Deacon Blackmails Amber on Y&R

Deacon (Sean Kanan) is upping the pressure on Amber (Adrienne Frantz) and blackmailing her into a night with him if she wants to save Daniel (Michael Graziadei).

Do Amber and Deacon still have chemistry?

Deacon Blackmails Amber on Y&R

  • No! Deacon and Amber have lost the "magic." (33%, 117 Votes)
  • There are signs of hope, will have to see more. (15%, 55 Votes)
  • Yes! Deacon and Amber still have it. (52%, 187 Votes)

Total Voters: 359


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    At least Amber is an established character. Better her than some random blonde. Plus, Y&R/B&B crossovers are always excellent.

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    Amber is needed on Y&R!!! Wouldn’t like watching it as much when she wasn’t on the show anymore.

    As for Deacon and Amber – of course they still have it. Even though I get a little problem with the story here. I don’t get Deacon’s sudden interest in Amber after all those years. Was he just bored and saw an opportunity or what?
    Deacon was always shady and I love him that way, but there was also always a great explanation. Here, I just don’t see it at the moment.

    Anyway, keep Sean Kanan on the show. I enjoy seeing him again. And there still are better things to come with him, if the story is written well.

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    But Deacon framing Daniel to have Amber doesn’t make sense. I think that Deacon would of be after Ridge and Nick after Massimo drug him to go off the wagon and ruined his relationship with Jackie.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Okay so I had to say this. Jamey and co. I knew it was only matter of time before you would come around and begin to understand what I was talking about in regards to Y&R. I tend to reach that point long before others do. I’ve argued up and down the problems with this show and although most won’t agree that it is completely gone to the LML fishes. I have to say that I much appreciate what was said in regards to what you see as the souring moments of Y&R.

    It was as if you had finally come to admit that Uncle Willie’s drinking problem is getting out of hand and an intervention is needed before he sinks into full on alcoholism.

    I’ve for months now talked about the downward spiral as I have seen it on this soap. I have a tendency to see trains starting to collide before they even leave the track. So I won’t do any I told you so’s.

    Yet, I sincerely hope that that Hell, Heffer, and Slammer get it together or else I am going to have start believing that Tabitha is looking into her pot and casting spells on the writers.

    “Nicks and Nacks. Pens and Pencils. Turn these writers into JERK!”-Tabitha

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    Option 4: Amber realizes that Daniel is a decent man who treats her with respect and is happy to stay with him instead of hooking up with some thug like Deacon!

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    ITA with you siomonstuart2003 I like Amber and Daniel together and would love to see Phyllis with Deacon as well.

    I think Amber doesn’t have faith that people will stick by her when they hear about her past. On B&B Amber didn’t have friends that had her back like she does on Y&R. I think we will see Ambers friends come to her aid just like she has come to theirs many times. They will help her turn the tables on Deacon. I do think danber will break up for a bit though. Daniel will feel betrayed that Amber didn’t tell him about Deacon when she first saw him. I don’t know if they will bring little Eric on or if they will have Amber get pregnant but I think one of the two will happen. I think Daniel will lose a lot in his life and he will feel like everything around him is crumbling. When he thinks about what he wants in his life I think he will go get Amber back and will be okay with starting a family.

    I just have to say when Deacon brought the picture of little Deacon out to show daniel/amber my heart broke for her. People can say Amber is a lot of things but she was a good mother to that little boy.

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    I only remember Amber and Deacon being together briefly on B&B. I don’t really like him framing Daniel but I know I am in the minority with this one but I have never like Amber and Daniel. I think Deacon could make Amber/Daniel more interesting. I haven’t watched today’s show yet, but I like ths suspense of why Deacon is doing this. Y&R needs a bad guy on the show.

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    Jamey Giddens

    David, this past week, we were not impressed by Y&R. You have been screaming for months that Y&R was bad. That wasn’t and still isn’t our feeling. When you were saying Maria and Co. should be fired for this and that, we were enjoying the show. Last week was dreadful and overly plot driven, so we called it as such. We critique by what we see on our screens, not because someone tries to get us to see their side of things. There is no "finally" in this equation because when you first began hating on the show, we were loving it, so we said so. This week fell flat, so again, we said so, We are doing us, just us. We don’t go anywhere else and try to convince anyone to see anything how we see it., nor do we need or attempt to cosign with anyone elses opinions. Our opinions are just that, our own, and they vary from co-host to co-host.  We still applaud Maria Arena Bell, our Aunt Ri Ri, for turning this show around. The show had a bad week and launched a bad story. It happens to the best of soaps.

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    Jamey, you got to admitted that Hogan is the one that saved ATWT for another ten years, but the couple of last years of ATWT was horrible and plot driven and I feel that he isn’t working for Y&R. Lets get a writer that write character driven s/l.

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    Y&R airs episodes taped, like most soaps, taped a month prior to broadcast. That means that much could change in terms of story direction in the next month or so.

    Despite the bump in the road. Y&R is still the best show on the air with OLTL and GL right behind it. (Though I understand that Days is really getting good!)

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    Christel Khalil and Daniel Goddard have been excellent. I think they deserve a round of applause for being the best couple on Y&R.

    I think that Khalil and Goddard are lucky to get such a front-burner story. The reality is that on soaps, couples don’t find happily-ever-after. They almost all are pulled apart only to reunited. The question is how to do so in a way that makes the fans want more.

    Nikki and Victor have been married and divorced 4 times? Nick and Sharon? That’s how the soap game is played.

    Luke and Laura were the greatest couple in soap history. They’re divorced now.

    Sadly, divorce seems inevitable for soap characters unless death separates them.

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    You’re right about Hogan Sheffer. He did a great job with ATWT(I enjoyed a lot of the Jessica and Bonnie stories especially. Tamara Tunie!). He was, however, rightfully taken to task for making ATWT plot driven and making characters act against their established personalities to drive a plot. This irritated fans and cast members.

    One would have hoped that Sheffer would have learned his lesson. I can’t imagine Sony allowing Y&R to stray from its proven success factors like the LML disaster for long. Sony needs Y&R to be a success.

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    You were spot on in your comments addressing David. But I think you and the other DC staff have a lot of influence over what some of the members think and say. If you say something is plot driven, then some members of this site say it is plot driven. If you say a story is getting dark, some will say so too. The interesting thing is they never make these comments before you say it. It is only after you say it. I am not saying this is wrong to do, I am just saying what you say has a lot of influence over others even if it is not meant to.

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    I am really excited about Deacon Sharpe coming back into Amber’s life because it allows Amber’s past to come into play. Deacon and Amber were definitely one of the biggest reasons I tuned into B&B back then! My memory is a little hazy, but I seem to remember Deacon being obsessed with Amber for awhile. He was in love with her, but he tried so many ways to have her all to himself. He did eventually move on when he was on B&B, but I can believe that during the years he was offscreen that he missed Amber and was determined to get her back. I love Amber, so I’m looking forward to this story!

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    I wouldn’t mind him being involve with Amber again, but to frame Daniel for art theft and murder to get Amber to sleep with him, I don’t buy this plot point. I would of been better for Deacon to look for Amber in GC and bring Little Eric with him.0

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