David Andrew MacDonald Returns to Guiding Light

As I reported weeks ago, David Andrew Macdonald returns to Guiding Light! According to PGP Classic Soaps Blog, the dastardly prince returns August 7th.

Sources tell yours truly Edmund will be very in touch with his old evil ways and will make contact with his grandson. 

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    I have watched GL for 30 years. It is so sad that it took the soap opera getting cancelled to bring back the core of what made the show good. After Sept 18th I will have no reason to watch CBS. Shame on the network for cancelling one of the best soaps.

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    As much as I love Edmund, seeing him now is to little to late knowing the mess that his non-murder storyline turned into.

    Especially since I know some of the stuff coming down the pike. Especially knowing that Dinah is going to take the fall for this stupid storyline in what is likely some of the last times we will see the great GT as Dinah.

    EW is really using the build them up really big (give them a nice engagement, loving family & friends support, wedding) and then you know the the Dinah & Shayne fall is going to be horrible and they will send dinah out of town in shame. To make matters worse just as she is about to turn herself in, Mallet tells her to leave the country and helps her out of town.

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    The murder mystery had such promise – and turned into such dreck. If I see one more marathon of Mallet and Marina on screen, I am going to poke my eyes out.

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    The first day when Edmund’s body was found in the river was so good,it had all the key elements for a great storyline arc. But soon enough the show turned it into a big cartoon and it just continues to get worse, I’m doubting they even remember what the wrote 2 weeks ago and they sure don’t think we will remember.

    and the point of Marina planting drugs on the social worker was for WHAT?? why bother with that stuff if it wasn’t going to tie into anything.

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    I like DAM but I stopped caring about this story a long time ago. I have come to HATE murder mysteries on soaps, and what was the point of that one? I wish they’d never brought Edmund back this year, never created Lara and baby Henry. Now if they wanted they could bring Eddie back for something ‘fun’ not involving babies, murder mysteries or fake Edmund’s for the end. I have a feeling this return won’t be very good. And ITA Columbus, enough with Marina & Mallet already.

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    Maybe somebody in the know can answer this.

    Is next week the last we are ever going to see of dinah Marler on GL and GT. Or did the actress pretape stuff that will air down the road, which might wrap her storyline up a little nicer than what is said to happen next week?

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    The murder mystery story did start out very well and I agree it is now a mess. I suspect that the storyline had to be re-written after CBS cancelled the show to accommodate the wrap-up, which would explain the way it has unraveled after such a strong start.

    I am totally with you Madinmd, I’ve completely stopped watching the Crap Broadcasting System, except for GL. After September 18th I am done with CBS and daytime.

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    I’ve always hated Edmund so it saddens me that the whole town had to be involved in a story about his “murder”. DM is a fine actor but I can’t/couldn’t get past the crap story he had to do on AW right before it went off the air.

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    The Edmund / Faux Edmund Murder Mystery has indeed turned into an animated feature…I almost expect Scooby Doo to pull the mask off of Edmund’s face to reveal that Faux Edmund is ALIVE and the REAL Edmund actually DID DIE in the river !!!

    Time for a Scooby Snack indeed!!

    As for Marina and Mallet…Their continual fighting over “NO I am NOT a Murderer” versus “YES You ARE A Murderer” has shades of Itchy and Scratchy from The Simpsons written all over it.

    Yes, this has been one helluva Cartoon Caper…

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    I can hardly imagine how they are going to wrap up all these storylines in the next 7 weeks, especially knowing this Jeff/Edmund saga won’t really get going until the 2nd & 3rd weeks in August. I’m sure some fanbases will get happy endings, but those who are tied up in this Edmund stuff don’t seem to be heading in that direction and if they are it’s going to really late in the game.

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    Hi, chris345! :-)

    While Gina Tognoni’s last official day on set was June 26, she ‘did double duty’ pre-taping all of her scenes we are privy to now. While she most likely won’t be present during GL’s final day of shooting (Aug.14 ), we will see Dinah throughout the end of GL. (Yay!)

    According to the latest sow/sod spoilers and an interview with Jeff Branson found at a Kim Zimmer fan message board, Shayne & Dinah will have some bumps in the road, but there is no divorce. (Yay!)


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