Galen Gering, Salem’s Hero?

In an interview with TV Guide Canada Days of Our Lives star Galen Gering talks about his role as Rafe opposite of Alison Sweeney and his time on Passions.

TVG: DAYS took their time introducing Rafe to the rest of the canvas, which I think was a smart decision. At first, it didn’t look like they knew what they were going to do with Rafe. Did you offer any input?

GG: I didn’t want Rafe to be this one-note FBI guy. I wanted him to be quirky. I didn’t offer a lot of input because we move so quickly on the show. That said, there is a lot of room for improv because scenes change at the very last minute, so we can add things to the script when it warrants it. This role has been a great marriage of acting and writing. I also think Gary knew what my strengths were as an actor. He’ll often say, ‘I like what you did in rehearsal, so do that.’ Gary also likes the tone I’m bringing to the role. Gary is on the floor a lot, so it’s been great to have a producer who used to be a director right there with you on the set. He gives our company of actors a lot of feedback. Sometimes soap directors are creatively handcuffed, but since Gary is our boss and our director, we don’t have to wait for a [middle man] to approve certain ideas.

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    I didnt know where to put this but would anyone love Lindsay Hartley as Rafes sister. Id lov her with Brady. I also miss her on TV, how has a soap not picked her up.

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    “That said, there is a lot of room for improv because scenes change at the very last minute, so we can add things to the script when it warrants it. ”

    Careful Galen, Joey Tribiani got fired from Days Of Our Lives as Dr. Drake Ramori, for giving an interview to Soap Opera Digest just like that where he said he improvs and writes a lot of his own lines. The writers didn’t like that so they had him fall down an elevator shaft. I’m just saying, watch what you say.

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    Galen was saying that Gary is okay with that bec/ he’s on the floor all the time. What Galen was referencing is the fact that you can improv when scenes change last minute and everyone’s input is required.

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    Wow. Galen sounds like a total asshole with regard to Passions, the show that launched his career.

    I officially hate this guy. I’m glad he’s on a trainwreck of a show like Days now.

    And of course, since JER’s dead, he can get away with talking trash about a dead man. Bastard.

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    AlistairCrane, I used to be a big Passions fan, but after the last few years, the show was just bad and reilly was part of the reasons for it. Repeating dialogue, bad plots, women are made to look weak and needy and so on. But I do agree with david that James Reilly do incorporated diversity with the cast and have the AA actors play outside of the social issues. But I feel that Passions could of still be on the air if the long overplay plots would of move along.

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