The Most Frightening Birthday Card EVER!

One of my favorite Daytime Confidential readers/listeners/sparring partners Daisy Clover sent me the above birthday card on Facebook, sending shivers of complete and utter terror up my spine!  Curse you Daisy Clover, you already have General Hospital’s Jason (Steve Burton) oogling over a half-naked Sam (Kelly Monaco), while my poor, sweet, pure-as-the-driven-snow Lizzie Beth (Rebecca Herbst) is off playing Rizzo to NotEmily’s (Natalia Livingston) Sandy at karaoke night. Did you have to kick a brutha while he’s down? Huh, did ya? You may have won this round, but the battle is JUST beginning. LIASON-4-EVER!

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    LOL! What can I say? I wanted to give you something memorable! Hope you “enjoyed” it and I hope your screams of terror didn’t frighten your coworkers too much :)

    Again Happy Birthday!!

    Oh and JaSam Rules!! And LuSam Rules!! And whatever pairing they put Sam in RULES! lol

    BTW, went to the GH Fan event this weekend and talked to Steve B about a Lucky/Sam/Jason triangle. He smiled, said he didn’t think it would happen and asked if I would settle for a Jason and Sam pairing. I said “YES!” and he said “we’ll see.” :)

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    That has got to be the scariest birthday greeting I ever saw and little funny because Sam is not half naked.
    Happy Birthday Jamey, hope you get everything you want and enjoy your day.

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    oops I posted my comment for this on the ABC episode podcast..oops LOL


    What a way to make you throw up on your birthday!!! Happy Birthday Jamey!!!

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    Daisyclove You are so funny loved that
    I know that you are so happy now from what I heard Sorry Jamey JaSam are on high speed .LOL
    Did you here something else from Steve

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    LuvSonny: I didn’t hear him say too much. He said a few funny things during the Q&A, but nothing about his contract. Sorry :( When EET talked to him about Jason fighting Lucky, his response was really funny…but I’ll let EET tell it :)

    He was great and GV was awesome! A real hugger!! In fact, GV was the only one I got really tongue tied with, lol! I made such an *ss out of myself, lol.

    If you’re interested, I twittered some stuff about the GH Event on Saturday and Sarah Brown’s event last night. If you’d like to read it here’s a link:

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    DAISYCLOVER-When the tweeters were saying that SJB asked Megan to put out a statement “about it”, what were they talking about?
    When SJB said she was probably not going to renew her contract, did she say why? Does she seem dissatisfied with the writing of the character?

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    LuvSonny: sorry, I write these long multiple continuous tweets, so everything is hard to follow, lol!
    Yeah, I tweeted that SJB said she was harrassed by fans (phone # given out, people coming to her house) and it got so bad she asked for Megan to make a statement. But Sarah made it *very* clear that Megan was mortified by it all and doesn’t support this behavior.

    Did you read about the Sarah Brown/pizza incident that I twittered about yet?? That was just so crappy!

    And yeah, she said that she has issues with Claudia. She said that she doesn’t enjoy playing her anymore. She’s talked to Guza about it.

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    Season: LMAO!!! If only!!!

    LuvSunny: You’re welcome!! I hope you find the tweets interesting. Oh and Sarah talked about GH’s ratings being down but mentioned that GH is in the Top 10 of most Tivo’d shows on television. I was really surprised by that!

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    DAISYCLOVER-who is Megan? Is that her agent? What kind of statement did she want “MEGAN” to put out? I’m glad that she talked to Guza…maybe that’s why they were doing rewrites?If anyone can get through to him it’s her

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    Okay sorry, yet again I’ve confused people, lol! Just to clarify:

    Megan, meaning Megan Ward. Sarah asked for her to make a statement. And Sarah made it clear that Megan was mortified by all of this.

    And when Sarah said Top 10 shows Tivo’d I took it to mean of *all* shows on TV. Because, yeah, like you Season, when she first said it, I was like “but there aren’t 10 soaps” lol. I’d love to find out where to get that info…I’m curious to see the whole list.

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    Daisyclover-So what does Megan Ward have to do with people upset over Claudia? I’m still confused. What did she want Megan to do/say? Did you mean that she was upset megan was leaving the show?

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    Well, she was saying it was Megan Ward’s fans that were doing it. I guess they felt it was Sarah/Claudia’s fault that Megan was getting less screentime, etc… She said that it’s people who think they’re doing Megan a favor by doing this kind of stuff.

    But obviously she wasn’t meaning all fans…it’s just that some people cross the line. I mean, for whoever these people are, to pull a stunt at this event too – that’s unbelievable. I guess she felt it would be helpful if Megan to make a statement about it. Like I said, Sarah made it really clear that Megan did not approve of this kind of stuff at all…

    And Sarah wasn’t saying any of this angrily. More upset…and just feeling that it was unnecessary.

    EDIT: Oops, forgot about your Ingo question. I actually didn’t get a great look at him. During lunch I was sitting in the back. And I didn’t get a chance to go on his line (he left early). But I heard he was really awesome with the fans. I’m going to see if I can find pics of him from the event and I’ll post them on twitter if I find them.

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    DaisyClover…I hadn’t seen this before we were twittering because if I had I definitely would have mentioned it! That is one fantastic birthday card! LOL! My Bday is Thursday and I would only be so lucky as to receive a card as memorable as this one!

    Season beat me to it, but I also thought you wrote that GV was the only one you got to tongue with! I apparantly skipped right over “tied”! Maybe it was just my dirty mind seeing things that aren’t there? That happens a lot! :P

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    GossipGirl: LOL! Yeah, if I had gotten tongued by GV, I’d be going to a lot more GH events! That’s one way to build a bigger fanbase, huh?? LOL

    Thanks for liking the card! Jamey is a very special person and he deserved a very special card, lol!! :bigsmile:

    Have an awesome birthday, btw!!!

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    first off, jamey i hope you had a great day!

    2 – that card may be one of the funniest things i’ve seen in ages! judith looks like one of the people from soundgarden’s “black hole sun” video (for the older kids in the room)! and the present is fantastic!

    3 – thanks for the grease throw out – jamey! even though, not a huge liz fan when she’s with jason – who couldn’t love rizzo? in this case though, sandy needs to go.

    4 – daisy – hey, girl! loved all the news from the event! how cool to have been there. can’t wait to read more and here eet’s stories. i haven’t been to a soap event since another world was still on (ok, now i really feel like i’m dating myself!) AW folks used to come to PA since they were in NYC (enough initials anyone?)

    anyway, i’m among those who feel the sam/jason relationship is on the right track and hope that things are done well for us fans.

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    LuvSonny, I don’t remember anyone saying that. At least not in the Q&A/Luncheon part we went to.

    Though someone brought up him being Sonny’s son, and John York (Mac) joked, “Wait until they find out you’re actually Sonny’s daughter!” Which everyone thought was hilarious :)

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    Oh c’mon Daisy…tell her the real deal LOL Everyone was drooling over how cute he was, IMHO no one really cared how old he was and who he was related to LOL. That boy is F.I.N.E. (not as hot as GV but still…..)

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    Yeah EET, he was definitely cute, lol!

    As cute as he looks on TV, he was a thousand times cuter in person, imo. And really friendly. He was at a table with Ronnie Marmo and they were hilarious together.

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    Thanks guys :) someone should have asked Ronnie if he is a fed-lol. Dante reminds me too much of Tony Danza but he’ll probably grow on me if they put him with Claudia. I wonder how many people told NL that they wish she was really Emily.

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