The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Taylor/Ridge Wedding:
During the couple's vows, it becomes disturbed by Brooke! A quick thinking Ridge (yeah I laughed too) takes the rap for the interruptions and apologizes to Doc. Later, Stephanie blows her stack at Brooke. Taylor shocks Brooke.

Katie: She comes up with an plan for Forrester. Katie's idea to save Forrester winds up causing Eric to pay a heavy price and also has Stephanie interfering.

Eric: He tries hard to save Forrester Creations. A ray of hope comes Eric's way when Brooke decides to head back to work.

Steffy: She crushes Grandma Stephanie with her information.

Whip becomes motivated by Jackie to launch a new campaign for Jackie M. Whip has a cougar and Jackie as the main focus of the ad! When the cougar becomes unruly, Owen jumps in and rescues someone. Later Owen gets jealous of Whip and Jackie's sizzling chemistry (now ya talking!).

She worms her way into Ridge's life once again. The two take a stroll down memory lane once again. Taylor tried to keep positive Ridge will not succumb to Brooke's charms when her husband and Logan work side by side. Later, Taylor's fears may be justified.

The two wind up in a similar situation.

The Logan girls:
The sisters profess they are heiresses of Forrester! Stephanie has a few words with the sisters on the new ad campaign.

Bill/Whip: They team up. Bill finds himself in a tough spot, revenge or a budding romance. He makes shocking choice.

Dottie: As reported earlier, Morgan Fairchild has been cast as Stephanie's friend and a Beverly Hills socialite. She has a proposal for Stephanie and an idea she has gains full steam.

Eric/Stephanie: They share a close moment.

Jarrett: He comes up with a devious plan for Sergei, Alan and Melissa (who are they?!).

Forrester Creations/Jackie M:
Looks like the two fashion houses will have a showdown on the runway.


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I hear what you are saying Darren and I agree. I want Brooke to be on her own for a while. Bring a new man into her life after spending some time to herself. I still hope she and Ridge are together in the end. I really hate Taylor for being so self righteous. She talks about Brooke being a whore when she slept with a man her daughter loved and she cheated on Ridge with James Warwick. She is a hypocrite and a slut! I guess you know how I feel about

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I thank we all will like it when a new storyline come
and this damn Ridge/Brooke/Taylor and the brat kid's get a life most of all Ridge mother.
Give me Donna and her son father storyline can't wait to see hope it come sooner then later