Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone Replaced As Red Carpet Hosts

Were you looking forward to watching Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone hosting TV Guide’s red carpet coverage? If so you’ll be disappointed. TV Guide Network is replacing Rinna and Fatone with Dancing With the Stars judge Carrie Anna Inaba and The Bachelor host Chris Harrison.

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    I wonder why? Are they trying to stop Lisa from talking about her Days, days? Or do they just want someone fresh? I hope they don’t try to add to many new faces by making primetime stars presenters more than daytime stars but so far i’m cautiously optimistic.

  2. Profile photo of goyankees

    Good Call. Lisa Rinna has become one of the most ANNOYING former celebs on the planet!!!!

    Will she stand on a street corner protesting this switch-a-roo?? That debacle with the Melrose Place 2.0 begging was so sad…..I had to just look away…..look away….

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    Lisa Rinna has become annoying, obnoxious and an embarassment to herself. I’m glad she was replaced–she handled herself very unprofessionally on the red carpet. I think she is also an attention hog–the playboy layout, her book, etc. Enough! Too bad, because during her first run on Days, she was a breath of fresh air and very appealing.She’s just trying too hard.

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    Lisa Rinna was too loud and obnoxious for words! Good riddance! And that idiot Joey Fat-one! Ugh! He was ignorant and just terrible!

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