Wishful Storytelling: JT Turns Out to be Nina’s Long Lost Son on Y&R

Out of the tweets of fans. Who says Twitter is just a mindless waste of time created to suck the remaining milliseconds of creative time from our days? DC reader Ynroltljunkie tweeted me the most amazing storyline suggestion for The Young and the Restless. He wants reformed bad boy-turned-Mister Mom JT Helstrom (Thad Lunckinbill) to turn out to be the baby evil madam/black market baby broker Rose DeVille (the late Darlene Conley) stole from a teenaged Nina Webster (Tricia Cast)!  Ynroltljunkie I bow to the master, your suggestion is ingenious! Now let’s see if I can flesh this puppy out a bit!

 Once upon a time, JT was an amazing character, then he was watered down by his marriage to Victoria (Amelia Heinle). This character deserves to be driving a storyline again. Learning his parents purchased him on the black market could be just the trick to make JT as viable as Billy (Billy Miller), Daniel (Michael Graziadei) or Kevin (Greg Rikaart) again.

Y&R retconned JT’s original backstory a few years back to make him look like some poor house husband married to the Newman heiress, but originally JT was written as coming from a wealthy family himself. He wasn’t on scholarship at Walnut Academy like Raul (David Lago) for crying out in Clearasil Springs! 

Y&R could finally bring on JT’s parents for the reveal that Mr. Helstrom bought him from Rose. The short term roles could be juicy, fun gigs for the right 50-something actors. I vote for Lane Davies (ex-Mason, Santa Barbara) as JT’s dad, a white collar criminal whose been serving time in a Federal prison for running a crooked hedge fund, and Robin Mattson (ex-Gina, SB) as his booze hound mother, who sets her sights on Victor!

Just think of all the great flashbacks featuring Cast and the fabulous Conley Y&R could show! What’s one more Bold and Beautiful actor among family soaps? Maybe Guiding Light‘s Kim Zimmer could come on as the late Rose’s daughter, Blondie, who took over the business of running hookers and selling babies when her mama went home to meet her maker. What if Blondie is the only thing standing between Nina and the truth? Tricia Cast going head to head with Zimmer? Fuggedaboudit!

 Cast is fast becoming the heart, soul and voice of reason for Genoa City, so giving her another son would be a smart, smart move. How would Victoria react to learning her onetime rival for the affections of the late Ryan McNeil (Scott Reeves) and later Cole Howard (J. Eddie Peck) was her mother-in-law? I’m all for anything that gives the talented Luckinbill something more to do than powder Reed’s bottom or walking Zapato! Now it’s your turn. In the comments tell us your dream storyline for JT!

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    OMG…I totally wrote a fan fic outline on this very idea on Sunday!!!

    Victoria will go INSANE if her mother-in-law is Nina..I love it!!! Ha, I’d also love it if JT ditched Vicki for Nina, just like Ryan and Cole. :-D

    I believe Mr. and Mrs. Hellstrom appeared briefly a few years back. They could bring those actors back.

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    Great s/l, but tiic won’t write it. I do agree that they better use Thad or just drop him. amelia needs to go. Sorry, but she is not Victoria Newman. Recast Stat. Sarah Brown would be great as VN if she wasn’t on GH being in a bad s/l and character.

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    I actually liked it when JT was first paired with Victoria. JT was stuck in the teen storylines for so many years, so it was nice that he graduated to adulthood.

    And I actually really like Amelia as Victoria.

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    Jamey, we don’t always agree on everything, but you can come up with great s/ls to save this dying industry and I and many fans of this site love that idea. Ynroltljunkie, that is a great idea and I have to give that person props too. I feel that the show has to go back to the drawing board and start over and this would be the one to do it with.

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    BTW, just how old is Nina supposed to be? Y&R keeps saying that she and Phillip were teenagers when Phillip left 20 years ago. That makes them no older than 39/40.

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    I would like this story much better than a Jolleen redux(sorry Nicki). It would be a good way to keep Cast in the cast. Jt was never smart enough to be a scholarship kid.

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    Jamey — I so would want to see that story line — way back before Nina left she was writing a book about the girl having her child stolen about the same time JT/Billy/Mac were running around as teenagers and I had hoped they would turn it into a story of her finding out JT was her son…

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    Tricia Cast was born in 1966, but Nina was a teen runaway when she debuted in 1986.

    They are moving JT in the right direction by having him leave his job at Newman. I always preferred him as the male Lynne Bassett.

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    They could even say that the Hellstroms used a falsified birth certificate to make JT appear younger than he is, since he’s supposed to be older than Phillip, and Phillip is older than him and Billy.

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    You don’t have to worry about a Jolleen redux, Tammin is Audi 500!

    I don’t know about that, you know that those people at DC are a bunch of liars. :p ;)

    Colleen and JT should get back together but only if Fonseca or Leon is in the role.

    Fonseca yes, Leon no. I like to think that there is more to JT than his relationship with Colleen. You’d think that Billy would be pissed that his frenemy devirginized and knocked up his “true love”.

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    Recast Victoria with Gina Tognoni or bring Heather Tom back, please!

    If Collleen is dying, then good riddance. She hasn’t been Colleen in quite some time thanks to the writing and Tammin Suresucks.

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    Jamey, thank you very much for the great write up and compliment. I kept watching Nina and JT scenes the past few weeks and said to myself “wait a minute, wouldn’t it be awesome if JT were revealed to be Nina’s long lost son who was stolen?” The resemblance between Thad Luckinbill and Tricia Cast is uncanny. Also, this would be just the story to kick this show in the ass because right now the show is stinking to high heaven. It saddens me to say that because the past 9 months this show was must see TV but now OLTL has taken over that distinction. I can just see the reaction on Victoria’s snotty grill if she found out her mother-in-law is her one time rival Nina. Hopefully if Y&R ever plays this soryline the REAL Victoria Newman, Heather Tom, is back in the role. LOL. I hope Auntie Riri and Uncle Hogan is reading this because this is the storyline that longtime Y&R fans have been waiting nearly 25 years to see and Tricia Cast and Thad Luckinbill would kick ass.

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    “…this is the storyline that longtime Y&R fans have been waiting nearly 25 years to see and Tricia Cast and Thad Luckinbill would kick ass.”

    Please don’t say that! I was born in 1986 just like Nina’s kid…make me feel old, why don’tcha!! ;-)

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    Jamey and ynroltljunkie2009, this is awesome. I love this idea and anything to get JT off the backburner and Tricia Cast more story would be amazing. Jamey, you really need to be hired somewhere. To me, Y&R isn’t as terrible as it could be so I vote to add you to the GH writing team first!

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    Scott Novick

    It could work as long as you’re not a stickler for timelines, since making JT into Chance’s older brother means he’s not Billy’s contemporary anymore (like JT was back when he came on in 99). We saw the couple that bought Nina’s baby on screen and they may have been given names, but they could easily say the names were phony; after all, who wants to buy a black market baby using their real names?

    Despite how they make it seem since JT married Victoria, his parents would have to be wealthy to afford Rose’s black market baby service. Maybe they could even work that into the story: JT was bought by a rich family who wanted him as a status symbol and not because they loved him, so they shorted him on any family bonding. Then JT got sick and tired of being ignored, so his parents decided to cut the ingrate off when he turned 21, hence his need to pinch pennies working for Paul until he married Victoria.

    I guess it all comes down to whether they want to play the age game. LML took all kinds of flack when they brought on Cane and said he was much younger than Phillip III should have been, but then you have someone like Nick (who from the time Joshua Morrow came on has always been older than Phillip 4 aka Chance), so it could go either way.

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    Scott, the timelines have been thrown out the window. LOL! Every time someone mentions that Philip played dead for 20 years I’m reminded of the fact that some of the characters weren’t even born yet but the actors playing them are pushing 30. It looks like Billy, Mac and Chloe are supposed to be older than Chance. At least, that’s what it looks like to me.

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    Gina Tognoni as Vicki could go head to head with Nina! Likes someone said, I never thought about Christie Clark as Victoria. Seems pretty good, I wonder how it would work out.

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    I’d love for JT to be Nina’s kid. But there something else I also would love to see. What is Nina’s mother is the daughter Kay gave up? This would make Nina Kay’s granddaughter. Can you just see Jill’s reaction?

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    LOL Shane! Oh my God, I remember Flo Webster..she was a hoot! If she were Kay’s daughter….imagine the hilarity!

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    Love that s/l idea Jamey and ynroltljunkie2009. I can’t top that! lol I’d prefer JT to go undercover as a male stripper. LOL With Victoria having mood swings, I’d like her to perish in a car wreck for a few months and come back recast. JT could be a single father and then have to fight for Victoria (who is stripping like Nikki)and taking up with Cash’s bastard son, Dollar. lol

    http:tvtimepodcast.com. tim

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    Eh….this is soapland, who cares about timelines? I’ve been thinking about how convoluted the timelines are with Billy being born 4 years after Phillip supposedly “died,” making him about 5 years younger than Chance…Of course, if you start really thinking about timelines and SORASing, you’ll have a hard time with all the characters, since Nick was born in 1988 (the same year as Chance), Victoria was born in 1982, etc., etc…..

    But as for the “wishful storytelling,” I LOVE IT! I didn’t realize how much I missed Nina until she came back for Kay’s funeral, and then I started reminiscing about watching her go up against Victoria, Jill, Tricia, etc….would love to see her in a storyline that didn’t cause her to play against Thom Bierdz (I’m sorry…but he is so wooden, he just makes me want to light a match and mail the ashes back to Austraila). Of course, it would be great to see Thad Luckinbill act again…he’s good, and showed his growth as an actor before the writers neutered him, not to mention that he’s absolutely beautiful to look at. Also, I’d love for them to give Amelia Heinle something to sink her teeth into. I happen to think she’s much better than she’s been allowed to showcase.

    As for the tidbit about Kim Zimmer as Rose’s Daughter….nothing would thrill me more. KZ has always been my FAVORITE actress, and I hate the idea of her being out of work with so many “hair models” out there cashing their checks….

    Keep the ideas coming….I love Em….

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    This would be a fantastic story. J.T. as Nina’s son would drive Victoria crazy and it would Thad something to do again.
    At the moment he looks like a lost puppy in that show. And his marriage with Victoria has just no other story potential, without putting viewers to sleep. But making J.T. Nina’s son … AWESOME!!!

    If Auntie Ri Ri should read this she should write this story … if she is back from her vacation already. ;)

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    Chance is NOT supposed to be younger than Billy. He is now just about a year older than Billy, rather than four.

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    Great Idea for a storyline.

    As far as the ages of everyone, I think as we all are soap fans we know that soaps play fast and loose with characters ages. Like Colleen is supposed to be older than Billy. I mean the age things don’t really bother me. It’s a soap and after all the SORASing that goes on you will just drive yourself crazy trying to keep track of it all.

    Back to the original wishful story telling I have to say that since JT married Victoria he has been watered down. Gosh he used to be such a good bad boy and then him falling for Colleen was great. I originally like when they first had Victoria cheating with JT. AH and TL have great chemistry but then the writing just went down hill once they got married. He became Reed’s servant. I miss JT working with Paul, but I do like the conflict they are giving him with Victoria.

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    Any story for Nina is fine by me. She, along with Lane, is the ONLY reason to watch this trainwreck of a show. They need to play Nina every day if TC is willing to do it.

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    Noah’s the son of a major couple. Plus, he’s reucrring. He’s safe.
    Eden is also recurring, therefore safe.
    Ditto for Jeffery.
    Gloria should be put on recurring.
    Tyra is rumoured to be on recurring.
    And Deacon is not dead weight—he is a breath of fresh air for the Scoobies!

    Nina should be on contract, but if they are willing to use her as much as they do now, then I am fine with her being recurring.

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    If they were to do this story I hope they play out all the beats and don’t rush it. I remember when Rafe first came on people thought that he was Nina’s long lost kid. I think they are more likely to make him the long lost son rather than JT unfortunately.

    Another storyline for JT could be he finds out that Reed is really Brad’s and that Victor tampered with the results. He could sue for custody for Reed (after a divorce from Vicki) to save him from the Newmans'(particularly Victor’s) influence. His defense could be he was more of a parent to Reed than Vikie was.

    I read on a bio that JT has a younger sister. They could bring her on instead of Eden or just to include more girls in that age bracket.

    I’d prefer JT to go undercover as a male stripper.

    I’m sure a lot of people do.

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    Sorry, but this would require Gina Tognoni as Victoria. I mean Tognoni, Cast, and a possible Zimmer together? ORGASMIC!

    All in favor of sending Amelia Heinle to a desert Island, say “I.”

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    You still want Deacon around, LOL. But Jamey, Vanessa Marcil as Victoria and Nina being JT long lost son would be great and the drama between Victoria and Nina being played by VM and TC would be hot.

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    Chance is NOT supposed to be younger than Billy. He is now just about a year older than Billy, rather than four.

    Chance is younger than Billy now. Billy’s birth year was changed to 1983 which would mean that he was 6 when Philip faked his death even though in actuality he wasn’t born yet. Chance it still seems was born in 1988 which would have made him about a year old when Philip left. They’ve said on numerous occasions that Chance was a baby when they thought his father died. If Chance is supposed to be a year older than Billy than he would have been 7 and would have some memory, at least one, of Philip.

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    Mooney, JT’s portrayer, Thad Luckinbill, already dropped trou on Nip/Tuck when he played a kept bisexual lad who tried to seduce Dr. Christian Troy.

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    If Billy is older than Chance, then where was Billy when Phillip III “died”? Jill hadn’t given birth to him yet.

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    If Billy is older than Chance, then where was Billy when Phillip III “died”? Jill hadn’t given birth to him yet.

    I don’t know. Questions like that arise all the time because of SORAS’ing. How come Jill thought Cane was her son when it’s clear that he’s not the same age Philip is? On GH, Robin was born before AJ and Jason but now she’s younger than both of them.

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    Mooney, JT’s portrayer, Thad Luckinbill, already dropped trou on Nip/Tuck when he played a kept bisexual lad who tried to seduce Dr. Christian Troy.

    I never knew that…. and I certainly haven’t seen those pics of his butt either.. ;)

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    Scott Novick

    season1217, I take Chloe to be a little older than Billy and Mac (who should be about mid-late 20s with their wedding (as we keep being told) 6 years ago), which is actually true to the timeline. Where Chance fits in is anyone’s guess; I think it might be John Driscoll’s look and the virgin thing that have him coming off as younger, or maybe it’s just me. In any case, the whole Chance thing is a mess anyway since he’s definitely too old, no matter how he stacks up to the others, to have been born just before that “death” 20 years ago. Plus, Y&R has been willing to play the age game before (Nick, as I mentioned, plus Lily when Christel first came on being older than her formerly older cousin Nate). That’s why I said it can work as long as the viewers aren’t sticklers for the inconsistency.

    If the viewers choose not to buy into it, though, like the Cane and Phillip III age paradoxes past and present, JT as Nina’s son might not work, as the viewers will be thinking more about the timeline than the story. So I guess it’s up to Mrs. Arena-Bell and her troops to sell a “JT, Son of Nina” story if they choose to do it and try to make it good enough so fans won’t balk about the age questions.

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    When Billy was SORAS’d, his birth date was moved to 1983. Therefore, he is now about 25/26.

    Chance is now supposed to be younger than Billy.

    Chloe? God knows how old she is. She seems to have grown up entirely at boarding school since no one her age in Genoa City met her while growing up there.

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    Who is tiic? Sorry, sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with all the initials.

    I think the Nina/JT connection could be a good one, but has anyone thought about maybe making Cane into Nina’s long lost son? I think that one may have even more drama, after the way Nina relentlessly hunted down Cane when she believed he was a fraud. They might explain how he ended up alone on the streets of Aussie land. perhaps his baby-buyer parents were either killed, or the long arm of the law was about to come down on them, and they dumped him, and ran, because they didn’t have the proper documentation for him. This s/l could add much to the dramatic tension in the Katherine/Jill homestead, especially with Jill now adopting Cane. I also like the suggestion of Nina being the daughter that Kay gave up.

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