DAYS’ Louise Sorel in Santa Barbara

For all you younger Days of Our Lives fans—and Luke—who first came to know and love Louise Sorel as Vivian Alamain, here a few clips from her breakout daytime role as snooty, California socialite Augusta Wainright Lockridge on Santa Barbara opposite Another World veteran Nicolas Coster (in the first clip above), who played her husband Lionel on SB. Lionel and Augusta were reportedly based on series creators Bridget and Jerome Dobson. Augusta was the older sister of fiercely feminist attorney Julia Wainright, played by a pre-Alexis Davis Nancy Lee Grahn (seen in the final clip below in her first episode on the soap). God I can’t wait ’till September when both my Wainright’s will be back on my screen!


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    As I recall, Louise Sorel had the guts to do something many fail to do: stand up to producers and writers when they write cr*p and say no. There was a story where her character was to become romantically involved with the rapist of her niece (or some relative). The actress found that unacceptable, not unlike many of us who find rapemance of any kind (whether victim and rapist, or any woman and rapist). I think she was terminated because of her stance but I am not sure.

    I admire any person, especially a woman in a sexist industry, that stands up to tptb, despite the many who will declare “it’s only a soap….and demean and belittle those who are offended by such writing.”

    While I was never a fan of JER’s over the top characters, I alway felt strong support for Ms Sorel, for the reason above as well as for her ability to overcome cartoonish style writing and give Vic some humanity that rose above the writing.

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    Jamey, I love Louise Sorel’s Vivian and glad they are bringing her back to the show with Crystal and Michael. I didn’t watch sB when it was on, but I watch old youtube clips and it was the best soap I ever saw and wish that soaps would go back to that, but we know that they won’t be like that again.

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