Jaime Ray Newman on Eureka

Jaime Ray Newman (ex-Kristina, General Hospital) made her three episode Eureka debut on Friday in the episode titled "Insane In The P-Brane." She will also appear in the upcoming episodes "If You Build It" and "It’s Not Easy Being Green." In addition to her appearances on Eureka, Newman is set to star in ABC’s new series Eastwick. It’s premiere date wasn’t included among ABC’s Fall Premiere Dates

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    I will have to see if I can catch the episodes of Eureka. I enjoyed JRN as Kristina, and remember being sad to see the character killed off – even if the character’s death gave NLG/Alexis some of her best work ever, imo.

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    I LOVE Eureka. I have them on my DVR. When i first saw the episode, I thought she looked familiar than she made a face and I was like that’s Kristina!

    I still hate that Nathan “freaking fine sucka” Stark left the show.

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    Oh I saw him as Stan on True Blood. I had a hard time deciding what was sexier, Eric, Stan or seeing Bill last week singing while playing the piano.

    I also love seeing Ed Quinn in those Vodka commericals.

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