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Yep, Michael Sabatino is Returning to DAYS Too!

Of course Lawrence Alamain wouldn't let Katerina, the object of his obsession, show up in Salem without him being close behind! Crystal Chappell tweeted her real life hubby (seen in the above clip) would indeed be reprising his role on DAYS as well!

Michael will indeed pop up on DOOL.
Carly, Lawrence, Vivian, all that's missing is little Nicky. Paging Tom Pelphrey, or Greg Vaughan or Chad Brannon... Thanks Rocki345 for the tip!

Wishful Storytelling: What if Jackie Isn’t Owen’s First Cougar on B&B?

Okay, I know what you're thinking. This boy isn't gonna stop until he gets Knots Landing's Donna Mills on a daytime soap opera. Well, you're right. I need my Abby fix and by the power of Greyskull I am gonna keep coming up with scenarios for her to join a soap until the last one goes to the Great Television Museum in the Sky! 

My latest storyline idea to facilitate my fav-or-ite former cul-de-sac dweller's arrival on daytime involves the liquid hot cougar storyline featuring Brandon Beemer (Owen) and Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie) on The Bold and the Beautiful. With a snoretastic retread of Brooke/Ridge/Taylor currently eating up B&B's precious 20 minutes of airtime, the dirty, sexy fun storyline which has Owen married to Jackie, much to her son Nicky's (Jack Wagner) chagrin is pretty much the only thing that keeps B&B on my DVR these days. Beemer and Down could teach Susan Lucci and Cameron Mathison a thing or three about how to put a fresh spin on Mrs. Robinson, which is why I think it's time B&B ramped this story up a notch.   

Legendary Writer Harding Lemay Speaks Out on Daytime’s Youth Obsession

In Part III of his interview with famed Another World writer Harding Pete Lemay, We Love Soaps interviewer extraordinaire Damon Jacobs asks the legend about the pressures he received from NBC to create storylines revolving around younger people during his second stint at AW.
We Love Soaps: Had the pressure increased by then to make stories for younger people?

Harding Lemay: Yes. They wanted younger people on the show. And it doesn’t work. There’s no way of making it work. Younger people are interconnected with older people. And the conflicts all come between the older people and the younger people. Not only the conflicts, but the warm moments come from the older people and the younger people together. And you can use that. You can use all kinds of variety if you have generational stories. But you can not do it if it’s just young people. And it’s silly to limit yourself that way. They think that young people in the audience only want to watch young people. And that’s not true.

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DC #434: Top 5 The Young and the Restless Characters

On today's episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Jamey, Jillian, Melodie and Nicki count down their Top 5 The Young and the Restless characters.

Who are your Top 5 The Young and the Restless characters?

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