Wishful Storytelling: What if Jackie Isn’t Owen’s First Cougar on B&B?

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. This boy isn’t gonna stop until he gets Knots Landing‘s Donna Mills on a daytime soap opera. Well, you’re right. I need my Abby fix and by the power of Greyskull I am gonna keep coming up with scenarios for her to join a soap until the last one goes to the Great Television Museum in the Sky! 

My latest storyline idea to facilitate my fav-or-ite former cul-de-sac dweller’s arrival on daytime involves the liquid hot cougar storyline featuring Brandon Beemer (Owen) and Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie) on The Bold and the Beautiful. With a snoretastic retread of Brooke/Ridge/Taylor currently eating up B&B’s precious 20 minutes of airtime, the dirty, sexy fun storyline which has Owen married to Jackie, much to her son Nicky’s (Jack Wagner) chagrin is pretty much the only thing that keeps B&B on my DVR these days. Beemer and Down could teach Susan Lucci and Cameron Mathison a thing or three about how to put a fresh spin on Mrs. Robinson, which is why I think it’s time B&B ramped this story up a notch.   

What if Nick and Bridget (Ashley Jones, who is kicking bootah on True Blood!) go all Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys Super Mystery and start seriously digging around in Owen’s past, only to learn that Jackie isn’t the first older woman Owen has romanced and married. Enter Donna Mills!

Mills would be perfect as a woman scorned, hellbent on making her former boytoy pay for pretending to love her and then leaving her brokenhearted and with an empty savings account.  How would Owen explain this turn of events to Jackie? Would he admit it was all true, but things are different with her, he actually loves Jackie? Would she believe him? A plot twist like this could take B&B’s only real breakout couple of late to the next level as Owen desperately tries to win back Jackie’s trust, and the still-sexy-after-sixty Mills could certainly stir things up among B&B’s male population. Isn’t it about time Eric Forrester (John McCook) had a love interest his own age? Just a thought.

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    Darren Lomas

    I love me some Donna Mills, and adding her to the mix with Owen/Jackie (and potentially Whip) would be great fun. Leave that horny old goat Eric out of it though!

  2. Profile photo of soapscribe

    Donna Mills as Owen’s starter cougar would be sheer soapy goodness! It would add some much needed substance to this story. Jackie and Owen have great chemistry, but we need to see them do more than the sex scene du jour.

    I like the idea of Mills’ character with Eric too. Can y’all picture the Divine Miss M sharing scenes with Susan Flannery and Lesley-Anne Down? What would make that even more perfect is if they could get Morgan Fairchild back to join in on the bitchfest.

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    Daniel St. John

    I love Donna Mills and she looks amazing for her age (or any age truthfully). I had a fanboy wish during the time that it seemed as if Susan Flannery was serious about retiring, that DOnna would take over the role of Stephanie on BB.

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