DC #434: Top 5 The Young and the Restless Characters

On today’s episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Jamey, Jillian, Melodie and Nicki count down their Top 5 The Young and the Restless characters.

Who are your Top 5 The Young and the Restless characters?

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21 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    5. Olivia Barber
    Olivia was the best. She as the nice girl who got the man. She was off when Nathan kidnapped little Nate. She went ape shit when Malcolm cheated on her showed her and she thought she had HIV. She even was a bitch when she tried to keep Malcolm from being able to see Lil Nate.


    4.Damon Porter
    Now Keith Hamilton Cobb is an actors actor. And his time on the show was cut short. But they could have kept and grew him on the show. Damon was a powerful brotha who I related to as a black man. His relationship with Phyllis was cool and I wanted to get with Olivia. But oh well. He was just a powerful character.


    3. Jack Abbott
    Jack is the king of one-liners and he always knows what Victor is up to. Jack is also a family man. Even when he trying to get his own ends met he still has love for his family.


    2. Phyllis Newman
    Phyllis is the nuttiest woman on Y&R. I love to hate her and hope she always pays. I especially have loved when she was in jail. But she is just great. That hotel room scene was on of the last great moments on Y&R before it went down the tubes. But she is great never the less.


    1. Drucilla Barber Winters
    Dru is one of best damn character in daytime. Point blank. I never knew what they were going to do with her. But she turned out to be the best damn character on the show. It’s the reason why I watched and black women I know family and friends watched. No other black character in daytime besides Angie Hubbard moved into the forefront like she did. And yes during the LML days she had her front and center and she did act right when it came to anyone trying to come in between her and her family. I remember when lily tried to blackmail her. She didn’t do like most characters would do in that situation. No Dru called it out and told her “oh no you ain’t trying to blackmail me!” That is why when they tested the polls Victoria Rowell was the only other actor to poll as high as Eric Braeden.


    Honorable mentions:

    Neil Winters, Malcolm Winters, Lily (criteria Davetta Sherwood), Victor Newman, Alex Perez, Tyrone Jackson, Amy Lewis, Nathan Hastings, Lil Nate, Kemoo, Victoria (Heather Tom), Mamie, Callie Rogers, Lillie Bell, Shelia, Gloria, Michael, Kevin, Ashley, and Jill played by the one and only Brenda Dickenson.

  2. Profile photo of pecola

    1. Drucilla Winters (Victoria Rowell)
    2. Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)
    3. Phyllis Summers Newman (Michelle Stafford)
    4. Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown)
    5. Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper)

    Honorable Mentions: Malcolm Winters (Shemar Moore); Nina Webster (Tricia Cast); Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman); Hope Adams (Signy Coleman)

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    5. Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson)
    4. Nina Webster
    3. Victoria Newman (Heather Tom)
    2. Katherine Chancellor
    1. Jack Abbott (Peter Bergmann)

    Honorable Mentions: Victor Newman, Malcolm Winters, Drucilla Winters, Sharon Newman Abbott, Billy Abbott (David Tom/Billy Miller), Phyllis Summers Newman (Michelle Stafford), Michael Baldwin, Lauren Fenmore Baldwin, Jill Abbott (Jess Walton), Kevin Fisher, Mackenzie Browning (Ashley Bashioum), Sheila Carter, Colleen Carlton (Lyndsy Fonseca)and Daniel Romalotti.

  4. Profile photo of Smitty

    David I love your choices…Gosh I forgot about Damon Porter but he was a great character on the show1!!!

    5. Heather Tom’s Victoria Newman-Talk about Victor Jr. Gosh she brought the fire to the role.

    4. Danny Romalotti & Drucilla Winters-Gosh I used to love watching his concerts when I was younger. LOL I know crazy and then the Phyliss/Danny/Christine triangle had me hooked. Now Dru Winters is my girl. I love her ghetto fabulousness. She is a breathe of fresh air and she keeps it real. I just love her and miss her terribly.

    3. Lauren Fenmore Baldwin-My all time favorite Y&R storyline is the kidnapping of Lauren’s baby by Shiela Carter. Gosh I remember being so enticed and intrigued. I feel in love with Lauren. Then she was having an affair with Brad. Gosh then they took her to B&B. Gosh I truly love Lauren

    2. Jack Abbott-My first recollection of Y&R is the Ashley/Victor/Nikki/Jack. I always was rooting for Jack over Victor and I loved him and Nikki together. Jack’s desire to get Jabot back and then his relationships with Phyliss, Diane Jenkins has caused so much drama. Oh yeah I remember Luan too.

    My all time top favorite soap opera HEROINE/CHARACTER is NICOLE REED!!! That’s Nikki Newman for you new viewers. I absolutely love Nikki Newman. I remember her relationship with Victor, Jack, Dr. Landers. And who can forget when Veronica shot Nikki and her and Victor reunited on her “death” bed. That is what sold me on Victor and Nikki as a super couple. Her alcohol and drug abuse. Oh my lord. Oh yeah her affair with Brad. Her giving that 35 million to Jabot. Oh my lord I could go on and on with this. I love her and MTS is the bomb.

    Honorable Mentions-Nina Webster, Jill Foster Abbott, Kay Chancellor, Rex Sterling, Victor Newman, Nick Newman, Sharon Collins Newman Abbott, Davetta Sherwood’s Lily, Dr. Oliver Barber Hastings Winter, Paul Williams, Ryan McNeil

  5. Profile photo of reggyreg

    Thank you Daytime Confidential for the podcast. As usual you guys come through and never disappoint! Thanks again.
    Oh, by the way my top five:

    5. Sheila Carter-Her rivalry with Lauren and later with Stephanie is legendary.

    4. Jack Abbott-Smiling Jack and his hatred for Victor has been driving Y&R for years!

    3. Sharon Newman-I have always loved Sharon and her kindness before MAB’s version. She stands up to Nikki and is a good mother..well was..

    2. Nikki Newman-No one ofther than MTS can play Nikki. She is dynamic, charismatic and a perfect match for you know who..

    1. Drucilla Winters-Finally the queen bee. VR played this character so honestly and earnestly. She command attention when she was on our screens. I am sorry she is gone but I have a feeling she will be back.

  6. Profile photo of discodan

    1. Billy Abbott (David Tom and Billy Miller) He’s the reason I began watching Y&R. The character’s addictions to women and a good time make him one of the most interesting characters in daytime. Plus, you gotta love his interactions with his family (Jabot takeover, Abbott family meeting, talking to “Cici”).

    2. Katherine Chancellor Murphy (Jeanne Cooper) She is the queen of the show. She’s strong and sassy and her rivalry with Jill was absolutely legendary. LOVED LOVED LOVED her telling off everyone in that bed in the hospital, tellin them that if all of them don’t come in her, she’ll come out there herself.

    3. Chloe Mitchell Ashby Abbott (Elizabeth Hendrickson) She is the lil diva that could. She’s strong. She’s spunky. She knows how to scheme her way in and out of every situation. Chloe’s also got a soft side and you see it when she talks about Billy or Deliah.

    4. Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz) Boy, I tell you what…this girl has become the fighting force to be reckoned with. She uses her sexuality as a weapon and has clawed her way into the hearts (and beds) of some of Genoa City’s elite. Her scenes opposite Deacon are proof that she does what she has to do to protect the people she loves.

    5. Brad Carlton (Don Diamont) He’s one of the only characters to ever be the third person within the rivalry between Jack and Victor. He loves his women and he’s good to them. He’s a good daddy and an even better friend. Even though he had a small role in the scene, I think he stole a couple of the Jabot takeover scenes when we saw him enjoyin the whole thing.

    Honorable Mentions: Jack Abbott, Jill Foster Abbott, Nikki Newman, Phyllis Newman, Daniel Romalotti, Nina Webster, Colleen Carlton, Adam Wilson (Chris Engen pre-gas lighting), Patrick Murphy, Cane and Lily Ashby (From this storyline on-), Michael Baldwin

  7. Profile photo of CGat

    1. Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper): I mean, does it get better than her? Nope.

    2. John Abbott (Jerry Douglas): Really, I mean, the original Abbott man. He’s priceless as well. I guess I’m the only one so far that thinks so.

    3. Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford): The best red-headed diva in Daytime. (Besides Maureen Garrett :)

    4. Drucilla Winters (Victoria Rowell): Come on, it’s Dru.

    5. Tie between Nikki Reed (Melody Thomas Scott) & Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson): They have both been powerhouse staples for years, and nothing these two characters/ actors give us ever gets old. They are the definition of the blonde bombshell!

  8. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    1. Dru Barber Winters
    2. Kay Chancellor
    3. Phyllis Summers
    4. Victor Newman
    5. Nina Webster

    HM-Danny Romanoliti, Matt Clark, Nikki Newman, Malcolm Winters, Michael Baldwin, Jack Abbott, Jill Abbott, John Abbott, Mamie, Ashley Abbott, Victoria Newman(Heather Tom), Kevin Fisher.

  9. Profile photo of victornewmanfan41

    1. Victor Newman
    2. Phyllis Summers
    3. Victoria Newman (Heather Tom)
    4. Michael Baldwin
    5. Sheila Carter

    Honorable mentions Drucilla Winters, Sabrina Newman, Veronica Landers (that woman was psycho!), Nikki Newman, and Hope Adams.

  10. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    5. Lauralee Brooks (Jaime Lyn Bauer) – The “Original” Y&R Bad Girl. Not a villainess, just a fashionable, make-no-apologies, breathy-voiced bad girl.

    4. Jack Abbott (Terry Lester & Peter Bergman) – The “Original” Y&R Bad Boy. Jack is a cad with a heart. Jack has always been such a fun character who also has depth – Terry Lester’s portrayal was more fun, Peter Bergman’s portrayal has more depth. But they both made Jack a legendary and iconic daytime character.

    3. Drucilla Barber Winters (Victoria Rowell) – A truly unique daytime creation that was obviously a labor of love by creator, William J. Bell, and actress, Victoria Rowell. I had never seen a character like Drucilla – black, white or otherwise – on daytime and will not likely see that kind of character again. It was wonderful to watch Drucilla’s growth and development from introduction to her last days on the show – she was always fiery, outspoken and true to herself. Drucilla was a DIVA who knew her strengths and her weaknesses – and Victoria Rowell BROUGHT IT in her portrayal – and that is why I loved Drucilla.

    2. Nicole “Nikki” Reed Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) – Another great character whose growth and development, while still remaining true to her snotty, melodramatic core, has been phenomenal. Nikki epitomizes the term “daytime heroine” as she has endured it all, and in/with grand style.

    1. Victor “Christian Miller” Newman (Eric Braeden) – Because he is The Great Victor Newman. Another truly unique Y&R creation. Victor Newman is ruthless, provocative, arrogant, romantic, selfish, protective, and cunning and, yes, he has a true human side. Love him or hate him, there is no denying he is definitely a strong presence on Y&R.

    Honorable Mentions…

    Jill Foster Abbott (Brenda Dickson’s portrayal)
    Victoria Newman (Heather Tom’s portrayal)
    Katherine Chancellor
    Malcolm Winters
    John Abbott
    Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson’s portrayal)
    Nicholas Newman
    Sharon Collins Newman
    Bradley Carlton
    Lance Prentiss (John McCook’s portrayal)
    Phyllis Summers Newman (Michelle Stafford’s portrayal)
    Lily Bell Barber – Drucilla and Olivia’s mother
    Lauren Fenmore
    Nina Webster Chancellor
    Paul Williams

  11. Profile photo of yrsoapfan1985

    1. Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott)– The LEADING diva of Genoa City. For three decades, millions of viewers tuned in just to see Nikki! The FEMALE face of Y&R–hands down. Sorry, Lane and Gloria fans. Just the truth.

    2.Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) — THE face of Y&R. When older people forget the name of the show, they call it “Victor and them” or “I watch Victor and em’s show.” VN is the man! He always wins.

    3. Victoria Newman (Heather Tom) — Victor Newman in high heels! HT needs to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back!!! This character was so tough back in the day!

    4. Shelia Carter (Kimberlin Brown) — Mary Jane who???Best female villian ever!

    5. Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) — my girl! She will hoe check anyone. She’s a ride or die girl!

  12. Profile photo of CitySuperboy5

    Tie for top 1:

    the signature characters of Y&R:

    #1 JILL the original (played by Ms. Brenda D) and KATHERINE (Jeanne)…

    Jeanne and Brenda will always be Y&R/Katherine and Jill are the genesis characters of Y&R.

    #2 Nina

    #3 Jack Abbott

    #4 Neil

    #5 Billy Abbott

  13. Profile photo of Melvins mom
    Melvins mom

    That was a hilarious podcast; thanks for sharing your choices with us.
    For me:
    5. Nina Webster tied with Brittany Hodges. (LOVE Nina. Always have. She’s the normal girl’s heroine. And, yes, I loved Brittany. I’d still love to see her return and show this Victoria how to keep a man and run the show.
    4. Sharon Collins Newman Abbott. As another poster said, I loved her pre-LML/MAB. Nikki tried so hard to shoot her down before her son married her, and she lost. I wish they’d save Sharon from this insanity (no pun intended) and restore her character.
    3. Billy Abbott, only as Billy Miller. I agree that the future of the show could be built around him.
    2. Jill Abbott. Everything to love about her has already been said.
    1. Jack Abbott. I wouldn’t like it, but I could stand losing Victor from this show. However, if Peter Bergman leaves and this character goes with him, I’m gone, because I too think the show does revolve around his character.
    Honorable mentions: Nikki/Victor Newman, Catherine Chancellor, Drucilla Winters, and John Abbott and Mary Williams….John was the father you may have always wanted, and Mary is the mother no one wants but everyone has. When will she ever return and straighten her son and now loony daughter out?!

  14. Profile photo of Scott Novick
    Scott Novick

    5. Lauralee “Lori” Brooks: Other than a brief return around 2000, a lot of fans don’t remember the Brooks/Foster era, but she was the first Y&R “bad girl” that set the stage for those who would come later.

    4. Phyllis Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman: She may be a schemer and a bad girl, and she has a lot of stuff she hasn’t paid for in her time. But things are never dull in Genoa City when “Red” is around, especially when played by her original portrayer, Michelle Stafford.

    3. Katherine Chancellor: She of course has a lot longer name than that with all her hubbies, but in the end, she always seems to be “Mrs. C” the grande dame of Genoa City. She’s been there since nearly the beginning (having come on before Y&R ended its first year on the air) and it’s great that she’s been back on the front burner over the last year.

    2. Victor Newman: The Black Knight. He’s nasty, ruthless and you want to see him being taken down a peg. But Y&R without him just wouldn’t be the same.

    1. Jack Abbott: He loses to Victor all the time, sadly, but I think that just makes you want to root for Jack. When he started, he was the womanizing cad who would take advantage of a starry-eyed 18 year old to move up at Jabot and would even blackmail his sister to keep his job. He’s grown somewhat, and his 20+ year old feud with Victor has carried a lot of story over the years.

  15. Profile photo of shanyboo

    5. Nikki Newman
    4. Victor Newman
    3. Jill Abbott (Jess Walton)
    2. Drucilla Winters
    1. Jack Abbott (my favorite Y&R character! I loved both Terry Lester and Peter Bergman in the role.)

    Honorable Mentions: Katherine Chancellor, Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson and Brenda Epperson), Billy Abbott (David Tom & Billy Miller), Mackenzie Browning (Ashley Bashioum), Brad Carlton, Cricket Blair, Danny Romalotti, Nina Webster, Ryan McNeil, Olivia Winters, Tricia Dennison, Sheila Carter, Victoria Newman (Heather Tom), Cole Howard

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