The Bold and the Beautiful: Casting News (Updated)

Look for more Daniel McVicar (Clarke) on The Bold and the Beautiful. The actor reprises his role on July 27 and 28. D.C. Douglas has been cast as a minister on the show appearing on July 30 and Aug. 3. Fans may know Douglas Dr. Whittman, who treated Massimo (Joseph Mascolo) on B&B, Dr. Kirkwood from Passions and Chad Atherton on The Young and the Restless. Steve Blalock guest stars on the show as a biker, the actor also moonlights as Ronn Moss’s (Ridge) stunt double.

From Aug. 12-14 look for celeb sightings on B&B! Alan Thicke (Growing Pains) and Jim J. Bullock will reprise their roles on the show as talk show hots Rich Ginger and Sergei the event planner, when they preside over the Forrester vs. Jackie M. fashion show. TV personality Melissa Rivers, makes her debut on B&B portraying herself as a judge in the fashion face-off, along with America’s Next Top Model cycle 11 runner-up Samantha Potter, will portray a model for Jackie M.

Could Marcus (Texas Battle) be one step closer to meeting his father than we think?  Sources are reporting B&B’s casting for the role of "Joseph," a wealthy African-American business man who is smart and sophisticated. As previously reported by TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco, the show has been seeking Donna’s (Jennifer Gareis) baby daddy.Has the inter-family dating finally ended? B&B’s casting for the role of Vanessa, a fiery but polished young woman in her early 20’s, a possible love interest for Rick (Kyle Lowder).

Well Marcus does have a daddy! Nelson reports Aaron D. Spears has snagged the role of Donna’s ex and father to her long lost son. Thanks to Scott Novick for the tip!

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    Scott Novick

    Nelson’s latest SUDS REPORT says that Marcus’s daddy has been cast, with an actor named Aaron D. Spears playing the part. IMDB says Spears is an actor/composer/producer who has made the rounds in a few films and in a bunch of prime time guest star roles.

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    Do you know if Lesli Kay and Winsor Harmon have been put on recurring status or dropped from B&B? Since both of their characters have left Forrester, their never around the show.

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    Are the father of Marcus and Vanessa contract roles or just a recurring gig. If they are on contract … then I repeat myself that I think there is more to the rumor that B&B is going to a one-hour soap this fall.
    Or they maybe put Kay and Harmon on recurring … that would explain it too.

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    I don’t think that B&B can expand to one hour. That would change the airtime for other soaps. I can’t see Y&R or ATWT changing its start time because that might negatively affect it. In much of the country, GL aired in the morning. There is no way that CBS would move B&B into GL’s time slot, which proved deadly for it.

    Also, increasing B&B to an hour would increase costs. No one wants to do so in this economy.

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    Aaron doesn’t have many credits. Lincoln Heights is the most recent tv credit Lindsay Hartley would make a great Vannesa! From before Passions ended I always said shed be an excellent fit on B&B. Best of luck to her in the hourglass.

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    Scott Novick

    I’ve watched a lot of the shows Spears’s imdb filmography says he’s been in, but it seems to be “guest star of the week” material and I can’t say I remember any of those parts.

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    I am so glad that Jennifer Gareis(Donna) and Texas Battle will be working together again I miss them a lot me and my mother have been waiting for this day to come,I’m sick of Brooke Ridge and soon to be wife who is making a fool out of herself I know we have fans of her but she is making me sick.
    Any way do you know any more on him why is he there in LA do you that will they get a long my mother says yes but i said no they can’t as soon as he knock on her door please updated when you have more I love Donna and her son

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    Scott Novick

    The other thing about B&B going to an hour is that they would have to adjust their whole production model. Being a half hour show, they have a taping schedule that lets them work 4 day weeks for most of the year with around 12 weeks a year off completely (including their current 5 week hiatus that just started last week). To go to an hour show, that all has to be retooled, which doesn’t come easily or cheap.

    A lot of the cast have commented in the past they like B&B being a half hour because of that model, and Brad Bell has said he’s often torn because he likes the pace of the half hour show. So even forgetting the economy, B&B would have to make a lot of changes to become a half hour, and the current economic climate underscores that.

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