Is Rebecca Herbst Safe at General Hospital?

TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco had this cryptic statement regarding my beloved Rebecca Herbst’s (Saint Lizzie Beth) future at General Hospital in his last Suds Report:

Rebecca Herbst’s (Liz) future is in question again. And that’s all I’m saying.

Sigh. Namaste. Imagining a glowing, yellow ball radiating warmth. Not going to call any network execs pig vomit…

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    So they are getting rid of a character who has been on the show for over 10 years in favor on the newbies ? This show blows and they wonder why their show is tanking. I do like Dante though yum yum !

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    That may be the straw that finally takes GH off my DVR. I think I could take a Jasam reunion if Liz also had a romance storyline (and this recent L&L2 does not count as a romance storyline). I still like other characters, but this may just tip me over the edge. Unless a storyline comes up that I become addicted to… I hate threatening but Rebecca Herbst has been my favorite character for over a decade. I will be very sad if this is true.

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    I have watched GH for a few years now and have seen a lot of favs come and go, but that would be the last straw. I get that LL2 is not working and they don’t want to put her back with Jason, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a viable part of the show. If she isn’t going to be with Jason, Elizabeth def needs a new hot pairing!

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    WOuldnt it be true that everyone with a contract pending has a “future in question”. I think this is once again going to be much ado about nothing. From what I understand her salary isnt that high and they have big story coming up with Niz. I dont see her going anywhere.

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    Hey I came over to see if the new abc promo was up. With Regan on leave, we dont have a new thread for GH so can I ask here – did anyone see the new JaSam promo. Good stuff!!

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    I just saw the promo EET…..YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t want to piss any Liz fans off though…..I really do hope she stays….It’s ridiculous that TPTB can’t find anything to do with her because she isn’t with Jason….the same thing would have happened to Kemo if Lusam didn’t take off….Guza just can’t write for those outside of his “holy trinity”…

    the promo is on youtube…at least that’s where I found it…

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    I have no clue…I just saw it over at GHOFS (I think that was where) but I only post here. It was Michael and Xtina on the run, Jason saying going after them might be dangerous and then the voice over about old feelings resurfacing as Jason is brushing sams face. It had some Jerry and of course Sarah ordering that Michael be brought to her. Chills…SJB is just too damn talented.

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    GHAddict you said a mouthful!! That was one of the reasons I never could totally get behind LuSam…the refuse to write for Greg Vaughn and for the life of me I dont know why. I could have been really excited about LuSam IF their relationship had played out ON SCREEN. Hard to root for something that is next to invisible. I think thats part of the reason LL2 doesnt get more support – tptb dont write for them. They seem to like TC more, so if they put Lizard with Nik, she should see more airtime. The question is whether they really go there, or if its a tease/obstacle for nikbecca.

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    I hope Rebecca Herbst is not leaving, but General Hospital has undervalued her so maybe another show could pick her up. I envisioned her as Mac on Y&R. She would have been the perfect Mac. Rebecca is beautiful and talented; and she had me crying when Elizabeth’s son Jake was kidnapped (both times). Her pairings on GH were the best since Sonny and Brenda, in my opinion. Lucky (with Jonathan Jackson) and Elizabeth were so sweet, and Elizabeth and Jason have been daytime’s most romantic angsty pairing yet. Their fans have been through the ringer for 10 years come August! I think it is a crying shame that the pairing of Elizabeth and Jason were ended in the way that they were, but I have to believe that Rebecca Herbst will go on to do better things if she leaves GH.

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    What are you crazy people talking about. It makes perfect sense to get rid of a popular talented actress who is playing a popular veteran character who happens to have chemistry with anything that breathes. Why cant you people see the genius in this decision.

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    I really hope this isn’t true. I like Liz… I just want her to be with her own men instead of trying to break up happy couples like JaSam. I actually like L&L2, but I’m not IN LOVE with them or anything. I agree that she should be coupled up with someone in a hot storyline. They can do a whole “single mother gets her groove back” type of S/L. I just saw the new GH promo, and I FLOVE it, of course, because now is when the JaSam reunion starts getting REALLY GOOD!! Seems like old times with Jason touching Sam’s face. It looks like TPTB have answered my prayers by having Jason go after Sam instead of her running after him. Sam has apologized and tried to make up for what she did over and over again, and Jason needs to make the first move!!

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    I hope and pray that Rebecca Herbst stays because she is one of the only female actresses on this show that I actually like. Rebecca has chemistry with everyone on the show, Rebecca plays Elizabeth Webber a beautiful, sexy, mother, friend. The way this show cuts vets to bring on newbies is crazy, before long they will be no one anyone can identify with on this show. Rebecca Herbst has been on this show for 12 years and that should count for something. I hope she stays.

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    Rebecca Herbst is one of their finest and classiest actresses. I don’t know what’s wrong with GH lately. They have their most non talented actresses up front and back burn their most talented,loyal actresses. IMO; Rebecca has not recently gotten any kind of good story line to showcase her amazing talent. They are show casing boring, sleezy con woman, mob type women etc. And they wonder why their ratings are in the toilet? You need both kinds of actresses to make a soap; but where are the good ole days; where good and hard working women always get “their” guy and come out on top in the end..that’s what I want to see on a soap. I need an escape from reality; not sleeze and soft porn thrown in my face..Bring back “love in the afternoon”;and some decent acting; which I think Becky Herbst is a fine representation of.thanks,nancy,ct.

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    I will be so mad if they let Rebecca go. She’s one of my favourites still left. Liz needs a frontburner story and not with Nicholas :( I want their friendship to stay intact. Rebecca has chemistry with everyone so why is she being wasted? grr.I love Liz and Lucky as a pair but I would take Liz and Jason anyday!!!

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    If Rebecca leaves, either by choice or forced – I go to. She is the only reason I’ve hung on so long. Not even Scrubs has the power to keep me going with this sinking ship.

    That being said – I tend to agree with EET – this is probably much ado about nothing – especially if there are contract negotiations in the mix.

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    Are they seriously kidding me? Rebecca Herbst is one of the best actresses they have and they are looking to get rid of her? for what? For the newbies, for sleezy women characters who flaunt their assets instead of using their brains. Someone over at GH better wake up fast between hearing this and watching that promo, I think GH is headed towards cancellation. Killing off beloved characters, firing wonderful actresses/actors, the destruction of core characters, destruction of history is drivings viewers away by the thousands, get a clue GH.

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    GH needs to wake up and value what they the characters that have a rich history with the show and the other characters.

    I did see this coming because of the way TPTB have been writing or not writing for Elizabeth. It’s been bothering me since the scene outside the courtroom in December.

    Isn’t this what happens to all of Jason’s loves…(oh except for one whose character was so mistreated and wronged by TPTB in 2006 by GH). It looks like Sam survived better than most.

    I hate to sound petty, and prefer to sound outraged, but I think the anticipated story will be a letdown anyway because Jason without a doubt has become one of the most boring heroes in daytime.

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    NO NO NO NO NO ….. I really hope this is one of those things that just remains talk. I think after all these years of watching that might give me the excuse I need to just shut it off as it is these days I fast forward more then I watch anyway.

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    Well since Guza doesn’t know how to write for “nice, sympathetic” characters, Liz is doomed to backburner status or to be kicked off the show completely. Maybe Guza will kill off Liz and bring back her evil twin. That’s the ONLY way Guza can write characters these days.

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    Dear Becky,

    Please check with Y&R, as there may be a need to recast some current onscreen characters.
    You would be a great Victoria, you would rock as Mac and even though you are a few years older, I think you woud be a great Colleen. So get those head sheets over to CBS, GH is a sinking ship anyway.

    BTW, I still love JaSam, but to let BH go would be a crime. Oh yeah, I forgot, this is GH we’re talking about.

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    Rebecca Herbst is a awesome actress and deserves to be upfront and center. Her talent is such that her chemistry connects with everyone on that canvas. Not to mention that she can hold her own in every s/l they give her. It’s ashame that she is being put on backburner for a less talented actress. I wish TPTB would explain to us what qualifies you and what qualifications you must have to be labeled a “LEAD ACTRESS”. Because being a personal favorite of the executives and looks should never be considered as a qualification for this job. Becky’s work speaks for itself, she does NOT need any propping, she has what it takes to be a “LEAD ACTRESS” and I find it very disrepectful how this long time vet is being treated. Please give Becky a upfront and center s/l that she so richly deserves.

    We love you Becky and will always support you.

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    If she goes that will be the final straw for me, the minute I saw the heading I told hubby that it will be more reason to go back and start taping Days again.

    I am tired of the BS that Frons and Guza &Co. are putting fans thru. Oh yeah and I did throw up watching the two who have no chemistry try and rekindle something. Nice job of once again showing that women on this show have no self respect.

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    I’m not a huge Liz fan but I love BH and think she brings a lot to the show when she’s written for and shown.

    If LL2 isn’t working…try something else. She’s worth it.

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    This may not be a popular opinion, but I want RH to stay only if GH will actually use her. I love the character of Elizabeth, and have loved Becky since day one. She can act circles around all these freaking newbies TPTB insist on bringing in. But if they aren’t going to give her a story she deserves (and I am not talking about round 53546464 with Lucky or 20 second scenes standing at the nurse’s hub), then I hope Becky moves on to bigger and better things and moves somewhere that they will appreciate her.

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    Becky please get off this sinking ship they do not care about u i wish she could go to YNR she is the only character i care about on this pitiful soap spoof.I would love to see her do something different and at least they would value her over there. GH could get canceled and it would not bother me one bit.

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    Becky doesn’t get treated fairly at all. TPTB keeps giving her crappy storylines and she is always saying she is sorry to people who doesn’t need it (Lucky). The won’t let her be with her baby’s father. Becky is so underrated. They took her away from being a strong woman to I don’t even know. Maybe she should strip, pose nude, dress slutty, and hang from poles to get some type of reconigtion.

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    If whoever is in charge at GH–I am not even sure they know anymore–allows or forces a talented actress such as Rebecca Herbst go then they deserve to be cancelled. Ever since she has created the role of Elizabeth Webber, RH has shown that she can handle any s/l either as the lead(her rape, Jake’s kidnapping), or as support(Emily’s cancer, Emily’s rape). Her character is not perfect, but no soap character is. The need for Elizabeth on GH is evident since she is good compared to the sleazy, bad girls they want to shove down vuewers throats 5 days a week.

    When Bobbie Spencer was the bad girl years ago, it was balanced because Laura Webber was the good girl. Now we get Sam, Claudia, and even Rebecca on screen conning everyone and causing trouble with no balabce because whoever is in charge is hust pushing their own agenda. Yeah, they want to whitewash/redeem Sam and Claudia but I am not buying it. Jason & Sonny are no longer recognizable just to push Sam and Claudia. GH needs the good(Liz) to balance their canvas. Please GH do not make a huge mistake by lettin RH go. Did whoever is in charge learn nothing from losing Rick Hearst just two months ago? There was a lot of backlash from that mistake. I know just from some of the comments here if Rebecca Herbst goes then even more viewers will leave with her.

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    I hope she’s not going to leave, but if her character is not going to be paired with Jason I wish her well and hope she gets a better job. She is a great actor and I wish her well with whatever she does.

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    I wonder how these idiot writers are going to write her off. Have her screw around with Luckys brother and then leave town in shame or more likely (this is GH) kill her off. This would make me completely furious if, ever since Liason broke up from their non-relationship they hadnt already planned this.
    They clearly never gave Liz and Lucky a real reunion(are they supposed to be together now?) so how can you route for them when you literally saw zip play out on screen. They then used BH and GV as plot points in other peoples storylines (Scrubs, Jasam, Nic/NotEMILY). Right now its Nic and Rebeccas relationship. They have only been used to force Frons agenda he probably has planned on getting rid of them for months now.
    As a matter of fact wasnt it reported around the time of Ric Hearst being bumped to recurring that Megan Ward, Greg Vaughn and Becky Herbst were also either going to go to recurring or be fired. They stopped it for awhile probably because of fan outrage but now that they have been backburner for awhile they probably figure now is the time to get rid of them.

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    i hope she doesn’t lose her job. however they could hire her as costume designer! rebecca has a great design sensibility and is a great seamstress.

    she is an important character and by all accounts a nice person.

    jamey, i sense a “wishful casting” post for rebecca. how about a recast mac on y&r? or amber’s sister (i know they were twins, but if jensen buchanon and ellen wheeler can be onscreen twins given their height difference i say go for it)?

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    I remember the first that that Liz appeared on GH. Her character grew on me and she and the REAL Lucky were magic. Then, like countless other fans, I’ve been watching the Liason angst for the past 10 years. The hottest couple on daytime that never got a real chance.
    So sad and such a waste of talent.
    I think that LuSam was a hot pairing as well.
    This L&L2 pairing is forced and they have a chemistry that’s more like siblings rather than a romantic couple.
    If they get rid of Becky, I hope that Steve Burton decides not to renew as well.
    Becky’s been wasted on the show and she deserves better but as a die hard Liason fan I’d hate to see her go; she one of a handful of characters that I don’t FF through or that I keep the volume on for.
    See how many viewers GH will lose if they get rid of RH. Can they really afford this?

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    I don’t know how I feel about Elizabeth with Nik, it might work if he still weren’t so obsessed with Emily. I wonder what kind of chemistry she would have with Jason Cook, that could give more hospital story lines.

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    I’m not a huge Liz fan and even I think it would be stupid of GH to let BH go. Even if they don’t want her with Jason there are plenty of other stories they can do with Liz. I have to admit I am intrigued by the Liz/Nik flirtation ever since the night they kissed at Jake’s. Even if GH did let her go no doubt in my mind some other soap would snatch her up immediately.

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    I belong to an internet survey panel and I just received an email asking me if I watch soaps. It turned out the survey was for GH. They actually wanted my opinion on Sonny & Claudia, Nik & Rebecca and what I thought of some of the characters.
    I completely trashed Sonny, Claudia, Rebecca, Ethan and Jason. It was really cathartic! I felt so much better after that! J) They also wanted my opinion of Elizabeth ( :love:) Tracy, Alexis (surprising!) and Robin. It was great to say such wonderful things about those non mob related ladies!!
    I hope it makes a difference!

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    danni d

    I think that Rebecca Herbst should have been moved to lead actress along time ago. When she in a scene she holds her own. Everyone always wants to work with her. She one of the best on GH for me.

  36. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    They said the same thing about Greg Vaughn and he just said it was all endless rumors and internet gossip.

    I hope she stays however if they are going to not write for her maybe its best she goes somewhere like Rick Hearst did that will. Frons only writes for his pets so if she isn’t one. She won’t get story.

  37. Profile photo of blackchic32

    Rebecca Herbst is one of the best actress at GH. TPTB will be idiots not to sign her to a new contract, Rebecca has alot of fans and if she left I would not be surprise if alot of GH’s remaining fans left with her.

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    I have loved GH since I began watching it when it was still in black and white. I am angered to see the mess that this show is in today. I had high hopes for it last year especially in April when finally a love story that made me cry (like only Luke & Laura did before). That story is Elizabeth and Jason….I watch tentatively now and if Rebecca Herbst/Steve Burton leave and/or Jason/Sam begin again a I will no longer be with GH. I watch this show primarly for Elizabeth and Jason.
    The writers are wasting exceptional talent on the worst story lines I have ever seen. Alexis, Diane, LuLu please do something for these characters. The Alexis-Diane pairing is phenomenal. GH brought the character of Matt Hunter on board= please let’s do something with him.
    Seriously, Sonny has become the stupidest mob boss in history to fall for the nonsense that Claudia dishes out. Don’t get me started on Claudia–please put me out of my misery and get rid of her. I cannot take one more crying scene from her.

  39. Profile photo of cooper103189

    i would hate it if becky left. she is a great actress. i love jasam though so i’m glad they broke liz and jason up. but nevertheless becky has an enormous amount of talent. they need a new guy to just sweep her off her feet. or the writers need to really write a good l&l2 storyline cause this is simply not cutting it. becky and greg get along great off screen but for some reason on screen they never clicked the way jacob or jonathan did with becky. but greg and kemo def had good chemistry. and i think jason and sam have undeniably hott chemistry without even trying to do so. whenever they do scenes together they always deliever. anyway yeah so if becky goes, that will be a huge loss to GH and they can’t take that right now with the way ratings have been. i’m not sure yet of the whole liz / nik thing because lucky and nik are really close so that could get ugly. but i’m hearing lucky and ethan put aside their differences so if nik / liz do happen, lucky sure has another brother to go talk to. okay well that’s it. lol

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    Oh please don’t let Rebecca leave! Elizabeth is the only sane and non-slutty character on the show! Well, Robin isn’t slutty either, and both are veteran actresses. Rebecca and Steve are the only reasons I keep hanging onto GH and Liason. Please don’t let her go!

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    If Elizabeth does stay at gh I really do hope she goes with Lucky cuz I just dont see her with Nikolas. Nikolas belongs with Rebecca and I want my Liz and Lucky reunion and I hate that gh is pulling nik and rebecca apart and putting him with liz. That sucks. I will not be watching gh if that happens and Im hoping its just a tease to bring nikolas and rebecca back together

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    I am not surprised they can’t find a storyline for her because they don’t have a track record of giving viewers what they want to see….

    right now she is in a steamy storyline but how much longer will they write for her outside of baking brownies/bringing over casseroles…GH has will not write women driven storylines unless you are attached in a pairing

    they can’t seem to write a storyline to save their lives….

    Women aren’t written well outside of a couple go to Y/R or follow Rick Hearst to BB ‘Becky’

    where they will write well for ‘all their characters
    not just at the mercy of a lousy HW

    Run…..Becky ……Run…….>

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    When I started watching GH (late last year) I didn’t like “Liz.” She was such an annoying holier than thou biyotch. I only started liking her when I looked up old episodes on YouTube and her interaction with Nicholas on the show. I know that the “old” Lucky and Liz are a fave couple but their characters at the moment are not romantically exciting. I would like to see her with Nicholas but not this soon. I don’t want her to be another Emily replacement. The writers should “borrow” Aidan DeVane from AMC and bring him to Port Charles to meet his cousin, Robin Scorpio. He could work for Jax or be an addition to Sam and Spinelli’s detective agency. Maybe his character could hook up with Liz. They are both hot. Maybe their hook up will be sizzling :D

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    Rebecca Herbst is one of those multi talented actresses that can run rings around some of the actresses on the show.
    Rebecca Herbst is very well liked by her male co stars and has such class and beauty that is hard to find and she can act her butt off.
    Rebecca’s character Elizabeth is one that alot of women identify with.
    I hope she gets the lead actress status she deserves after being loyal to this show for 12 years.

  45. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I am not surprised they can’t find a storyline for her because they don’t have a track record of giving viewers what they want to see….

    right now she is in a steamy storyline w/Nik

    but how much longer will they write for her outside of baking brownies/bringing over casseroles…and being the bestest mom…that’s not bad but she can do more.

    GH will not write women driven story lines unless you are attached in a pairing

    they can’t seem to write a compelling storyline to save their lives….Women aren’t written well outside of a couple they aren’t successful on their own but should be if the writing team is ‘skilled’

    follow Rick Hearst to BB. I’m enjoying him there he is in top tier A story and the best news they write “for” him not “against” him….

    An equal playing field for ‘all’ their characters

    Run…..Becky ……Run…….>

    you are one of the few reasons I hang on

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    ITA she needs to go somewhere that will write “for” her she won’t get a fair shake here she’s not on the Pets Lists after all these years she has he banbase for a lead just the power/money/writing doesn’t market her for that without the money & power you get nowhere on ABC soaps.

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