One Life to Live Puts Kibosh on Ver Dorn Doing GL Finale

Don’t look for C. Blake Marler to get her happily ever after on Guiding Light. In her latest column for New York Daily News, Carolyn Hinsey reveals One Life to Live wouldn’t allow Jerry Ver Dorn (Clint) to reprise the role of Blake’s presumed dead husband Ross Marler to help wrap up GL. Now OLTL, y’all know you are wrong for that! Y’all could have let Ver Dorn traipse off to Peapack for a day so one of my favorite GL couples could reunite! I know a way you can make it up to me. Hire the phenomenal Kiefer as a new love interest for Clint. Hmm, fiery red head, already based in New York, perhaps she could play Tina Lord?

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  1. Avatar of troymcclure

    I’m happy OLTL prevented jerry from returning.

    Seeing the state that GL is currently in, they would have Ross on screen just to polish The Great and Holy Jeffrey’s shoes.

    You are better off, Jerry!!!

  2. Avatar of At50

    I think they should have just let him go to GL. It’s not like there is any chance of GL snatching him up as a regular. And when OLTL inevitably gets cancelled CBS might think twice about letting any former ABC stars make appearances for the finale.

  3. Avatar of Desertrose

    Petty. That’s all I can say. Just very petty.

    Not like JVD has the option to stay on at GL.

    We have petty children running the networks it seems. Hmmm, ever hear of trying to work together, kids? Obviously not.

  4. Avatar of EricasEvilTwin

    Color me crazy, but ABCD should have played hardball. why not let JVD go back for even a week in exchange for the option to bring back someone like Stuart Damon or even Ric Hearst for a week. Thats what a shrewd businessman would have done.

  5. Avatar of Llanview76

    First of all…daytime is a community that needs to be a little more united in helping the genre as a whole out…Whomever is in charge needs to realize Ross Marler was Jerry Ver Dorn’s signature role and that it would be a respectful thing in letting him appear on the last episode of the show he dedicated a brunt of his talent to. Conversely, OLTL paid Michael Zaslow the same respect when GL seem to let him go after his illness worsened, isn’t there somebody on the show that believes in a “two way street”? Lastly, I think it would be great to reunite Keifer with Ver Dorn on OLTL. Have her play Connie O’Neill…it would be fitting as it is another nod to a character from the show’s rich history.

  6. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I can’t believe these responses. This is why so many soap fans set themselves up with so much false hope!

    It’s a BUSINESS! Do you think ANY of the networks, production companies or shows would let their talent cross the street to work at the competition? Of course not.

  7. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I can’t believe these responses. This is why so many soap fans set themselves up with so much false hope!

    It’s a BUSINESS! Do you think ANY of the networks, production companies or shows would let their talent cross the street to work at the competition? Of course not.

    Days loaned Lauren Koslow to B&B in exchange for Joe Mascolo several years ago, but Joe didn’t end up going back to Days to fulfill his part.

  8. Avatar of Columbus

    This is a unique situation: the end of the longest running drama on television. Surely the loaner show would come out smelling like a rose if they lent an actor for an appearance on the last episode. This is not normal business.

  9. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Okay, out of all of the shows that have gone off the air over the years…how many of them had actors who were currently working on another show on another network…who went back to wrap things up?

    It could also be the actor doesn’t want the stank of a cancelled show on their recent résumé. As I said, it’s a business.

    I think the comment that made my brain short-circuit in a last-straw sort of way (after reading all of the comments) was the one about working out some kind of exchange with Stuart Damon or Rick Hearst. What??! ABC obviously didn’t want either of them enough (certainly not Damon) to keep them around GH. Why would they want to work out some kind of exchange with actors they’ve already dismissed? (I don’t know what Hearst’s situation was, but it was obvious they were DONE with Stuart Damon (the idiots!).

    Jamey, if an example of quid pro quo (whether it was fully consumated or not) is the only example, that kind of proves my point, doesn’t it? No network–out of the goodness of its heart–is going to waive contract stipulations and all of the stuff fans don’t consider to let an actor cross the street and attract his/her fans to a competing network.

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    Err, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t JVD on recurring status? Which means he’s not under contract to OLTL, which means he’s a free agent and could do what he pleases.

    Susan Seaforth Hayes was appearing as Julie on Days and as Lauren’s mother on Y&R around the same time a couple years back.

  11. Avatar of RenewGLFF

    No he’s still on contract. I believe it expires in September. I wonder if they’ll dump him to recurring. I hope not, but it’s possible. Now that Guiding Light is canceled, he would most likely agree to stay on the show without a contract.

  12. Avatar of lilyredd

    I think they should have let him appear if that is what the actor wanted and what GL wanted. Soaps are dying. A little unity between competitors may help.

    As to the idea of GL alums landing on OLTL, I hope this is kept to one or two actors, if any. OLTL has a large cast and the best performers -specifically, Robin Strasser and Erika Slezak are NOT given enough airtime. I do not want OLTL become GL-east.

  13. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    According to, Susan Seaforth Hayes left Y&R in January 2007 and started on DAYS in June, and there didn’t appear to be any overlap.

    I agree with RenewGLFF. He’s still in the OLTL opening credits, so he’s not down to recurring yet (despite reports earlier this year).

  14. Avatar of

    She was on Days for Christmas 06 and on Y&R just a few days later. I never said it was an overlap like last year when Andrea Evans was appearing on both Passions and OLTL, just that she was concurrently playing both roles, since she was still officially on recurring status with Days.

  15. Avatar of troymcclure

    It could also be the actor doesn’t want the stank of a cancelled show on their recent résumé. As I said, it’s a business.


    Tvgord, I understand what you are trying to say regarding it being business however I don’t quite understand your statement above.

    How would it hurt Jerry Ver Dorn’s career to appear in a couple of episodes of a cancelled soap? How would working on a cancelled soap “stank” up your résumé if you are an actor??

  16. Avatar of At50

    Soaps are a business but I don’t see how JVR appearing on a cancelled soap hurts or threatens ABC in any way.GL poses no competition.

  17. Avatar of liason4real

    According to Erika Slezak’s latest letter, OLTL should be going dark for one week in August, maybe the actor can tape GL during that time frame? I know OLTL has an aggressive taping schedule, maybe the actor who is currently involved in Bo/Nora/Clint/Matthew storyline is busy taping scenes? How do we know it’s only one day, maybe it’s several days or a week? If the actor is busy with OLTL, how is he going to learn his lines and stuff and tape GL? From a fans perspective, it’s probably something easy, maybe not for the behind the scenes stuff at OLTL….JMO

  18. Avatar of liason4real

    LK played one of the O’Neill sisters (Connie) around 1984. Her sister Didi was married to Bo. Niki Smith’s character was in love with Harry O’Neil…wow, that was a long time ago!

  19. Avatar of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Seasons *LOL* AlistairCrane, I hear you with that but remember when Finola Hughes was to head over to Y&R.. She wasn’t on contract with GH but ABC/GH stepped in and you know the rest….

  20. Avatar of josser


    If ABC didn’t have a contract with Hughes, how could the network put the kabosh on her going to Y&R? Didn’t they just offer her a contract to do some work on GH/NightShift?

    On Y&R, she was supposed to guest star as Sabrina’s mother. That role turned out to be insignificant. Sabrina’s mother was a pretty awful mom. Maybe Y&R had plans to expand the role but kept it small without a big name?

    (P.S. I liked the character of Sabrina and the actress who portrayed her. I was sad when she was killed off.)

  21. Avatar of Dariclone

    This is a horrible decison on the part of eithier OLTL or Brian Frons. Why should it matter if Jerry Ver Dorn went back to his old show if he want too? Good grief!

  22. Avatar of Doobiekat

    To LIASON4REAL you really don’t know what the hell you are talking about…you would only be so lucky to get any GL actor that has won emmys on OLTL !!! GL has more freaking emmy winning actors than any other show out there. Real soap fans know this and would have to agree if they know anything about GL at all after all we are the only soap to ever win 4 major acting emmys in one year – Best Actress Kim Zimmer/Best Supporting Actress Gina Tognoni/ Best supporting Actor Jordan Clarke/Best younger Actor Tom Pelphrey for 2006 and no other show has ever won 4 acting emmys in one year…this dosen’t count the endless acting emmys in previous years GL has won…half the damned actors on this show have won one. I will never ever watch OLTL again if this decision isn’t reversed.

  23. Avatar of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Josstheguy, if you research it ABC did NOT offer her a contract role on GH or Night Shift.. All they said was Finola was going to play "heavily" in story with Robin that summer on GH. When you fast forward to that moment she wasn’t. From what I heard, Finola was going to have a big part on Y&R.

  24. Avatar of RenewGLFF

    LOL please give it up with the “sweat balls off in Peapack” comment. Kim was JOKING, not complaining.

    And I don’t really care, but if it were primetime, they’d let him do it. But it’s daytime, this medium that barely gets any respect but that wants to act all serious and competitive, so they do things the other way.

    As for poor Liz Keifer, ABC had six years to hire her, I don’t see why they would do it now. I hope she gets to do something good because she’s talented.

  25. Avatar of josser

    Llanview said, “Conversely, OLTL paid Michael Zaslow the same respect when GL seem to let him go after his illness worsened, isn’t there somebody on the show that believes in a “two way street”?”

    The then producers of GL were scumbags and discriminated against Mr. Zaslow, firing him because of his illness. OLTL’s producers were AWESOME. They hired Zaslow and wrote his illness into the storyline, providing Zaslow and his family with much needed income and support.

    How many companies do such wonderful things? Most companies we here about try to screw over employees, not take care of them. ABC deserves credit for how the past regime handled Mr. Zaslow.


    I think Zaslow was able to sue or successfully reach a settlement with P&G.

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