The Young and the Restless Promo

Get the hankies out Lane fans. Shoutout to twinklestarr20 for the video!

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    :( Christel does whiney and spineless very well, but not so sure she has the acting chops to really make me empathize for her. I can be sad b/c ovarian cancer is a very serious illness – but not so sure I will be sad b/c the actress draws me in.

    I wsih they would bring back the other Lily – Davetta. She had spunk and sass and she acted more like she could be Dru’s daughter.

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    I gotta give it to Christel Khahil…everybody and there mother knows I don’t like her as Lily, but oh my gosh I am feeling her pain. She has me about to tear up watching her with this cancer. This storyline is making me a fan of CK…

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    Go CK WOW and WOW…DG and CK are JUST GOLDEN,,,I am so happy for these two actors who went given good material take it and bring it to life and make you cheer, cry and root for them..BRAVO BRAVO and thanks Mab for giving my couple this amazing s/l…I didnt think it was possible to love Lane or cane and lily anymore but i can truly say i have a new found deeper love for them.

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    CKH and DG is rocking this s/l,I cannot believe these two are making me cry.CK is really raw with her emotions, bravo to her she is rocking her s/l.

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