cowards at CBS/GL has no intention of ever letting Olivia and Natalia be physical with each other. Thanks!

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    I have been watching OLTL everyday since Marty escaped Todd and I really haven’t seen a lot of scenes between Fish and Kyle. Fish has been with Christian and the roommate whose name escapes me. Kyle has been in scenes with Stacy and those opposed to Stacy. Have they really shared that much screentime?

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    for Shoot4theMoon, there are several youtube channel that are following the story, plus there is the Kishmet forum dedicated to this couple that has all the clips of the storyline so far.

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    They don’t want the backlash against the network, so they make them fail on purpose. Come on — If Frons worked in prime time or Babs they would have been fired years ago. No one wants to be in the daytime business anymore.

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    I feel that soaps would have to cut back the episodes per year. How many episodes soaps tape? 250? What about around Christmas, they air reruns of soaps or give the shows a break so that next year the viewers would be excited to watch them again. Take risk and do something different instead of the same old s/ls. Focus on the vets and use the sets less or maybe I sorry to say this, but if the soaps will have to survive or be on budget, I wouldn’t mind the GL versions of soaps if they have to go that route to be profitable to the networks.

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    Nope thats the same actor that has always been playing Kyle. Brett Claywell is just a pale dude. brett joked about it on blogtalk radio. It also depends on the lighting of the scene

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    Kish is a bit overblown for its current state of development. The two characters have just started to reconnect since having an affair in college a decade ago.

    At this point, there’s a lot of hype, which is typical with gay pairing. Gay folks become really excited and talk up and aggrandize any potential storyline that features gays.

    Then there’s the reality.
    1) Luke and Noah. Ground breaking but boring.

    2) Rafe and Adam. Not really a gay story but one of a straight(ish) guy using a gullible gay man.

    3) Natalia and Olivia: Sweet and well acted but neutered.

    That brings us to Kyle and Fish. The story is building slowly. So, there shouldn’t be any pronouncements of it being a great story yet.

    In a nutshell: it’s all about desire and projection for now.

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    Brett jokes that he’s not buff either. LOL its a great interview check it out at:

    Nuke on WT suffers from bad writing and We dont give a f–k additude.

    YR’s Adam is using Rafe and maybe vice-versa. As of now they are not a couple.

    Otlia on GL- This one I dont get the show’s ending so I say go 4 it. Maybe Jessica’s preganancy was a factor

    Kyle and Fish-OLTL: This pairing already has so much more going 4 it then any of the other gay stories. I don’t see them losing steam. FV and RC love the story and Frons is probably lovin all the press its getting as the best gay coupling so he should be behind it. Frons likes when his shows have the best of everything.
    Hopefully he’ll give a quote that his gays are hotter. LOL

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    I am really loving this story. Both actors have such great chemistry. I love the way Oliver is so nervous around Kyle.

    I wonder if OLTL would have gone ahead with this story if Scott Clifton had played Kyle as originally planned. If you remember they switched actors at the last minute, and Brett was going to play Schyler.

    Why can’t Luke and Noah move to Llanview, so they can get a decent story. Van and Jake are so wasted on ATWT.

    I also love Christian and Layla, and am glad they finally gave Chris Fumero a worthy leading lady. He has been wasted since his return.

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    “Gay folks become really excited and talk up and aggrandize any potential storyline that features gays”.

    Joss: as one of the mentioned “folks”, thanks for the generalization. We are making the most out of the little we are given. You know how us gay folks are prone to dramatics.

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    I have faith in OLTL, except for Stacey.

    Kyle is generally disliked by half the characters, so it should be interesting to see him paired with a “good guy”. I cannot wait to see John McBain’s reaction. I am glad Ron did not write two sickly sweet guys, that had hearts of gold.

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    Brett was originally cast as Sky but replaced by SC.
    The show put Brett under contract and then over a game of bowling with Brett Farah and JPL Ron C came up with Brett’s character and story idea and the game was only two hours long. Brett Claywell talks about this in his recent soap opera digest interview. So SC was never gonna be Kyle. Kyle was created For Brett Claywell

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    I liked Brett’s radioblog,,,he raved about working in soaps and how hard it is. I think Brett mentioned RC thought he was a little too old for the storyline with Starr and that’s why SC was hired as the teacher….

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    I hope that Kyle would still be the bad boy but Fish be not happy with his schemes, but love him anyway. Nuke doesn’t have any real conflict and the writers come up with dumb s/ls for them instead of normal stuff for them. But not turning Kyle into a saint, it would be good conflict but great drama.

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    Kyle makes me smile, he seems to get ‘stuck’ in these situations – he figured out baby Chlope was really Starr’s child and not Jessica’s, so, he decided to blackmail Nat/Jared for his college tuition, the whole stealing blood from a coma patient due to Roxie/Stacy, the look he gave Fish while at Capricorn…hot, totally, hot…

    Fish is adorable, he seems so awkward, earnest and ready to please…

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    I understand that these two characters don’t have any significant ties to the OLTL canvas and are relatively new, but I see a lot of potential in the development of their story. I mean it’s good to have a little balance to the stories being played out, and I have faith in the Ron Carlivati and his team in making a new couple for us to root for.

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    They both tons of potential and If Kyle’s friendship with Roxy deepens almost to a mother-son thing then He and Fish will be tied to her and thryu her Shane, Rex, Natalie and Gigi.

    Also with Fish eventually coming out, I believe we may see his parents.

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    The thing I like more in this storyline is Kyle character, so devious but at the same time adorable. I hope they will keep this ambivalance in him.

  29. Profile photo of appleridge

    Also did anyone catch Van Hansis (Luke, ATWT) comment about OLTL’s Kyle & Fish story. He makes fun of the fact that one of the characters is called Fish. I’m a little torn here, i’m not sure if its a joke or not. Kinda hard to read.

  30. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I don’t think Kish is the best thing on the show at the moment, but I do think they have a great potential storyline with this and I’ll love to see them kiss.

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    Wouldn’t it be easier and better for their bottom lines to actually make their shows successful? If the shows had anywhere near Y&R’s (or B&B’s) viewership and ratings, wouldn’t ABC be happy? What do they plan to do with the free hours? Toss news or infomercials or talk shows or game shows? They’re cheap to produce but they certainly don’t make that much cash.

    It just seems like a stupid strategy. Why not just cancel the soaps instead of driving viewers away? Lost viewers are hard to get back in the fold. Right?

  32. Profile photo of josser


    I just don’t believe that there is going to be a backlash. TV shows are canceled every year. Fans moan and grown but there’s never any real backlash.

    Also, why would ABC not try to kill OLTL but try to obliterate AMC and GH?

    OLTL is ABC’s best soap. It’s well written and has excellent diversity. (There are 8 actors of color on cast in contract or recurring roles. No other soap matches that diversity.)

    It just seems stupid for the networks to give up on daytime.

    NBC’s big cable networks USA and SyFy have ratings that are about the same as those on daytime.

    I wonder if the networks took lessons from the auto companies on how to destroy an industry?


    If Ben Silverman can keep his job running NBC’s primetime line up, so can Bloom and Frons…

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    Nope thats the same actor that has always been playing Kyle. Brett Claywell is just a pale dude.
    He wasn’t pale when he first showed up to the show! :) Then one day he became pale. Strange. :)

    brett joked about it on blogtalk radio. It also depends on the lighting of the scene
    That damn lighting ROFL. I guess other people have noticed it then since Brett talked about it. :)

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    My apologies for sounding like a condescending jerk. I should have said the word “some” as a qualifier, like this:

    “Some gay folks become really excited and talk up and aggrandize any potential storyline that features gays..”

    Equally, there are women, blacks, Asians, etc. who do the same thing as a result of being an underrepresented minority in the media or other facets of life.

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