First Impressions: Lynn Herring as Audrey on ATWT

Lynn Herring debuted on As the World Turns as Audrey at the end of Monday’s episode. What are your first impressions of her in this role?

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    I only saw the clip posted here and I have never watched ATWT before. But I will now remove Y&R from my DVR schedule and replace it with ATWT. Lynn Herring is one of a few actors who can make we switch like that. I love LH back on my screen and I am (almost) grateful she did not back to that horrible GH.

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    The gal’s still got IT. Lynn Herring and Trent Dawson though implausible as a mother and son combo due to their ages are and will be a great comic tandem.

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    you mean Lucy Coe right? well she was wonderful and I am excited that it will be one less time to hit the fast forward button!!!!! even if I have to call her something else!

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    J Bernard Jones

     I loved Ms. Herring on GH & Port Charles, but I don’t see "Lucy Coe," I see Audrey. I was delighted by the instant chemistry Herring shares with Trent Dawson, despite the seeming implausibility of their age difference. I’d like to show you some parents and children I know and dare you to determine who is the parent and who is the child: the term "good black don’t crack" wasn’t invented for nothing, and I’ve seen some "good white that wears right," too.  

    So, as far as they are concerned I can buy it with only one episode behind us.

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    Okay, I like Lynn Herring, she’s a beautiful woman and a talented actress. But this is a show that has multiple women that don’t have a storyline and haven’t for a while. Barbara, Susan, Lisa, Emma, Lucinda, and Kim don’t have storylines, and Emily barely does. When I saw Lynn today as Audrey I kept thinking “I’d rather see Babs or Lucinda.” I wasn’t overly impressed, plus I though Trent D. was way over the top (not blaming that on Lynn of course). I wish this show would use the vets it has instead of bringing in more PC rejects.

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    J Bernard Jones


    I have to kind of disagree with you there on a certain level. While the fantastic characters (and their equally fantastic performers) don’t have storylines of their own, the fact of the matter whether we like it or not is that they have been on backburner & supporting for a number of years now. I would love to see them moved front & center (especially Colleen Zenk Pinter’s Barbara), but I’m not exactly holding my breath.

    What I have been seeing (and will write about soon) is a distinct change of direction of the show, including increases of varying degrees of screen time for everyone you mentioned including the long neglected Lisa. Margo has been given a lift in the Riley/Adam imbroglio; Susan’s visibility has been raised via her proximity to the Hunter-is-a-Stewart storyline; Barbara has been seen more in the last couple of weeks in relation to Paul 7.0 than she has in weeks; Emma was back on screen to bless out Meg; and Kim has been onscreen more because of her connection to the Geneva Swift shananigans. In addition, the "What is Wrong with Bob?" story just kicked off, promising even more screen time for Kim and possibly Lisa.

    Plus, Lynn  Herring’s role is short term (extended through fall), so it’s not like ATWT fired any of these vets to bring her on the show. I share your desire to see even more of the beloved vets you mentioned on screen, but I don’t think Herring’s presence in a short term gig compounds any of your criticism.

    That is, unless, you would have preferred to see it revealed that Lisa really is Henry’s mother.
    (That’s a joke, not a spoiler.)

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    Herring mentioned in one of her recent interviews that she was interested in playing Jill if Jess Walton had not re-signed.

    I don’t see Lucy Coe. Let’s see what a couple of weeks’ performance generate.

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    J Bernard, I do recognize some changes ATWT has been making—more use of the vets (in supporting roles only however, with the exception of Ellen Dolan), more family interaction, and characters in multiple storylines and I applaud them for that. Apparently, Lynn has a big storyline ahead of her (won’t spoil it for anybody) and my question is, why not make Lucinda the center of this storyline instead? Was it really necessary to bring on Lynn when so many talented actresses are woefully underused? I don’t understand it. Just because Lynn is short term doesn’t justify it for me. And on the flip side, they bring Forbes March on as a unique character—the only other gay male besides Nuke—and are barely using him. I guess TPTB think all these new people will boost the ratings, but I highly doubt it.

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    I don’t watch ATWT, but saw the clip here and tuned in to ATWT today for a brief snippet. What I saw was Lucy Coe, albeit in a more sensible outfit than Lucy would wear. That is not to knock Lynn Herring. I’m glad to see her back on daytime. I just wish it was on GH. But let’s face it, the only way veteran soap actors are appreciated these days is by shows other than the ones where they became stars. :( It seems if I want to watch the old GH these days, all I have to do is turn to ATWT.

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    While the chemistry between Henry and Audrey was great…I agree with the poster that said, coudlnt some other story been created using one of the existing underused-hardly seen-nothing but a foil for other characters storylines. We see Lucinda when she is either running behind Lily or Luke or something for her grandchildren. Thats it.

    And I lihe the character of Henry – but why does his family have to have the crazy murderers (my sister is a slasher) and now I suspect his mother is a stealing, conniving grifter. Hello – havent I seen that story some where before? Like in Iris Dumbowski (Gwen’s mother)?

    As much as I use to like ATWT and it is painful to watch most days. It is like a wounded animal that needs to be shot and put out its misery. It should be going off the air and not GL.

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