The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Neil Tries to Get Lily to Have the Surgery!

Lily battles her family over the surgery while Mac battles Billy over Cane:

Billy showed up at Jimmy’s looking for Mac but when he didn’t see her there he called her phone. When it got to voicemail he told her that they never really got the chance to celebrate his birthday so he wanted to hook up with her at the trailer and would meet her there.

Meanwhile Mac went over to the trailer and talked to Cane about her visit to Lily the night before. She told him the movies really cheered Lily up which pleased him. She then explained that it was ovarian cancer and with the surgery there was a chance that Lily may never be able to have children. Cane asked Mac why she was helping him like this and she said she didn’t condone what he did but she felt everyone deserved a second chance. She told him she’d keep him updated and left.

Billy showed up at the trailer and turned off the TV. Cane called out from the back room thinking it was Mac and walked out with a towel over his shoulder and a toothbrush in his hand and Billy was obviously not happy to see him. 

Cane said before Billy went all terminator on him he was going to leave but Billy wanted to know what he was doing there. Cane said he thought the trailer would be empty after Murphy moved out so Billy accused him of breaking and entering. Cane said he didn’t want to fight with him but Billy said he was lucky he didn’t knock his teeth out. Cane told him to go ahead and do it then because he was already numb. Billy asked if Mac knew he was there and Cane said no but Billy knew he was lying. Billy asked if Cane knew about the cancer and he said of course he did and that’s the only reason he was still in town to make sure she was ok because he still loved her and then he was gone. Billy said the only thing that mattered was Lily and Cane agreed with him. Billy said if he knew that then he should know that nobody wanted him there especially Lily so he should just pack up and move out. Cane responded by dropping whatever he was holding and walking out of the trailer.

Billy stormed back over to Jimmy’s and confronted Mac about Cane being at the trailer. She admitted she probably shouldn’t have taken Cane to the trailer but wasn’t sorry she found him because Lily needed him. They argued about the situation and Billy lost his temper more then I’ve seen him lose it towards a woman. Eventually Mac had enough and walked out.

Back at the hospital Olivia came in and said she found a top notch surgeon that specialized in this type of cancer and he was flying in to perform Lily’s surgery. She gave Lily the consent form but she refused to sign it. Neil asked her what she was thinking but she said she wanted to harvest her eggs first so she could still have the chance of having children. Olivia told her the hormones she’d have to take to do that would make the cancer worse but Lily’s mind was set.

Neil told Lily he understood how she felt but it wasn’t worth risking her life. Olivia told Lily that her health had to take 100% first priority over everything and Neil agreed with her. Devon mentioned to Lily that she didn’t have to give birth to be a mother as she was well aware and used Dru and himself as an example. Olivia told her that the special surgeon would only be there for one day and it was conceivable that he could remove the cancer without making her infertile. Lily accused them of ganging up on her but Neil said he was speaking out of fear because he lost Dru and couldn’t lose her too. Lily said she just needed time to think and Olivia agreed to that but told her to not take too much time. Neil told her whether she had her own child or not she would have this whole incredible life ahead of her, then they all left her alone to think. As soon as they were gone Lily grabbed her clothes and snuck out of her room.

Tyra showed up and asked how things were going. Neil filled her in on the situation and Tyra offered to go try and talk some sense into Lily. When she went into her room she found Lily wasn’t there. They all frantically searched the hospital looking for her but weren’t having any luck. Olivia said it was imperitive they find her as this was a matter of life and death.

Lily showed up at Jimmy’s and went to talk to Billy. He admitted that he’d seen Cane and knew he was in town but didn’t think it was a good idea for Lily to talk to him. She said she needed Cane and she needed Billy to help her find him. He agreed to look for Cane if she went back to the hospital but she said she was going to help him. Just then Cane came walking in and Lily flew into his arms.

Adam reaffirms with Heather and breaks it off with Rafe as Mary Jane remains on the loose and Jack is scared for Sharon’s safety:

Jack and Sharon went to the coffee house and watched Victor’s press conference about Mary Jane. Jack admitted he thought he was the last person to see her but when he asked her about what may have happened to Summer she took off. Sharon started to get upset so Jack said they needed to be focusing on her and the baby and pulled her into a hug. Mary Jane watched from outside and was visibly upset.

They went back to Sharon’s room and he rescheduled a business meeting so he could go with her to the ultrasound appointment. This was just one more thing in her mind that proved he was going to be a great dad and she’d done the best thing for everybody. He said he loved his boys but always wanted a little girl. (which correct me if I’m wrong doesn’t he have a daughter? I’m unclear on the history here). Sharon had a craving for peach frozen yogurt so he left to go get her some.

Mary Jane wandered around out in the alley looking through dumpsters for food and came across a baby doll. Later Jack left to go get Sharon some frozen yogurt and when he returned he found a box outside her room with the doll in it but the eyes had been ripped out. He got rid of the doll and came back to the room and brought up the idea of her moving back in with him….again…in the ping pong game of where Sharon is to live this part of the month round 156. Sharon insisted that she wanted to stay at the club because she didn’t want to send Jack the wrong message and hurt him plus she wanted to be self dependent and not rely on the men in her life so much. She told him that they would work together as parents great and she did love him just not the way he wanted her to. Seeing that he wasn’t going to talk her into it he left but then found the concierge and had them book a room near Sharon’s and do it discreetly so no one knew he was there.

Mary Jane returned to the alley calling out for her kitty and saying she needed kitty to help her figure out what to do next. In her hands she held the eyeballs of the doll she found in the trash that she put outside Sharon’s door. Mac found her in the alley and asked her if she needed help. Mary Jane said she needed to find her kitty so Mac offered to put out some milk to try and tempt her to them. She told Mary Jane no matter what she was going to help her.

Victor got a call from the tip line who had been getting bombarded with all sorts of false leads. Heather told him the GCPD was looking at this as a priority but he said his people would take care of it as they were far more competent. After he left to get the door Heather and Adam headed upstairs to celebrate him not having to leave.

Nikki came in and told Victor about seeing Rafe and Adam kissing and how she was sure Adam was gay. Just as Adam and Heather lay in the afterglow of making love and started talking about their future together. He said for the first time he could see the light at the end of the tunnel and picture life after being under house arrest at the ranch. He quipped that his future was so bright if he wasn’t blind he may have to wear shades. They exchanged I love yous and a sweet kiss before she took off.

As Heather was leaving Rafe was walking up to Adam’s door. She asked him what he was doing there and he said he was looking for the scoop on Mary Jane to see if it would clear his aunt. Heather left and Rafe walked into Adam’s room. Adam proceeded to break things off with him and told him he was clear now that he was attracted to women. At first Rafe thought Adam was just confused and unsure about his sexuality but then came to realize Adam had been playing him all along. He warned Adam that one day he would take things too far and they would come back to bite him, and then he left.

Victor saw Rafe storm out of Adam’s room and went in to talk to his son. He told him that he knew he was gay and Adam had nothing to worry about because no matter what Adam is and always would be his son. He left and Adam had an expression of not really knowing where to go from that point all over his face.

Coming up tomorrow….

Deacon the poet calls Amber and tells her you sleep with me and your man goes free.

Chance is talking to Chloe about kissing the right people and she interrupts by planting a big kiss on him herself.

Lily tells Cane to take her to Chicago so she can find a doctor who will help her keep her eggs.

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  1. Profile photo of Mike Jubinville
    Mike Jubinville

    Ok, I’m gonna throw out something about Lily’s cancer that has bugged me endlessly since this whole thing started. Lily is an adult. She’s 22, which means her doctor should be talking to her ALONE, consulting with her ALONE and not talking to her father and brother first. When she got the news, Neil, Devon and Colleen were present and Colleen got on the blower and blabbed to everyone! I understand that she needs her family, but the information should have gone from DOCTOR to PATIENT to FAMILY to FRIENDS. I get why she ran away. She got a bomb dropped on her and had surgery scheduled in hours that would alter her life. Olivia did not give her counseling or give her any options. She told her about the surgery, flew someone in and told her to be ready. Lily may have decided to NOT tell Neil or anyone else anything about her condition until she processed it herself and made a decision. I think it bugs me because if it were me I’d feel ambushed and coerced to go a certain direction without anyone considering how I felt.

    That being said, Christel Khalil is handling this storyline really well so far. The best moment of the show was the very end when she and Cane reunited. No words, just an understanding look and a warm, supportive embrace. Now she will have to battle her family along with her health!

  2. Profile photo of KMG4GH

    Good point. Why is the doctor (her aunt) telling her medical business to ANYBODY? She shuld have been told privately? She should be the one to tell her father and brother. It not like she in unconscience.

  3. Profile photo of Smitty

    Mike you have made a good point, but I just see it as a very close family. It hasn’t really bothered me.

    Yesterday’s episode was really good. I enjoyed it. This week in general has been better than last week’s shows. Thankfully Nikki finally told Victor about Adam/Rafe.

    All I could do was laugh during the Adam/Rafe break up scenes. What a joke?!?!

    I tell you that Heather is once again being played for a fool by Adam. Watch her end up pregnant by him. I can see it coming.

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    This confidential doctor/patient relationship is one thing that’s just really bugging me … but it’s also Neil just as a person. He has a 22 year old daughter (or should I say niece) and he wants to make every single discussion for her?
    He tells her who she can and can’t see, what she can do and can’t do … he is living her life.
    Can someone tell him just to shut up – be there for Lily, but don’t talk to her like to a 12 year old and act like she is one!? It’s really frustrating.
    The worst thing is that Kristoff St. John isn’t even selling it in his performance. He just stands there with the same sad face every time – no other expressions – and every once in a while puts up his threating hand, when Devon mentions Cane. Sorry, but it’s just not good!

    That being said, I agree with Mike that Christel Khalil is very good in this storyline.

  5. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    The doctor/patient thing irks me, too. When I was 22, my doctor who’d been treating me for 8 years still talked to me like I was a kid. She wanted to give details to my mother. Even though my family and I are absurdly close, I still wanted my own doctor to talk directly to me.

    Neil said he would do anything to put a smile on Lily’s face, EXCEPT bring Cane to her. I don’t care how much you hate the man, if you know that’s who your dying child wants to see, then suck it up and bring Cane. I’m really waiting on Cane to step up and tell Neil that Cane is Lily’s next of kin, and all decisions that need to be made should Lily be incapacitated go through him.

  6. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    it’s AMAZING to me that the “white” storylines are dragged out for months & months while the “black” storylines are rushed for no reason.

    i’m curious why Deacon didnt mention his daughter Hope Logan (with Brooke Logan) when he brought up Little Eric/Deacon to Amber the other day.

    Amber & Deacon are one of the very few reason i stay tuned for the whole hour now. they’re fun to watch and their chemistry is on fire.

    PRODUCERS: please fire the people that play Victoria, JT, Colleen, and Tyra. they’ve outstayed their welcome.

    and exactly why can’t we audience see Adam & Rafe kiss or lie on the bed together?

  7. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    The_Moustache, great points and I am seeing that the black s/ls is being rushed while the whites s/ls is being dragged out.

    I like Sean Kanan, but for him to frame Daniel so to get some of Amber’s hello kitty, I not buying it. Why just come into town and say hey to Amber and Amber could of have some growing feelings for Deacon and Daniel could of be mad and break up with her and Deacon then could of swoop in and hook up with Amber. Yeah, I forgot about Hope being Deacon’s child too. He should go back to LA and get custody because Brooke don’t care and Ridge and Nick are so busy that we don’t know why the child is.

  8. Profile photo of Smitty

    The reason Deacon brought up Little Deacon/Little Eric is because he and Amber fought for custody of the kid. Also, Little D is Amber’s cousin. Amber passed of Little D as her son to Rick for sometime when she was trying to keep Rick as her husband. Hope Logan has no relevance to Amber.

  9. Profile photo of Mike Jubinville
    Mike Jubinville

    I also think that if Cane were in the picture, Neil and Devon would have to take a back seat to their wishes, which I would love to see.


    Aww Jillian – Mike is your hubby that’s adorable!! Hehee. I laughed so hard when Mac offered to get milk for Miss Kitty!

    Hmmm…only when we agree!
    Yeah, the kitty thing was funny. Mary Jane is so unhinged, I don’t know how they will save this character unless they cannot prove anything she did with hard evidence.
    I also laughed when Adam reacted to Victor accepting him. I don’t think Adam knows how to handle being outed. It’s hilarious. Now I hope Rafe is mad enough to go after him!

  10. Profile photo of Mike Jubinville
    Mike Jubinville

    I also think that if Cane were in the picture, Neil and Devon would have to take a back seat to their wishes, which I would love to see.


    Aww Jillian – Mike is your hubby that’s adorable!! Hehee. I laughed so hard when Mac offered to get milk for Miss Kitty!

    Hmmm…only when we agree!
    Yeah, the kitty thing was funny. Mary Jane is so unhinged, I don’t know how they will save this character unless they cannot prove anything she did with hard evidence.
    I also laughed when Adam reacted to Victor accepting him. I don’t think Adam knows how to handle being outed. It’s hilarious. Now I hope Rafe is mad enough to go after him!

  11. Profile photo of Marzovia

    Neil really worked my last nerve today. I understand he’s ticked with Cane but he’s going a bit overboard. Lily is a grown woman and, last I checked, still legally married to Cane. Does he not realize that Cane could put all of them out if he wanted to?

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