OLTL’s Fath Sounds Off on Morasco Fiasco: “It’s Been the Hardest Storyline of my Career”

One Life to Live’s Farah Fath (Gigi) goes on the record with TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco, admitting she hates the Morasco Fiasco storyline revolving around She-Who-Ate-Llanview-With-Brian Frons’-Blessing aka Stacy (Crystal Hunt), just as much as the rest of us. She also reveals how she read on a lil’ ol’ website named Daytime Confidential how liquid hot Gigi’s chemistry is with Schuyler (Scott Clifton)! Here’s a sneak peek:

TVG: Let’s talk about this Stacy mess/fiasco. How do you make a contrived storyline work when you don’t believe in the material?

FF: I haven’t gone on record yet to state how much I loathed that storyline.  This is not news to [head writer] Ron [Carlivati] and [executive producer] Frank [Valentini]. They saw right through me! They knew I was fed up. The most frustrating was that Rex and Gigi were so blatantly stupid. I knew the viewers would have the same reaction. I have enough experience to know what makes a good soap story, and this wasn’t it. You can’t piss off soap fans. Maybe for a few episodes, fine, but not for half of the entire year. There was nothing rootable about this storyline. It’s been the hardest storyline of my career. I did my best. Fans on the Internet could tell I was unhappy but I didn’t throw in the towel. That’s impossible, but there is only so much I can do. For the most part it was really hard. It got to the point when I got home I would just cry. I almost had a few nervous breakdowns! I couldn’t understand our characters’ motivation. It was great to have John-Paul there to be my rock and make me feel better because we were going through the same thing. “This too shall pass …,” he’d say to me. Rex took the most hits because of this story so I shouldn’t complain, really. It was sad because the 1968 storyline was our favourite story of our careers.

That Fath sure has good taste in soap opera websites!

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    I hate this storyline! I KNEW STACY WOULD GET PREGNANT!!!! I knew she would as soon as Rex kept quiet and didn’t tell Gigi that he slept with Stacy! That was so transparent!!!! UGH!

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    Wow. It’s so nice to know she feels the same way I do about this storyline disaster. Do you think that Crystal Hunt feels the same as FF, or takes it personally tht her character was/is so loathed? I always thought that there may have been a better way to play Stacy, maybe to act really wounded underneath rather than a cold, heartless, vapid witch.

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    First off, good looks Farah for giving DC a shout out. You could just tell JP and Farah HATED this storyline from jump. Though I wish they acted professional on screen and just gave it their all in the beginning, I think the fallout of Stacey being exposed and now pregnant has finally woken JP and Farah up. Add in Scott Clifton’s Schuyler and you have a making of a REAL triangle with Schuyler/Gigi/Rex. They need to kill off Stacey ASAP. Crystal Hunt like Jamey said is just in it for the paycheck and could care less about the story. As least Farah is passionate in what she does and cares about the fans. I blame Frons for this storyline because Ron and Frank really do care about the show and the fans. I am loving the show now and even this storyline since Stacey was exposed. But I am worried about stripper #2 coming to town but we’ll see how that plays out.

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    Jamey Giddens

     They need to kill off Stacey ASAP.
    Exactly. Let Stacy piss off a few more Llanviewers. Maybe have her do something to Todd or one if the Buchanan girls, so that when they kill her off, the whole town can be suspects.

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    I hope this doesn’t cause her trouble at work. At least, it might earn her brownie points with her fans.

    I wonder how man soap actors read DC or other sites. I imagine it must be difficult to read negative criticism, especially when there uncontrollable factors (poor scripts) that hurt.

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    Oh please. Stop complaining and start acting. I hate the story too. The writing is awful but it doesn’t help that the acting is even worse. Farah Fath, Crystal Hunt, Scott Clifton and JPL all suck.

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    You know, I don’t care what line of work you’re in. There’s going to be a time when you hate your job. But you do the job you’re paid to do and wait for it to get better. FF and especially JPL have been hot messes on that show for a while. They didn’t even try to sell this story (and yes, it wasn’t the best, but I’ve seen actors pull off far worse). I got a headache from watching JPL’s jerky movements the other day. Does Rex have Tourette’s? Anyway, neither of them are thespians so maybe they shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds them, but hey, it’s your right to complain. It would help if they weren’t on the show four or five days a week.

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    If Farah’s going on DC, can you imagine how many other soap actors visit the site or even listen to the podcast? That’s so cool! I think soap actors have the right to complain about how much their storylines suck but still need to keep it professional on screen. I know so many actors on soap who turn shit storylines into gold with their acting alone. I.E. TRICIA CAST!

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    If JP does have Tourettes — is there something wrong with that. As for the acting, I have seen Susan Flannery and Tony Geary fail to sell bad writing.

    BTW: EVERYONE in the soap industry — writers and producers especially, and of course actors — read DC.com!

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    With the rumor of OLTL not having much time left, I don’t blame the actors for being honest because they don’t know if their show going to be the next on the chopping block. Nelson B, DC and others have say that the networks want out of the soap business and the actors are very worried about the next few years.

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    I agree elvara! Stop complaining and act. Which I have to say she has been doing, but she needs to tell her man to stop w/the bad acting, b/c he’s better than that.

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    Crystal Hunt knows better. This girl went head to head with Crystal Chappel, Grant Aleksander, Beth Chamberlain and Mary Dusay on GL and held her own. You mean to tell me she couldn’t sell this story with JP and FF? I ain’t buying it. Crystal phoned in her performance from jump and couldn’t give two flips about the storyline good or bad. FF doesn’t even mention Crystal in her interview with Nelson nor has JP in his interviews.

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    I thought her introduction was good, but I do agree w/the masses that it was bad during the whole Rex & Stacy stuff, but for me that stopped when she b/c psycho after Rex rejected her.

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    If JP does have Tourettes — is there something wrong with that.


    No, Nelson, there’s nothing wrong with that—I have a son with a serious disability. I was asking a legitimate question since I am a new viewer to the show. BTW, I asked if REX had Tourette’s not JPL.

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    Will Nelson have any interviews with GL actors now that they’re done soon? I’d look forward to them. I enjoy his interviews. This one was great, though I could have done without the Peapack comment.
    This storyline has been terrible though it could have worked as shorter with an older set. None of the actors have been very good, and Farah was better not that long ago and Crystal *who apparently does not exist* Hunt wasn’t too bad on GL.

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    Thanks for this great interview! As always, it was fun and informative.

    Scary to think that industry folks read this site. They seem to ignore the fan responses and advice so easily.

    Makes one wonder if someone posting here isn’t really a certain soap star or producer!

    Could Ellen Wheeler be online posting now?

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    I am so glad you posted this. First, congrat DC for such an awesome mention.

    Second, while I am normally a fan of NB’s interview style, I really didnt care much for this piece. I couldnt disagree more with this line “John-Paul and you helped make the storyline more tolerable”. Yes, the story is a dog, but I am with those of you that feel the acting has been horrible. I guess my biggest problem here is that I always thought JPL was pretty talented based on his scenes with MA, RSW, CaHi and others over the years. Then Rex met Gigi and yes, it seems like he developed Tourettes. FF does a great job with the lighter, more comedic material, but the heavy drama stuff seems ridiculously forced – so much so sometimes I find myself actually chuckling when I should be moved.

    The other line I had a problem with was the stuff about the 68 story being more realistic. That story was another DOG. Laughable and 68 coupled with mendorra seemed for months to drain all the momentum the show had been building prior. I def. think the show is back on track, but for a few months there, at least for me, it was borderline unwatchable. Maybe thats my Rigi problem – I didnt mind the A/Rex/Gigi stuff but everything else has been kind of lousy on an otherwise wonderful canvas.

    The other thing I really did wonder about was the lack of mentions about Hunt? I never have been a GL viewer, so I dont know much about what she is like (from interviews, back stage gossip, fan events etc.) Is she not very nice? Because if she isnt, then I get it. Otherwise, its kind of a huge snub. The character may be a nasty piece of work, but to not mention the actress? If this story isnt very fun for FF and JPL i cant imagine what its like for Hunt to play that role and be almost universally reviled.

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    Oh I just saw the posts about Tourettes. Agreeing with that wasnt meant to trash anyone and I apologize if saying that offended anyone. What I meant by that, and what I thought the OP meant by it was that suddenly Rex has all the strange ticks and mannerisms and head shakes that I have never seen him do before. Yesterdays show was a great example. Stacy tells Rigi she is preggers and Rex is standing there wiggling back and forth like a kid that needs to go potty. I just dont get it. I miss the Rex we saw in the scenes with Bo by the car. It just seems like JPL gets in scenes with FF and CH and this whole other actor comes out.

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    Is a hated storyline good for publicity? If fans hate one storyline but love the rest, is that good because fans get heated up and hate a character?

    Now here’s the delicate question about the storyline. How do the other OLTL actors feel about Ms. Hunt. Do they feel bad for her being stuck with such poor writing or do they question her acting abilities for not being able to pull off the storyline?

    Personally, I don’t care either way about Ms. Hunt’s performance. She’s obviously talented from her past success at GL.

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    I enjoyed the interview, however, have enjoyed nothing about the story –from the performances of the actors to the plot. The fact that these character are on almost everyday when great talents like Slezak and Strasser languish is insulting.

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    I think there is a difference in daytime celebrities voicing opinions now as opposed to twenty years ago when soaps were still a stable form of entertainment. Actors went to work, played the role, very few spoke out about storylines as they have in the last 10 years. However, the writing was palatable, and executives were wise to change things. You also could be easily replaced. Nowadays, we the semblence of a faithful audience are subject to trite, contrived plotlines like the Gigi/Rex/Stacy struggle. I feel many of these flat beat tales are what leant themselves to the ruining of GUIDING LIGHT. They also seem to be epidemic on ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE, GENERAL MAFIA er HOSPITAL, BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, and AS THE WORLD TURNS. Blonde bimbos, mafia, forced homosexuality (excluding GL’s Otalia and Y&R’s Rafe/Adam) just don’t have the same appeal unless you are watching the Sopranos. Soaps need to take whatever they can get that’s working and go with it, not hinder it. Hell, I’m a writer – OLTL please hire me, I have a respect for my show’s history…and nowadays after the “Banner Year” of ’08 attracted me back to the show I stopped watching, I may stop soon if I keep getting all these newbies flung onto the canvas.

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    One thing that Fath mentions in the interview was that she was disappointed that Adrianna wasn’t recast when Melissa Gallo quit because continuing the Adrianna/Rex/Gigi love triangle would be more organic.

    I interpreted Fath’s comments on two levels:

    1) She believed in the initial triangle.

    2) She might not actually like Hunt.


    Finally, I agree that Adrianna should have been recast. Given the hell that Rex and Adrianna went through to be together, I was disappointed when Rex dumped Adrianna for Gigi.

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    I’d encourage Farah and JPL to watch Tricia Cast on Y&R or Crystal Chappell on GL.

    Everyone’s going to get storylines they hate eventually but the audience should never see an actor’s displeasure…

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    I really want an interview with CH now. I kinda feel bad for the girl. I was happy when her Lizzie on GL was recasted just because she was never really “Lizzie” to me, but there was nothing wrong with her acting.

    I wonder if JPL and FF being a real life couple has anything to do with it? They have both expressed their discontent with the story and quite frankly by not naming names, they seem to be blaming CH which I don’t think is fair.

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    I don’t get the whole “HARDEST STORYLINE OF MY CAREER… ” thing. This is Fath’s 2nd role and JPL’s only role. The phrase makes it sound like they are both lifelong veteran actors of the industry. A little hyperbolic

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    I am glad to read Farah’s take on this much reviled storyline. I love her and JP, and I think they deserved much better than this mess.

    That being said, Ms. Hunt has been much better this past week. I think I am actually starting to feel for Stacy. She can redeemed, but they have to move past this “Rex is the only one for me” crap.

    I cannot wait for KISH to get cooking, it sounds like OLTL knows they have a lot of people on pins and needles.

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    I don’t get the whole “HARDEST STORYLINE OF MY CAREER… ” thing. This is Fath’s 2nd role and JPL’s only role. The phrase makes it sound like they are both lifelong veteran actors of the industry. A little hyperbolic

    FF was on Days of Our Lives for a several years. She had some storylines on there that weren’t that good too but none I can recall as bad as this one.

    I think she’s been acting on soaps since she was in high school so for her age and how long she’s been at it, I would say it is similar to being a veteran in the industry.

    JPL’s career is acting regardless of his skills or length of time.

    I don’t think it’s hyperbolic for either to state it if it’s the truth, even if their careers in acting are short in comparison to people 2 or 3 times their ages. Maybe because it’s not a more challenging storyline, like say a rape or dead baby storyline, that it’s not being taken as seriously that they consider it challenging but this disaster has been hogging up the screen for months with no end in sight. Not only is it the hardest of their career, it seems to be the hardest to deal with for a large number of viewers too.

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    I never hated Stacy the way most do, but I’ve found her more enjoyable now that she’s more openly psycho. That being said, Crystal Hunt is pissing me off! If she wants to quit acting, she should do it. Don’t collect a paycheck everyday and act bored. This isn’t a Bonnie Dennison situation where, to quote Jamey “that baby don’t know where she is!”. She can act.She, for whatever reason, has just chosen not to. If this girl was a hair model, I would just laugh at the “performance”, but she’s not, she’s being a defeatist, and that’s so much worse.

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    Kudos for the DC shout out. I hope the actors and others associated w/ daytime read this site. lol We are the fans who are watching soaps. As for FF, even if she didn’t like the s/l, why didn’t she give it her all? She’s being paid to act. I can see her heart not being in the s/l and if the writings bad, a good actor can make something out of nothing. Just saying. Love FF. Don’t get me wrong. As for JLP, all that jittering and stuff, maybe he’s hyped up on coffee to be awake in his scenes w/ Stacy. lol I don’t think JLP or FF care for Miss Hunt. Never hear them mention her. Meow. http:tvtimepodcast.com.

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    Well Joss…I have to say until Bianca Montgomery came out on ALL MY CHILDREN, I was never felt too connected to the homosexual characters that “come out” on daytime. My grievance goes back as far as OLTL when they decided to make a a friend of Joey Buchanan’s and not Joey Buchanan himself gay; not to mention making Clint Buchanan a homophobe. If only Joey B had been gay and Asa the homophobe, we could have seen a dynamic unparralleled since Blake and Steven Carrington from season one of DYNASTY. Anyways…a majority of the gay characters on soaps, excluding GL’s “Otalia” because that did happen organic and yeah Luke Snyder (sorry I meant him, not Adam Neuman) are hardly ever established core characters. OLTL had such a knack last year for bringing back the past and playing it into the current story…now we are taking these characters like Fish and the other guy and putting them together…well that’s nice and all…but do any of them aside from being introduced in the last two years have any connection at all to the deeper history of OLTL? Like, could one of them be CJ Roberts? CJ as a gay grifter would totally make him his mother’s son…and give Andrea Evans some good work to play, and maybe bring back the uber-macho John Loprieno back as Cord, the voice of reason. Speaking of voice, this also brings me back to defending Patricia Maucereri…hey if she takes issue with her character’s stance on homosexuality in a way that some of us strong disagree with but there are some that do agree, instead of firing the actress, the writers should put it in there…it’s real, and it add conflict, and it’s how Agnes Nixon envisioned her shows – to have different points of view and let the viewer thing for themself where they stand in the storyline.

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    I love Farah’s honesty about that story. It’s really great when actors tell the truth, when they don’t like something.
    Specially with this story line, I think the fans can really use the feedback from an actor.

    And as for Stacy: Kill her off, please!!! Tell a big murder mystery. There are definitely enough suspects. I don’t want them to even try to redeem her. Not with Crystal Hunt’s way of acting. Sorry, but you can’t say so many nice things about that either. The role and the portrayal are pissing me off.

  32. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Llanview76 I dont know that I 100% agree with you, but ICAM with the idea that Kyle Lewis should have been CJ. It was a cop out to make him Rebecca’s brother, esp. since they frickin killed her off (and Rebecca wasnt even necessary to the storyline. She just as easily could have been a random doctor snowed by Powell to open the door and Powell could have overheard an argument between Roxy and Kyle on the Hope DNA thing Heck they could have even shown that Powell figured his own way out. I dont know if this makes sense, but I am trying to say that Powell had to be Powell for the story to work but Rebecca could have been anyone in terms of the function she played in the script.)

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    It’s not fair to tell her to “Stop complaining and act.”

    She was silent about this storyline until she was asked. What is she supposed to say? That she loved it? The response was solicited, and if the response so happens to be a complaint, then she cannot be faulted for that.

    ANYWAY, I’m more disturbed that she thought the 1968 storyline was “good.” What the hell?

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    Well, it’s good to know that FF and JPL feel the way the fans do, AND it’s sort of clear from her interview that this crappy storyline wasn’t necessarily RC and FV’s doing, but TPTB above them. That was a relief. However, I’ve got to agree with everyone else who basically said that they need to turn this crap into gold. So many actors have had to do it– they’re going to have to do it, too.

    I was very hard on FF in the beginning of this s/l when SHE was the one doing the weird ticks and faces. But I think I’ve seen some improvement which is great. Unfortunately, the ticks have been transferred to JPL which is not good. Anyway, I’m rooting for Gigi and Sky now, because for me, Rigi has been ruined.

    And NO, for God’s sake, NO murder mystery! I don’t want to see another murdery mystery that will inevitably be solved by John McBain. Please, just let that crazy heifer Stacy just lose her mind and take a header off The Palace roof (and die!). No murder mystery necessary.

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    I say bravo to Farah for speaking her mind on this storyline, and doing it in a way that doesn’t assign blame, and is considerate of the fact that the buck doesn’t always stop with the HW and EP. Some actors (male and female) love to point blame and name names, practically make a second career out of it, so I think for such a young person, she has a decent head on her shoulders.

    As to whether it’s a career? She’s been on soaps for a decade with little time in between gigs. I think that is long enough to develop some opinions on the industry, and certainly long enough to consider it a career.

  36. Profile photo of keanna

    I agree on all points FF was asked the question that we all wanted to ask and she answered honestly. Though I do think you should keep working hard and giving it your all even if you don’t like the storyline, just ask the people at AMC, lol.. But kudos to you, Nelson. It’s also great to see the actors themselves read DC’s and Nelson’s sites. I knew this was a storyline that the TPTB created themselves. I agree if they wanted a triangle or (quad w/ Schuyler) in the mix. They should have recast Adriana when MG left plain and simple.

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    Obviously, the storyline is horrible, but farah was very unprofessional in giving that interview. she is paid to do a job, the best she can. She happens to suck as an actress. she was awful on Days and is awful on OLTL. I’ve never cared for JPL or Crystal Hunt either. There are a lot of struggling yet talented actors out there–i don’t understand why some of them aren’t cast in some of these parts.

  38. Profile photo of jsg03jd

    I’m glad Fath, whom I’ve watched since she was on DAYS, expressed herself candidly about this Stacy storyline because that character is one of the most despicable characters ever written in daytime, and it seems that the actors didn’t get the support needed from higher brass at ABC, not OLTL.

    I see no issues with Fath speaking openly of her hatred of this storyline. I know I hate it and many others do as well. Fath’s interview is no different from Chris Engen or Patricia Mauceri speaking up about their “issues” with their (former) characters on Y&R and OLTL, respectively.

    I just hope there’s no backlash against Fath for being honest, but I guess there’s already some based on the comments here that I quickly glanced.

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    Ha! She said she’s had experience with good soap storytelling and then she said the 1968 story was her favorite. So, what gives? FF not a fan of good soap storytelling?

    It’s drama. Gigi’s sister is psycho and she schemed her way in between Rex and her sister’s great love. It’s hardly the worst character Crystal Hunt has played. Lizzie tried to kill a pregnant Olivia on Guiding Light. Uh, I wonder if Crystal Chappell had sleepless nights thinking about that story. I wonder if she slept with the lights on until her baby was born. Chill FF.

  40. Profile photo of Jiggy2

    You go girl!! I love Farah even more after this candid interview.

    Why do some of you read into more than what was said. Farah never said anything bad about CH. She wasn’t asked about her, so why mention her. She hates the storyline people, the STORYLINE.

    Learn to read people. Farah never said she phoned in scenes. She said it was the hardest storyline because it was difficult to understand her character’s motivation. Despite it all, she did not throw in the towel and delivered the best she could. I thought sh was great throughout. I give her kudos because I would have been a DIVA and raised hell!!

    I laugh at the majority of these comments because while many are quick to judge and criticize Farah for talking openly about the “strippers” they laugh about the Brett Claywell and Scott evans interview who said “we don’t need any more strippers on our show!”

    Bring on the Rex/Gigi/Schuyler triangle.

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    Jack661…I think I love you, I really do. I too, though appreciating the effort of a tip of the cowboy hat to OLTL’s history, was sort of rubbed the wrong way by the 1968 storyline. It started out well enough with the 1968 OLTL opening on the Buchanan TV…but then the goofs came a floodin’…for starters OLTL was in black and white when it premiered…the scene on the Buchanan’s TV was 1985 flashback between Viki and Victor…Olympia was present and more of a parody than the grande elegant foreign woman she was written as back in ’80/’81. I agree with everything you said about her backstory…she was banished up until fate stepped in reunited her with Bo during his trip to Paris. Lucinda Schenck should have been there, as should have Mimi. Wouldn’t it be nice if Mimi King could be worked into the current storyline and possibly be the mother of Gigi and Stacy? I think that, given the wonderful chemistry actress Kristen Meadows had with Robert S. Woods would sort of revitalize the Bo character. These days, Robert S. Woods looks too stoic, as opposed to the charmer he once was…but then my dad is the same way :)

  42. Profile photo of maxsmom

    josstheguy, thank you.
    The Rex/Adriana pairing was the kind of love story that made me love soaps in the first place. the bad boy who discovers he’s not so bad once he has the love of a good woman, a couple who overcomes obstacles, Dorian to come together against the odds. I thought the fact that he realized he loved Gigi was ridiculous but no complaints from JPL then.

    It would have been more organic for Shane to get sick and Gigi have to tell Rex that Shane was his son. While bonding with them during treatment and recovery he falls for Gigi and has to make a choice. As a former teen mom, I can understand Gigi holding a torch, she had a daily reminder of Rex but after Jen, Lindsey, and most importantly Adriana, the plotline made no sense for Rex.

  43. Profile photo of Jack661

    Just had to comment on the 1968 storyline: This may have been a fun performance for the actors, but it was hard to watch this storyline because of all the huge liberties that Ron C. took with history just for this gimmick. There’s a way to do these things without it being such a jolt to long-time viewers (uh, the Luke/Holly/Ethan debacle!) … everything was so wrong about the 1968 story: Olympia and Clint should never have even been there. Olympia was banished by Asa in 1956 and Clint and Bo thought she was dead until the early 1980’s. Clint was long-gone before 1968… he left not too long after his mother “died”… Cord’s birth was way established in the vicinity of 1960. So having all those characters involved in 1968 was a jolt and a complete rewrite of history just for the gimmick of having the current characters play some of those roles. It would have been better to have characters like Mimi and her mother Lucinda there, who WERE around the Buchanans while Bo was growing up. Also, Chuck Wilson was a bachelor with no children, so what’s the purpose of changing all that when it was just for a brief gimmick. The same thing with the nurse Janet/Lee Halpern story… another gimmick they didn’t think through. Why make her Lee Halpern when it added nothing to the story, changed history we SAW onscreen and they weren’t prepared to deal with the story about Lee, namely her daughter Mari Lynn. It was just a gimmick to throw in just because the actress played Lee 20 years ago. Ron has shown he can be such a good writer that I wish he’d honor established history more than resorting to the gimmicks.

  44. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Yay for my girl Farah! I love the fact that she’s finally able to share her opinon. Thanks so much for interviewing her, Nielson. Everything she says about the storyline makes absolute sense to me. I’m glad she reads DC. I feel bad that she almost had breakdowns!
    I don’t think I’m going to like this next week too much, no matter how much I don’t like Stacey I really don’t want another miscarriage storyline, please!

  45. Profile photo of txriotgrrl

    you folks aren’t focusing on what i thought was the best part of the interview: the news that stacy will miscarry her ill-gotten pregnancy. that means that the writers no longer have an excuse to write stacy into rex and gigi’s storyline, freeing stacy up to be the victim of my FF button when her story with the other stripper starts.

    i am looking forward to the triangle. as i said before, i love rex and gigi but fara and and scott have great chemistry. this should be fun to watch. =)

  46. Profile photo of miss_c

    Well, I’m a Farah Fath fan, so I’m happy she spoke out on the ridonkulousness of this dunmb-ass story line. I’m excited to see what happens with her and Schuyler. I’m also happy she realizes that Gigi isn’t the only one at fault for Rex not keeping it in his pants with the psycho stripper. And …

    “you folks aren’t focusing on what i thought was the best part of the interview: the news that stacy will miscarry her ill-gotten pregnancy.”

    That was the part that made me smile the most :bigsmile:

  47. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    Let me add that I just don’t find Rex and Gigi to be anything special. This story is not that frustrating to me, partly because the couple doesn’t resinate for me all that much. It’s really more of a nusence. I rather see Rex be buds with Bo. I rather see Gigi in scenes with others. I’m not saying I’m against the couple.

    Stacy is just another in a long line of characters throughout the years. How many Stacy’s did Josh and Reva go through? Of course, FF may be taking KZ lead with the whining. KZ whined and GL viewers got stuck with Reva and St. Rapist. I guess OLTL can be stuck with a so-so couple. Maybe they’ll get cancelled in two years.

  48. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    Well I have hated the Morasco Fiasco since the moment GiGi and that annoying brat of hers showed up on OLTL.
    If Stacy has to die lets all hope for a murder suicide…Stacy kills GiGi and then offs herself.

  49. Profile photo of Islandof1

    Stacy reminds me of Sami wanting Austin on DOOL. The only difference is that Stacy is not part of one of OLTL’s core family. Farah was Belle’s sidekick on Days until Mini came between Shawn & Belle. Then again they made Shelle so stupid and dumb that Days had to write them out. Having seen that happen before, I do not blame Farah and John Paul worrying about that happening to them on OLTL.

  50. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    In which case, she should keep it real. Say it’s the hardest story, because it threatens your best chance at a job for many years to come.

    And Sami was absolutely horrible back in the day. Here’s a thought. Todd is found out to of raped another woman in Michigan and Stacy is his daughter. Whala! (I feel like I’m really causing trouble now.)

  51. Profile photo of asteihr

    I think she has every right to voice her opinion, whats the big deal. At least she has the guts to say it out loud. I think shes a good actress, and yes there have been parts that werent that great and you could tell she didnt care for it, but she worked it out. People get emotional about things, and this storyline is just ridiculous. It doesnt even make sense. They havent even comme to terms with the fact that Stacy must be literally insane to go this far for someone that LOOKED at her once in High School. It dumb and Farah has a right to say its dumb.

  52. Profile photo of Luke

    Can’t say I blame her for feeling this way. This has been the hardest storyline for me to stomach. And while I agree an actor should never dial it in, I don’t see how anyone can lose motivation when you are told to just do something with no real rhyme or reason for doing it.

  53. Profile photo of gigirex4eva

    A whole lot of crazy talk on here!! Love you Farah and glad you spoke out about your feelings on the whole Morasco Fiasco storyline. I feel terrible that Farah was almost having nervous breakdowns over this storyline. I Love farah and I think she is a great actress and I think she gets better and better. I like the storyline and I got about five other women from work to watch the show because of the storyline! Also Just wondering why everyone thinks Farah and JP dislike Crystal?? They never said any such thing? The reporter never asked about her or their feelings about her? so why bring that crazy talk on here. If Farah, JP, and Austin weren’t on OLTL I wouldn’t be watching! I love the Balsco family and if they leave town so am I :) Also Farah has been acting since she is fifteen which equals a little more than seven years on Days and almost her two year anniversary on OLTL. total of ten years in the acting world, I think she can say weather or not this has been hard for her! I also think she is a fantastic speaker and has great poise! (go pageant girls!) keep up the great work!

  54. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I thin a lot of people Farah and J.P dislike Chrystal *because* they never say anything about her. That’s my opinion. But then, I’ve been known to be wrong *a lot.*

  55. Profile photo of josser


    I agree with many of your points but I’m unclear about what you mean when you write “forced homosexuality.”

    I think most gay stories, like ATWT’s Luke and Noah, OLTL’s Kyle and Fish, Passions Simone and Rae, and GL’s Natalia and Olivia have been organic.

    The only pairing that seems off kilter and was deliberately so was Adam and Rafe. Adam is a straight man who is a psychopath who will do anything for revenge including driving a woman insane and sleeping with a man to manipulate him.

  56. Profile photo of Jiggy2

    “I don’t get the whole “HARDEST STORYLINE OF MY CAREER… ” thing. This is Fath’s 2nd role and JPL’s only role. The phrase makes it sound like they are both lifelong veteran actors of the industry. A little hyperbolic.”


    From what I took from the interview she meant it was emotionally draining to play her character which was no longer being written in character. In other words, Gigi was written as a wimp who let stacy run all over her. This was not the feisty Gigi the fans loved. Gigi would have confided in Rex and they would of devised a plan. Instead the actress had to portray this stupid character who sat back and let her crazy sister steal her man and turn her son against her.

    In my opinion this is also what she means when she stated, “Schyler/SC is her saving grace of the storyline” because with his entrance into this storyline Gigi became the character of old and she began investigating and fighting back.

    That is my 2 cents for what it is worth.

  57. Profile photo of asteihr

    I agree, with her and you. Its a ridiculous storyline, and it must be hard to act act out because the motivation behind Stacys character is ludicrous, and Gigi was never written as a wimp before, but they had to write her that way to play the storyline out for so long. Just because shes paid to do this job, doesnt mean she cant be human, and have feelings about it, jeez!

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