The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Taylor/Ridge Wedding:
During the couple’s vows, it becomes disturbed by Brooke! A quick thinking Ridge (yeah I laughed too) takes the rap for the interruptions and apologizes to Doc. Later, Stephanie blows her stack at Brooke. Taylor shocks Brooke.

Katie: She comes up with an plan for Forrester. Katie’s idea to save Forrester winds up causing Eric to pay a heavy price and also has Stephanie interfering.

Eric: He tries hard to save Forrester Creations. A ray of hope comes Eric’s way when Brooke decides to head back to work.

Steffy: She crushes Grandma Stephanie with her information.

Whip becomes motivated by Jackie to launch a new campaign for Jackie M. Whip has a cougar and Jackie as the main focus of the ad! When the cougar becomes unruly, Owen jumps in and rescues someone. Later Owen gets jealous of Whip and Jackie’s sizzling chemistry (now ya talking!).

She worms her way into Ridge’s life once again. The two take a stroll down memory lane once again. Taylor tried to keep positive Ridge will not succumb to Brooke’s charms when her husband and Logan work side by side. Later, Taylor’s fears may be justified.

The two wind up in a similar situation.

The Logan girls:
The sisters profess they are heiresses of Forrester! Stephanie has a few words with the sisters on the new ad campaign.

Bill/Whip: They team up. Bill finds himself in a tough spot, revenge or a budding romance. He makes shocking choice.

Dottie: As reported earlier, Morgan Fairchild has been cast as Stephanie’s friend and a Beverly Hills socialite. She has a proposal for Stephanie and an idea she has gains full steam.

Eric/Stephanie: They share a close moment.

Jarrett: He comes up with a devious plan for Sergei, Alan and Melissa (who are they?!).

Forrester Creations/Jackie M:
Looks like the two fashion houses will have a showdown on the runway.

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    Scott Novick

    Jarrett: He comes up with a devious plan for Sergei, Alan and Melissa (who are they?!).

    Alan is probably a typo referring to Rich Ginger, the talk show host played in past episodes by Alan Thicke. Thicke appears again as Rich, who is a celebrity judge for the fashion show along with Sergei, the event planner played by Jim J Bullock in 2004 and 2005, and Melissa Rivers (playing herself).

    Meanwhile, seems like Owen missed his calling as an animal trainer. First he took on the grizzly Pam sicked on Donna and now Whip’s Cougar. If the cougar really is dangerous, I wonder how Whip will spin that one with Jackie?

    As for Bill and Whip possibly teaming up, that sure seems intriguing, although it sounds like Bill might let his feelings for Katie sway him. If Bill does let his soft side show to impress Katie, I wonder how Whip might respond?

    And then there is Brooke/Ridge/Taylor, the merry go round, part five hundred. {sigh}

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    Such a poor, unfortunate and hateful choice of words. Brooke does not “worm” her way anywhere. She lost her husband because the Corpse Bride decided to drug Ridge, so she could sleep with him and break them apart. On the command of her mentor, Rapist-loving Steph.

    I do however appreciate the fact that it is probably the only B&B post in recent months not to mention peripheral & unimportant characters Thorne and Felicia as part of the “Lets pretend Lesli Kay is the most important actress on the show/soapworld and not a recast of an already weak character” campaign.

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    Yes, B&B has been that horribly bad.

    Lately, the show has seen some improvement, especially the Jackie M. crew, Bill/Katie, and Donna/Pam. But the Ridge/Brooke/Taylor mess is just awful as has been the Rick-a-poolza crap for the last 6 to 9 months.

    There has just been too much time wrapped around the narcissistic nuRick.

    I understand your frustration about all of the complaining about soaps. Sometimes we do so, it seems, because we’re disappointed and then other times it’s fun and we’re caught up in a cyber-mob mentality.

    B&B used to be more fun. It seems like ages ago.

    However, the last thing you should suggest or want is for people to “turn the station” because that will be the death of the show!

    B&B Highlights:

    Leslie Anne Downe & Brandon Beemer!

    Pam & Donna comic bits

    Clark! Clark! Clark!

    Katie & Bill flirting (but Bill NEEDS a style makeover from porn mogul to publishing mogul. Less Bob Guccione and more Daniel Meade!)

    Lesli Kay (where are you?)

    What do you like about B&B?

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    Jillian, Jamey, & Luke,

    I’d like to make a suggestion. What if you had a posting each day for a week, asking site users what they love about their favorite soap?

    We all spend a ton of time complaining but never saying what we like. I listed a few items about what I like about B&B.

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    I’ve been watching B&B since day one,there was a lot of drama,good acting and a marvelous cast,the storylines used to be so much fun that it’s no surprise that this soap gained worldwide fame!Just check on youtube episodes from the late 80’s and early 90’s!You’ll see the difference!I don’t hate B&B but how many times do I have to watch a Nicket,Tridge,Bridge or Bricky wedding?Taylor-Ridge-Brooke triangle?Stephanie used to be a dynamic oman with a family and a carreer and has become obssesed with the Logans and Ridge,that’s her life,all the characters are one dimensional.The last year could have actually renamed the show general hospital since once and while someone would end up in the hospital!
    Where are the times when there were actually serious storylines on this show?
    Brooke has become a pathetic woman who cries all the time,Taylor much worse!and I won’t even discuss the new generation of B&B,it’s just pathetic!I keep seeing people coming to the show with great potential and nothing happens!Beth logan,rokko garner,e.t.c.What’s the point?
    I really love this soap it’s the soap I grew up with but now it’s crap!
    If Bill Bell is bored or all out of ideas it’s not that bad to take some time off and charge your batteries or even bring new blood on his writing team!

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    Sometimes the posts do seem to be very negative and down on soaps in general. Having said that I appreciate your posting what you LIKE about B&B. I like the Jackie/Owen storyline, Whip’s return and Bill/Katie. I am not crazy about the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor storyline. I think they went back to that (as was stated on the podcast)because of the poor young adult actors (Steffy, Thomas, Marcus and Rick). Thomas in particular is a joke! I do remember when B&B was great in the 80’s and 90’s, and I miss that B&B. What about doing another Sheila run but instead of Sheila, have Mary Jane Benson come over to B&B and fall for Thorne? I am all for making B&B better. I guess it is just hard for me to hear people rag on one of my two favorite soaps (Y&R is the other of course!

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    I don’t think B&B will ever be the soap it was back then. Times change, actors change (remember when the Brooke and Stephanie confrontations were really intense). I think as we get older we do not have the energy to keep that up. That is why their confrontations appear lacking now. I agree the show needs much work, but I am trying to stick with it. I also agree with you that they bring characters on the show and drop them just as fast as they appear (Beth Logan, Rocco, etc). I do think the head writers are burnt out and a new writing regime needs to be assembled. Until then I have to keep watching. I have always ADORED Katherine Kelly Lang and I cannot abandon her for

  8. Profile photo of josser


    I really admire Leslie Anne Downe for jumping back into B&B so fiercely after her battle with cancer. She is, for me, the best part of B&B.

    I really enjoyed her photo shoot. Normally, my eyes glaze over when B&B has a fashion show or photo shoot. The Jackie M. photo shoot was fun.

    Brandon Beemer and Leslie Anne make for a sexy couple. Compare Jackie/Owen to any other couple on the show and their chemistry blows them all away.

    When I see Nick/Bridget, Rick/Steffy, Stephenie/Ridge (not a typo, you know Stephenie wants him! ;-) ), Ridge/Brooke, etc. I think they’re all vanilla and boring. I couldn’t care less.

    However, Jackie and Owen are just so devilishly fun and equally sexy. The taboo of their relationship is part of their appeal but more importantly I’m impressed by how well acted the relationship is. Frankly, I think it’s the most mature and honest one on B&B. They both laid their cards on the table. They’re not only using each other but also loving each other.

    Why hasn’t CBS arranged for Beemer and Downe to be interviewed on the CBS Morning Show? Julie Chen the Morning Show’s L.A.-based anchor.

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    If it wasn’t for the campy fun of Jackie M (now with Rick Hearst as Whip), I would’ve stopped watching. I’m so over Brooke/Ridge/Taylor #1524549. Talk about lather, rinse, repeat! You can only do the makeup/breakup with a soap couple for so long before a decision has to be made. Personally, I’d prefer Brooke and Taylor telling the waffle king to go fug himself but since that will never be the case, he needs to be with one or the other….PERMANENTLY! But right now, I will continue to tune in because I love Rick Hearst and unlike it’s parent show Y&R, at least B&B does have some lighter laugh-out-loud moments.

  10. Profile photo of marion216

    we have sth in common we both love KKl,to me she is B&B and i tottaly agree with you but the reason nothing seems intense is because nothing is original anymore the same things happen again and again!most of the times I ff the episodes!I am a Brooke fan but I would like to see her back in her lab creating sth,to be done with Ridge and be independent for a change!I may not be a fan of Taylor but she had my respect in the past and i often found her right on things How has Bill destroyed all of these characters is amazing!I only wish for two things,the first is for Bill Bell to retire and the second is for B&B to become 1 hour!

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    Scott Novick

    Joining in on what I like on B&B:
    Katherine Kelly Lang and Susan Flannery: While I have reservations about the stories both are involved in, those actresses were the hallmark of B&B’s rivalries for years and still have it in them to keep those roles given the right material.

    Forrester vs. Jackie M: Again, this is something I like in concept, but think could still be done better. While it’s good to see Forrester behind the 8 ball, I just don’t buy this “Jackie M goes from the verge of bankruptcy to the top of the heap on a stolen Forrester collection and a first effort from a fledgling designer” vibe. And if Stephanie is that good of a businesswoman, why did her turn as Forrester CEO a few years back flop totally? Make this more of a horse race. Maybe the August fashion showdown will take us in that direction.

    Pam and Donna: The comic moments between those two, like the PRICE IS RIGHT episodes, always bring back the lightheartedness B&B was famous for with the likes of the Spectra crew.

    Pam and Clarke: Mills and McVicar work well together in the few scenes they’ve shared. Maybe Pam can help rescue Clarke’s mischievous side from the Spectra days.

    Jackie and Owen: At fist I was sorry they were veering away from Owen/Bridget, esp. since it meant Nick and Bridget part 3, but I’m loving the Down/Beemer chemistry. And then they mix into this…

    Whip: Brings an interesting dynamic to Jackie M as a whole and the Jackie/Owen pairing, plus he has ties to the Forresters from his last stint on the show.

    Bill Spencer: A good idea with ties going back to B&B’s roots. I just want to know more about the man and why he has this obsession with getting Forrester. I also like him with Katie, although I wouldn’t mind seeing that turned into a Katie/Bill/Felicia triangle to give neglected Lesli Kay something to do.

    Things I’m not liking:
    The Brooke/Ridge/Taylor rollercoaster: I just want off, since it’s been played to death and holds all the characters back.
    The second generation Forresters being as childish as their first gen counterparts, especially hypocritical Steffy this past week.

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    Josstheguy, marion216 and Scott Novick along with the other participants in this particular site:

    How would you guys feel about a twist in that Bill Spencer is really Eric’s son? Or do you think that plot point has been overdone? I hope B&B continues to improve and it looks like based on spoilers Ridge and Brooke continue their “dance” at the expense of Taylor. She is really the fool because she knows Ridge loves her but not the same way he loves Brooke and that will not change. Here I go again..rooting for Brooke and Ridge…lol.You know as I sit here and read all the posts, it makes me appreciate this site and all the different views we all have about the same shows. I have never met any of you but I look forward to seeing your comments each week. It is truly a testament to Daytime Confidential and its staff. Thanks all.

  13. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    The young generation of actors is terrible and needs to be recast, STAT. Donna just needs to go off a cliff and never to be seen or heard from again. Put Lesli Kay frontburner with Whip and bring Brooke as a interloper.

  14. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    ReggyReg, although making Bill Eric’s son would be a huge cliche, I think I could go for it. It would tie Bill to one of the core families and maybe give Eric something to do other than act like a horny old goat around Donna.

    As for Brooke and Ridge… I just cannot stand the man and want him away from Brooke (and, ideally, Taylor too)… they look like idiots in this eternal triangle.

  15. Profile photo of reggyreg

    Darren, I agree with you that Kyle Lowder is not that bad. I think it is the writing and directing that are making him look bad. The other three, Marcus, Steffy and especially Thomas needs to go. I do think making Bill Eric’s son could open up some nice story potential. Maybe he and Ridge could battle for daddy’s affection. I also agree that I am tired of the no-acting Ronn Moss and his portrayal of Ridge. I do however want to see him with Brooke if he has to remain on the show. I really can’t stand Taylor!

  16. Profile photo of josser

    ReggyReg & Darren,

    I think it’s been telegraphed that Bill is Eric’s son. Why else does Bill have such a desire for revenge against Eric? His father, Bill Spencer, never had a problem with Eric.

    Yes, it’s cliche but this just seems to be the likely reason for Bill’s wanting desperately to acquire Forrester.

    Frankly, other than the Bill & Katie flirtation, Wild Bill has fallen flat. I blame poor writing and the Bob Guccione-inspired wardrobe that the producers and writers have dumped on Don Diamont.

    A hostile takeover of Forrester makes no sense because without the designers, Eric and Ridge, the company is severely diminished in value. Old Bill would have to hire a new design team and build a new management team.

  17. Profile photo of reggyreg

    Josstheguy, you are would make no sense for him to acquire Forrester Creations without the creative team. But if he is motivated by anger, he could be behaving irrationally and not thinking about the logistics. I agree also that he dresses a little sleazy for my taste. I would like Bill better if he was dressed like..i don’t know…Brad Carlton?

  18. Profile photo of Scott Novick
    Scott Novick

    The one reason that I don’t want Bill to be Eric’s son is that it would lock him out of any kind of romance with half-sister Felicia. While I like the vibe between Diamont and Heather Tom, it seems like they’re playing Bill/Katie as the “good girl tries to reform the cad” story, and it seems to be happening pretty quickly. While I want Bill to be more defined, I don’t want to lose his edge completely, and having him torn between good girl Katie and naught Felicia would spice things up, IMO.

    The other thing that wouldn’t make sense to me about Eric as the father is the “long lost son” setup they have w/Bill where he came into Bill Sr’s life in the fairly recent past and earned his way into half Sr’s empire. The Bill Sr I remember wouldn’t let some Forrester come lately worm his way into the Spencer fortune and business. So the history buff in me would be a bit peeved that they linked to an original B&B family just as a plot device that way.

    Still, they do need a solid reason for Bill to want Forrester. Maybe if they hadn’t killed Bill Sr from the onset, it would make more sense. Unless there was a reason it couldn’t happen, they should have brought Jim Storm back as Bill Sr to kind of shepherd the father/son relationship and establish why Bill Jr wants to crush the Forresters.

  19. Profile photo of reggyreg


    I hear what you are saying and I agree to a certain extent. It just seems to me that characters not related to the Forresters or the Logans do not last long on the Bold and the Beautiful. I like this set up because Eric is not particularly close to Thorne or Rick. Developing a father/son bond between Eric and Bill could create good story potential.

  20. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    ReggyReg – I think particularly opposite Ronn Moss was when Kyle Lowder really floundered… plus, that horrible sing-off with Constantine. Ugh! I don’t want him gone, but Steffy/Thomas/Marcus i could live without.

    As for hating Taylor – I used to.. now, I like her usually, although she’s awfully sanctimonious, and any woman pining for Ridge immediately loses points for me. I don’t want Brooke with him either – he sucks the life out of pairings (though I thought he was okay with Ashley)… I really want Brooke in a different storyline, be it business or romance…. NOT trying to win back that doofus!

    Joss, with the exception of the Katie flirtation, Bill has been underused and underdeveloped… fingers crossed the writers give him more airtime… oh, and I agree it makes no sense to take over FC, as it would be immediately devalued when the designers left! Oh well… I’ve stopped expecting it to make sense…

  21. Profile photo of marion216

    It would only make sense if Bill was actually Stephanie’s son rather than Eric’s cause Stephanie was really close to Bill in the past,and we don’t really know anything about Bill’s mother so we can assume Eric knew her!My opinion on this is that it’s overplayed,that and the incest thing!We know nothing about Bill’s past and the potential of sl there is enormous!B&B should try and build the next generation cause time is ticking away!Steffy Thomas and Marcus need to be recast asap!

  22. Profile photo of Carsonfan

    I thank we all will like it when a new storyline come
    and this damn Ridge/Brooke/Taylor and the brat kid’s get a life most of all Ridge mother.
    Give me Donna and her son father storyline can’t wait to see hope it come sooner then later

  23. Profile photo of reggyreg

    I hear what you are saying Darren and I agree. I want Brooke to be on her own for a while. Bring a new man into her life after spending some time to herself. I still hope she and Ridge are together in the end. I really hate Taylor for being so self righteous. She talks about Brooke being a whore when she slept with a man her daughter loved and she cheated on Ridge with James Warwick. She is a hypocrite and a slut! I guess you know how I feel about Taylor…lol.

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