Daytime Confidential Top 20, June 2009

No. 20: Beth Ehlers – All My Children

Beth Ehlers last appeared on the Daytime Confidential Top 20 in February, but thanks to a controversial comment about her All My Children co-star–JR Martinez–she’s back on the list at No. 20. The highest Ehlers has ever ranked on the DC Top 20 is No. 2.

No. 19: Sharon Case –
The Young and the Restless

Sharon Case makes her Daytime Confidential Top 20 debut at No. 19 on this month’s list. The Young and the Restless actress may have been helped by the front burner storyline where her character–Sharon Newman–finds out who is the father of her unborn child.

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    Crystal Chappell is amazing. The fact that I am still watching GL after they have managed to ruin just about everything recently, and how infuriated I have been with the recent Otalia developments, is all down to Crystal. She’s a real gem.

    I also love Jessica Leccia and miss her terribly. I think she’s done a great job with the idiotic and insulting mess she’s been forced to deliver recently. The actors are the only thing saving GL for me right now.

    I’m saddened that Liz Hendrickson isn’t on the list. Big fan of hers. EDIT Just saw she’s in the top 50. Still, let’s get her up that list. :)

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    Please don’t tell me that people prefer Ethan on GH from any one else ..
    he is higher than Steve/ than Jason !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After seeing this I think I got to an understanding :
    GH IS IN BIG TROUBLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    JESSICA LECCIA!!! Yay!!! I loooove her. She’s been brilliant as usual, even despite the pregnancy crapola the writers have come up with. She can break my heart with one expression of her face and that wonderful nuanced, layered acting she’s gotten so good at. Here’s hoping she’s get back on the top 3 next month and why not number 1 with her co-star CC??!! We miss you JL/Natalia!!! Come back’s too sad to watch GL and Otalia without her!!!
    Congrats again Jessie!!! :)

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    Crystal Chappell is by far, the best actress on daytime drama. I was never an avid fan of any of the shows in the past because the majority of the performances were mediocre, at best. I believe CC to be a cut above the rest. Her ability to bring a character to life is outstanding. I don’t believe there is a scene or role she couldn’t play and totally sell it to the audience. She also isn’t afraid to stand up and play a gay character with no reservations. Well done!

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    Congratulations to Crystal and Jessica for coming in at #1 and #2!!!

    Crystal has been knocking it out of the park as always while dealing with some difficult emotions for Olivia as she struggles to deal with Natalia’s unexplained absense.. Crystal’s talent is unsurpassed!

    and Jessica was playing the love and fear Natalia was going through with a beautifully layered performance!

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    Congratulations to Crystal and Jessica for coming in at #1 and #2!!!

    Crystal has been knocking it out of the park as always while dealing with some difficult emotions for Olivia as she struggles to deal with Natalia’s unexplained absense.. Crystal’s talent is unsurpassed!

    and Jessica was playing the love and fear Natalia was going through with a beautifully layered performance!

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    Good for Crystal. She is totally deserving but hope she knows that this honor is built on a lot of tears. Most of them…mine…she is putting a lot of hearts through the wringer for the last several weeks! She is amazing! Can’t say enough. Thanks DC.

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    Nice to have Crystal Chappell at #1 again. This veteran actress richly deserves the interest in her.

    Her co-star Jessica Leccia at #4 too.

    Shout out to underdog DOOL #11 Arianne Zucker! I like the way they are complicating Nicole and Sami’s relationship with Nicole softening and letting Sami see her son. It will make the big reveal even more of a betrayal! Maybe when it hits the fan we might see both DOOL actress in the top 20.

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    Congratulations, Crystal. You are the best actress in daytime hands down. I don’t know how you deliver amazing performances day in and day out. We are definitely blessed by watching you work.

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    Crsytal chappell has been carrying the bulk of this storyline since the begining of it, and she has been doing a fantastic job.Nice to see her get some recognition from the fans. Way to go crystal.

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    I adore the Otalia storyline and I am very proud of both our girls! They have both been awesome in this storyline and they both have very bright futures ahead of them. The way they reach out to their fans is totally amazing to me.

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    CRYSTAL CHAPPELL at # 1 rightfully so!!! Her Fans Insanely Adores Her A lot. And she definitely knows that.

    TEAM INTERNATIONAL- TEAM ASIA- TEAM PHILIPPINES HERE AGAIN !!!!!!.(naming on island after you if we could)

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    Crystal Chappell is amazing, her work this last month, will cement her as one of the all time greatest actresses on daytime TV. And on top of all this she adores her fans and unlike most stars is very giving of her personal time to interact with them. CC/Stan is a GODDESS!!!

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    LA Chick

    I agree with all those who stated that CC is one of the main reasons they still tune in to a show that has gone from fantastic to ridiculous within weeks. She and GL’s other excellent actors are the only thing that keeps me watching.

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    Congratulations to Maura West! Even though I’ve watched her act in MUCH better storylines than her latest one, I am still so happy that she is getting the attention she deserves. Whether fans and/or critics like her character or not, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone disagree with the fact that she is one of the powerhouse actresses of daytime soaps in the past decade or so.

    Also, hurray for Crystal Chappell! I think her acting in the past month alone (even though she has always been great) has made her shine like crazy. I’m proud to be able to call myself a fan of hers.

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    I bet the Y&R team will have some heavy hitters for July. I am thinking Tricia Cast here. If you count the number of comments she has garnered for her portrayal of Nina, she has to be up there! Y&R should offer her a contract and cut their loses on a few less worthy cast members!

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    Congratulations to Crystal…she more than deserves to be on top of this list again….she is simply sublime. The gamut of emotions that Crystal can go through within a scene is astounding. She deserves to be No. 1 again for next month with all her recent performances. I’m also delighted to see Jessica on the list…can’t wait until she is back on screen and that we get some Otalia loving :-))

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    Great seeing Crystal Chappell getting the recognition she so obviously deserves. She will go down in history as one of the best actors the genre has ever produced.

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    Delighted but not at all surprised to see Crystal at #1–her performance across this entire s/l has been just amazing, and the anguish of the past 2 weeks have pretty much given her the highlight reel for next year’s Emmy. Congrats, too, to Jessica for her remarkable performance in a role that GL higher-ups seem determined to make schizophrenic. Here’s hoping those higher-ups recognize what they’ve got before it’s too late.

    Go Crystal! Go Jessica!

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    So happy to see Scott Evans make the list at #8! He and Brett Claywell (who I fully expect will make the list next month) are among the primary reasons I’m hooked on OLTL lately. Here’s hoping the magnificent Florencia Lozano makes the list as well!

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    Congratz to Crystal Chappell for getting to the top spot…she certainly deserves it. Shes been amazing…super talented. Also glad that Jessica Leccia made the list too. She kicked a$$ with her acting performances before her maternity leave. Cant wait to have Otalia back on my screen.

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    Crystal Chappell deserves to be number 1 ! She is a powerful performer and her amazing talent is shown every time she is on screen. Jessica Leccia is fantastic as Natalia. Watching Crystal and Jessica as Olivia and Natalia is MAGIC. Amazing chemistry and breathtaking performances.

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