OLTL’s Brett Claywell to Out.com: “My Intent was to Make Kyle the Homosexual Next Door”

Nelson Branco recently interviewed one of daytime’s most buzzed about pairings, One Life to Live‘s Kish, aka Brett Claywell (Kyle) and Scott Evans (Fish), for Out.com.  The candid guys talk about what it’s like being straight and from the South playing a gay character (Claywell), as opposed to being out in real life portraying a closeted gay man on TV (Evans). They also offer a sneak peek into what’s in store for the breakout couple. Here’s a few quotes from the interview:

Brett, you’re from Greensboro, North Carolina, which isn’t necessarily the most gay-friendly of states. I know that’s a generalization but –

BC: It is a generalization but it’s absolutely the truth. Like I said before, when I began this storyline, I had to go through all the emotions of this story including calling my father to let him know who and what I was playing on One Life. So in reality, it was like I was coming out to my parents. There have been a lot of real emotions that have tied my reality and [the show’s locale] Llanview together.

Hopefully, your casting and talent will help change people’s perceptions down south.

BC: That’s the entire purpose of this storyline. When I spoke to our executive producer, Frank Valentini, about this character, I said my intent was to make Kyle the homosexual next door — who doesn’t fit any stereotype, who just happens to have a different sexual preference. It’s ironic that Scott, who is out in real life, is playing the character in the closet and Brett, who is straight in real life, is playing the out-and-proud gay character –

I think it’s ironic but some of the dialogue and scenes I’m playing out have happened to real-life people I know, so it’s easy in a way. I’ve seen the struggle up close and personal.

BC: I think the fact that Scott is an out gay man makes the dynamic between us more effective because it’s almost like I’m putting myself in Scott’s shoes, so it allows us to understand each other better.

For the rest of the interview go here.


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    Brought up the point that black gays haven’t received similar reception in the gay media.

    Does anyone know if this is true? The only black non-hetero character of which I know were on Passions. Were the actors who portrayed Simone, Rae (who was Hispanic), Chad and Vincent ever interviewed by big gay media or blogs?

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    Brett and Scott were really charming! And I loved most the parts where Scott joked about their surnames and the part where Brett said that it wasn’t hard kiss Scott because in that moment he was Kyle and Kyle love Fish. Sooooooo sweet!!!

    Matilda I agree with you about the picture, they’re handsome! I think the picture is from their college flashbacks and by the way when we will get to see those damned college scenes?!

    I can’t wait to see them! :)

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