Hillary B. Smith and Jordan Clarke Join Chappell’s “Venice”

The web soap revolution continues! Crystal Chappell has been busy tweet, tweet, tweeting away new casting developments for her highly-anticipated web seriesVenice. Both One Life to Live‘s Hillary B. Smith and Guiding Light‘s Jordan Clarke are set to appear on the series.

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    Well Crystal Chappell has me as a viewer now. I love Jordan Clarke.

    SOD is reporting that Daniel Cosgrove is not goint to OLTL. Does DC have any info about that?? I only trust you guys.

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    Venice is going to be fantastic. These are two of the best in the business and, from what I understand, there are more greats coming along for the ride. I am very happy for Crystal Chappell and her crew. This is a project that means a lot to them and everything seems to falling into place.

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    Wow thats great I love it when good actors get to do something outside of their usual roles. I am wondering how they intend on filming this though a apart of me is worried that CC wont play Gina since there are a lot of NY based actors on the show but CC will be in LA I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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    Thanks Crystal you blow my mind with your dedication to your fans and getting Jordan, Hillary, and our girl Jessica to do this is absolutely fabulous! I hope CC eventually makes tons of money from this project she deserves it for actually caring enough to give the people what they want. To heck with CBS I won’t be watching CBS daytime anymore after 9/18/09 anyway!

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    This project is sounding promising/great. From what has been told about the plot and the actors involved, it sounds like it will be better than what most daytime soaps are putting out currently on our screens.

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    This is sounding like a really good project. I’ve already got Venice bookmarked. Is it me or are small items being added to the site every so often to the page? Hmmm..

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