We’ll Always Have Venice: Leccia Reunites With Chappell for Web Soap

Love will lead you back—online. Never fear fans of Guiding Light‘s Otalia, it looks like you’ll finally get the romance you’ve been waiting, for on the World Wide Web at least. Crystal Chappell tweeted  news of Jessica Leccia joining the cast of Chappell’s upcoming lesbian-themed web soap opera Venice.

"The lovely Jessica Leccia is the newest cast member of VENICE". Chappell, who is writing, producing and starring  in Venice as lead character Gina, tweeted. "She’ll be playing the role of ‘Ani’, a photographer. Jess is very excited about doing the series, and we’re so thrilled to have her! Who could resist those beautiful brown eyes? Prob not Gina."

Wouldn’t it be groovy if former All My Children sames sexers-turned-Imaginary Bitches lovelies Eden Riegel and Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, The Young and the Restless) teamed up with Chappell and Leccia for an episode of Venice? Then Leccia and Chappell could return the favor by appearing on IB. It would be like The Jetsons Meets The Flintsones, only featuring soap opera’s most beloved Sappho readers, as opposed to Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters from the distant future meeting those from the prehistoric past.

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    Congrats to Crystal, Jessica, and the rest of Team Venice! Good luck!

    I wonder how successful Venice will be. How do they plan to make money?

    Does anyone know if any Imaginary Bitches made money on ads or DVD sales?

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    I’m SOOOOO freakin’ excited about Venice!!! This is going to be the best thing EVER! At least on the web they have freedom to let the storyline play out naturally, no censorship, no appeasing the masses of homophobes, no limits.

    God bless Crystal, Kimmy, Hope, and Jessica!!!

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    This is what true stars do for their fans.
    I agree strongly w/that and given that she is going to be back at Days and doing this is a testament to her as a person and an actress (who I have come to respect more than ever given her recent performance in this storyline).

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    Ms. Chappell has proven again how far ahead of the curve she is by providing something to her audience in which network television is lacking.

    I am looking forward to her acting, marketing, writing, directing, and producing.

    It will be nice to see Ms. Chappell and Ms. Leccia reunited after GL in a vehicle created by Ms. Chappell.

    This is what true stars do for their fans.

    Can’t wait for Venice!

    I hope Venice will be an shining example among the new industry of WEB SERIES.

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    Prior to Otalia, Crystal Chappell was not very popular on GL. Therefore, we shouldn’t condemn Ellen Wheeler entirely because were it not for Ellen Wheeler, there would be no Otalia.

    Ellen Wheeler may not be my favorite person but she does deserve some credit for her part in creating and enabling Otalia to be presented. Wheeler has enough sorrow, regret, and guilt realizing that she oversaw the destruction of GL and the loss of employment for 100+ people.

    BTW, Why do see so little similar praise for Jessica Leccia?

  6. Profile photo of south

    I wouldn’t say Crystal Chappell was not very popular. I think that they hadn’t given her a storyline worthy of her in years. Ellen Wheeler most certainly deserves much credit for the Otalia storyline and how it was presented, for the most part, in a groundbreaking way.

    Jessica Leccia will be a huge, huge asset to VENICE and I can’t wait to watch. JL and CC are amazing together, no matter the relationship they will have on VENICE.

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    How’s that, joss? ;)

    Actually, now that Jessica Leccia is involved with the series, I’m interested. Perhaps fans will finally get all the stuff they’ve been asking for…like, you know, kissing from their lead romantic couple. As for ad revenue, I suppose they could get a sponsor or sells ads that bring in $$ per hit, like most other sites, and I’m sure she’s getting the talent for free so that’ll help lower the expenses. Pure speculation on my part.

    All in all, a very good development. Now, just no one get pregnant.

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    I can’t describe how much my GL Otalia angst (pregnancies! no kissage! approaching end-date!) is relieved by knowing that “Venice” is waiting for us. Like others, I am so impressed by Ms. Chappell’s work, intelligence, and advocacy. I can’t wait to see what she, Kim, and Hope create, and I am beyond psyched that Ms. Leccia has joined up. I love her work and whether they pair her with “Gina” or not, I look forward to a smart, cutting-edge, funny web-series that doesn’t have to tip-toe around Proctor and Gamble or those viewers who are shocked–shocked!–to see two women fall in love (the same viewers who happily tune in to watch infidelity and sexual assault on a regular basis). Eternal gratitude to Crystal, Jessica, Kim, and Hope.

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    Couldn’t agree more with South. CC was not unpopular, they just never gave her a good storyline until Otalia. EW does deserve some credit for bringing the Otalia s/l to the screen, but most credit goes to JLH. CC is one smart cookie, only way to get things done these days it to produce your own show. I’ll be tuning in to anything CC does. Yes, Jessice Leccia has grown on lots of people. Just like Olivia, until Otalia Natalia wasn’t a popular character either.

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    Has it been confirmed that CC will be starring as Gina in Venice? The only confirmations thus far have been Jess as Ani and Riley as Riley the dog. The comments that I have seen thus far have been very careful not to state that CC is actually going to be playing Gina.

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    This is some kind of awesome!

    Crystal is very in touch with the fans and her storyline this year has sparked something in the soap world. She is very smart to capitalize on it. She is energetic and ambitious, and in an industry that she loves but is struggling, taking it to the web seems like the way to go.

    I can’t see how the web series could possibly disappoint her fans especially now that Jessica is on board. After all, they watched the two of them fold laundry for months on GL. They are not going to be folding laundry on the web!

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    Thhaannk God for Jessica Leccia! I was so afraid i wouldn’t be able to see her beautiful face and incredible performances again anytime soon! (just for some time of course, because let’s face it she’s an amazing actress she wouldn’t vanish from the screen forever!)
    Big thank you to CC, JL and all that made this possible.
    Now Venice got really interesting… I’m so thankful that JL and CC are gonna be working together again and their chemistry won’t disappear from our screens!

    Also it still breaks my heart big time that Otalia will be no more… I’m so gonna miss Natalia, Olivia and Emma!!! It’s such a shame!

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    I didn’t say that Crystal Chappell was unpopular but that she not “very popular.” Being part of Otalia boosted Chappell’s popularity and gave her greater favor with a larger number of people.

    Chappell’s Olivia varied between villain and anti-hero for much of her time on GL. The ecstatic love and idolization of Olivia Spencer and Crystal Chappell is a recent phenomenon for her sense joining GL. While many may have enjoyed and loved Chappell, her popularity was nowhere near where it is since the Otalia story began.

  14. Profile photo of Susi

    I was very excited to hear that Jessica Leccia will be joining the cast of Venice. She’s a wonderful actress and her and Crystal have great chemistry on screen. They’re also both wonderful people who care so much about their fans and clearly want to give us what we’ve very patiently been waiting for :)

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    Love love love love it! Web series are starting to be the wave of the future and can be quite successful. I think Crystal and her writing partner saw the potential of web shows by looking at the success of Eden’s & Andrew’s Imaginary Bitches.Its great that CC and Kim can wirte a gay/lesbian story without much censor constraints from a higher up such as a network executive.
    I will follow Crystal to DOOL, but something tells me that her and Jessica’s work on Venice will be a hell of alot more interesting and enjoyable than what she might be doing on Days. I’m so HAPPY Jess and CC will be in each others orbits again also.

  16. Profile photo of jamz69

    This is great news and really any part of GL living on after Sept is great!! From a financial perspective I want to know anyone’s thoughts on how the web series will be funded? Should we expect a subscription fee to watch? Also to clarfiy Venice will be an actual production correct and not like the virtual “living-on” of Another World that was recently introduced?

    Please post responses!

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    I’m ON THE MOON HAPPY with the news of the TALENTED Ms. Leccia joining Venice!! This a dream come true for all the mourning Otalia fans around the world. I have nothing but the highest praise for this actress who has showed with her actions her absolute commitment to her fans and the importance and real need for these stories to be told: working on GL until she was virtually having baby Ivy on set and coming back nearly only a fortnight later to resume filming. And now this!!! No big speeches, ACTIONS. She’s time and again demonstrated what an amazing person she is. Not to mention that anyone would be lucky to have such a raising talent on board. She never ceases to impress me with her layered and beautifully nuanced performances!! JL on Venice: the best news ever!!

    Ms. Leccia, you have an eternally grateful and adoring fan for life!!

  18. Profile photo of Kate82

    I wonder if DC actually confirmed with the people involved that CC would star on Venice. Kimmy has been pretty mum about that and they have only confirmed Jessica.

    Regardles of who plays the role of Gina (although I’m really hoping it’ll be CC) this show already sounds a lot better than most of the crap we have to sit through on both daytime and primetime.

  19. Profile photo of south

    “What I find different with CC compared to other soap vets is that her fanbase because of the Otalia storyline has now grown more & has become incredibly more diverse. She has has an EQUAL amount of fans young & old, Black, White, Latino and her popularity is becoming huge internationally also.”

    This is phenomenal and I find this to be 100% true. CC’s fanbase is VERY diverse.

  20. Profile photo of itswhatithink


    We love CC&JL so much and to see them again after Otalia is overwhelmingly joyful.And we are happy that’s in the web so we can have more access to it, especially here in Asia.We are getting bigger in numbers everyday,you know.CC we are here for you 100% +++. Thank You for your love and appreciation and we love and appreciate you back.

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    In the haste of including a particular concern in my previous post, I forgot to add how ELATED I am that we’ll have dimples on the show. I was beginning to worry that we wouldn’t see her anymore after GL was done and I’m extremely happy that she’ll have a role in Venice.

    I hope she gets to play something totally different from Natalia and I’m sure that she’ll rock the role!

    Congrats, Jess, you deserve it! :D

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    Looks like Crystal found herself that project she was looking to do, though it looks like she is capitalizing on other people’s work. No offense, but that’s what it looks like. I’m one of her biggest fans and I just have to be honest in spite of it. Just my nature. It gets me trouble.

  23. Profile photo of ardentLESS

    Otalia part deux? I have a feeling this can only go two ways… really awesomely great or really awesomely bad. hopefully though it’s the former:) because I very much like the idea of continuing to see CC and JL opposite each other.

    and Jamey, an Otalia/BAM team-up? now while in theory that sounds like a massive load of amazing, I can only see badness in the actuality of it, lol… like the implosion of half the interweb:P

  24. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps


    I liked Olivia more before Otalia and before St. Rapist got involved in her life. The anti-hero stuff appeared to me as always an act to not let people in, because she got burned too many times. It was conveyed very clearly to me throughout the years. If my opinion is in spite of the writing, then so what? People like to believe Jeffery is a sweet guy. I can’t stop them, just like they can’t stop me. It’s up to the writers to write things right. I suppose the ill-defined way characters come across makes it interesting, but maybe too confusing and it comes off a bit lazy to viewers. Who knows?

  25. Profile photo of Shoot4theMoon

    If the folks at DOOL were smart, they’d see how the mere notion of a CC/JL reunion on a web series elicits a HUGE response and freakin’ HIRE JESSICA LECCIA already. (She can move half of Puerto Rico to the West Coast.)

  26. Profile photo of josser


    I liked Olivia, too. However, the character wasn’t as wildly popular as she is now when there web shrines to her (Calidornia??).

  27. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    I HATE pairing actors on another show for the sole purpose of rekindling magic. I’m sure the actresses wouldn’t mind, because it pays the bills, but viewing wise it stinks like reality TV. If they went to ATWT as Otalia, that would be one thing I wouldn’t mind as much (like Jake and Vicki). Going around playing different characters that do the same thing sucks.

    So, if Crystal acts on this project oppisite JL’s love interest, I can confidently say I’ll pass. I like to see Crystal’s writing at work as I firmly believe she can be great. I’m not interested in twin step children though.

  28. Profile photo of RBD

    CC is one savvy lady. No pregnancies already confirmed, so count me in as a viewer. I’m sold at CC and JL.

    Is it 100% confirmed that it is Otalia 2.0 though?

  29. Profile photo of josser


    Give the show a chance. The characters are wildly different than Otalia.

    Also, I don’t think that having CC and JL reunite is any different than seeing any other famous acting duo in the movies reunite on screen. Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn made several successful films following that policy.

    As long as the actors sublimate themselves into new characters, I’m down for watching Venice.

  30. Profile photo of LuvinYuri87

    This will be amazing!! I look forward to Venice and will support the show in any way that i can. Thank you Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia, We love you for all of your hard work and dedication to you fans.

  31. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps


    1 (or 2 I guess). JL and CC are not Spencer Tracey and Katherine Hepburn and 2. A soap opera that comes on right after another soap opera with two characters involved much in the same way played by two actors the same is just different.

    I might try to watch the show from time to time. I won’t keep it on and haven’t in the past. If I have to endure crap, I’ll turn it off till the next time I give it a chance.

  32. Profile photo of Katheryn71

    @erik – I don’t know that Venice will be a web soap, as reported. I really think this thing is gonna have an entirely different feel and story than Otalia. It just happens that the lead actors(If CC is actually in the series.) are the same. It sounds more like a primetime series than a soap, but I could totally be wrong. Webseries are usually 5-10 minute episodes, so it wouldn’t be too bad to watch an ep or two.

    Thanks for the report, Jamey. Exciting stuff.

  33. Profile photo of alexxx

    FANTASTIC NEWS! TEAM SCANDINAVIA is cheering :D I am beyond ecstatic of that news. Watching CC and JL as Otalia is nothing shorter than magic. I believe that keeping that magic alive in “VENICE” is the best thing to happen to me and all the fans of the incredibly talented and dedicated CC and JL.
    I can’t wait to watch it. Thank you CC and JL.

  34. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    I think it’s probably soap-like, because it is Crystal’s profect and I think soap opera (in the old fashioned sense) is her favorite kind of drama. Her “soap opera” isn’t escapist though, so Jamey might not like it. It’s about relationships, pure and simple.

    Like I said, I’m not interested in a twin step sister show. It looks that way, but I need to know more about it. The pieces put together look a certain way and the story by Jamey certainly makes it sound a bit like a twin step sister show. My take is contingent on things working out a certain way. There’s a few truths in it, but mostly it’s speculative. I never proclaimed it is a travisty yet, so don’t be whipping out your swords to defend Crystal’s honor.

    If Otalia went to this new show (transplanted), then it would be different than Gina and Ami doing Otalia part 2.

  35. Profile photo of dreamlover

    The best news!! looking forward to VENICE and will support the show anyway I can. How willthe series be funded, if there is a fee, that’s fine with me as well as long as we have such talented stars as Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia involved in this, love your hand work and dedication to all of you fans.

  36. Profile photo of dreamlover

    The best news!! looking forward to VENICE and will support the show anyway I can. How willthe series be funded, if there is a fee, that’s fine with me as well as long as we have such talented stars as Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia involved in this, love your hand work and dedication to all of you fans.

  37. Profile photo of crystalfan

    Great to see that crystal is getting her new web series venice off the ground.Can’t wait to see what her character gina is up to.Maybe they can get the actress who played doris into the series,her and olivia had the best chemistry on the show.

  38. Profile photo of Tiffany91

    oh…this is great news..I sooo wanted JL on screen post GL so I’m all in, bring on the web series. And about Otalia 2.0 I really don’t care if they are a couple I think they are perfectly as BFF or enemies. Actually, I would love to see them as rivals.

  39. Profile photo of rocki345


    “I didn’t say that Crystal Chappell was unpopular but that she not “very popular.” Being part of Otalia boosted Chappell’s popularity and gave her greater favor with a larger number of people.”

    I totally agree with you here. CC was popular beofre, but the Otalia storyline didn’t just boost her popularity, it catapulted her to a whole new level of popularity.

    I’ve been watching soaps for 11 years and I started watching as a middle schooler. At 15 I was a big fan of certain soap vets and I would go their websites/message boards to voice my love for them. I would find other young fans also, but the truth is younger fans like myself at the time were very much in the minority when it came to my favorite soap actor/actress fanbase. Thats still kind of the case today I feel with veteran soap actors/actress.

    What I find different with CC compared to other soap vets is that her fanbase because of the Otalia storyline has now grown more & has become incredibly more diverse. She has has an EQUAL amount of fans young & old, Black, White, Latino, gay/straight/bi, and her popularity is becoming huge internationally also. The only vets I can think of that can match that level of popularity are Eric Braeden & Susan Lucci

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