Ridge Isn’t “Coming Back” on B&B

Ridge (Ronn Moss) and Taylor (Hunter Tylo) are about to get married, which means he must make the proverbial "I once loved you, but I’ve chosen another woman" courtesy call to tell Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) he isn’t coming back to her.

Will Ridge come back to Brooke?

Ridge Isn't "Coming Back" on B&B

  • No! Taylor won't keep her hooks in Ridge for long. (29%, 68 Votes)
  • Of course! Brooke and Ridge are the end game. (71%, 163 Votes)

Total Voters: 231


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11 Responses

  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Oh it’s getting so pathetic. I would like to take a third option: “Hoping he dies before he gets the chance!”
    I mean come on, Brooke is a great looking woman and should have learned something in all those years. I would slap him in the face, show him the door and never bother to see him again.

    To play this triangle again and again gets just so boring. And I don’t even want to think about Ridge with Brooke again. Even Taylor deserves better after everything. But she gets more pathetic every minute she is on the screen. I wonder that she didn’t call Stephanie from the bedroom yet, if she could help her out there too.

  2. Profile photo of reggyreg

    I guess Brad Bell thinks this plot device still works. It did for so many years. It is getting a little old. I wish they would find new partners for all of them but still make Brooke and Ridge the end game (smile).

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Yeah, maybe there is something good behind the rumor that Brad Bell is retiring. As long as Kay Alden doesn’t take over that is. LOL

    As for Brooke and Ridge … let them reunite some day. Maybe in a decade or at least give us full five years where we don’t have to see these same old scenes and recycled dialog anymore.
    And the writers should stop write Brooke as this pathetic woman that has nothing else to do in her life, but chasing after a guy who just recently cheated on her and now wants to marry another woman.
    She should take the first best man (WHIP :D) that walks by and make Ridge jealous with him. Or just don’t care for a while. But this back and forth … oh it’s not helping at all.

    And the show was just starting to get a little bit better again.

  4. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Ridge is a sad and pathetic loser who don’t deserve either of them. I want Brooke with Whip if I have to see her with a guy, I would like it to be Whip because it would get over the stale and very sad triangle. Ridge is in love with himself.

  5. Profile photo of josser

    Brooke doesn’t need a man. Why can’t she spend some time as a single woman playing the field, working at her job, and having a career?

  6. Profile photo of josser

    Soaps do a disservice by not allowing women characters to be single and happy. Yes, they should find love but why must their happiness be dependent on some man?

    Brooke has had at least 5 husbands. Why should she rush into another relationship when she’s still in love with Ridge? How does that help her? Why should she take time to get her life to together?

  7. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    joss, you are right about that. Brooke needs to be alone, but Brad think that this triangle is the great s/l, but it is stale and old and Ridge needs to be alone for a long time and Brooke also. Taylor and Clarke should hook up.

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