Happy 25th Birthday Santa Barbara!

I am not worthy. I must abdicate my throne as the biggest Santa Barbara fan in soapyverse, because I planned all day yesterday to blog about the 25th anniversary of the best daytime soap opera ever, but with all the time I spend chronicling the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of the current soaps on the air, I didn’t get to do it before the clock struck midnight! So without further ado, happy happy birthday Santa Barbara! July 30, 1984 was the day daytime smartened up and got funny. God bless you Bridget and Jerome Dobson!

To this day I still mourn the loss of Eden, Cruz, CC, Sophia, Lionel, Augusta, Minx, Ted, Laken, Hayley, Lily Light,  Gina, Brandon, Santana, and of course Julia and all her Masons! Here are a few of Santa Barbara‘s greatest hits.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Well I did watch the show and I do know that
    Renee Jones (Lexie, Days) was on the show for a short stint as Toni Carlin back in 1984. That’s how much of the black soap historian I am.


    :O How in Sam Hill did this thread become about being a black soap historian? Riddle me this? David, I appreciate your passion, as I am very passionate about seeing black folks represented in daytime, but when you come into threads that aren’t even talking about the subject and hijack them, it makes you come off like the Jesse Jackson of the soap opera message boards, or like that character Martin played in Boomerang who thought everything, even the black pool ball being knocked into the hole was "racial".  We have a lot of readers on this site and not everyone wants to have a discussion about race in every post. Your passion is noted and appreciated, but you need to take it down a thousand.

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    This morning while getting ready for work OLTL was on SoapNet and intro was playing. My 13 year old brother came in and asked where were the black people and my first thought was of you David. HA!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model


    I mentioned that Renee Jones was on the show. That was my fondest memory of the soap. If that was a problem for you then tough luck. But that was my memory of Santa Barbara that I loved the most.

    As for others its best to just know that when there is moment and I feel that it is relevant then I will enter into the discussion. How you take it.. well that’s on them. I don’t cow toe or step to anyone’s beat but my own.

    So if you don’t know now you know. That’s just how it works take it or leave it. But the only thing I will be toning down is the fact that I haven’t even said half of what I should be saying.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I never said your mentioning Renee Jones was a problem. What I said—and I meant—was your continuing habit of hijacking each and every thread on this board to make it about blacks in daytime was getting old and highly inflammatory at times and dare I say, TROLLISH. If that is an organic part of the conversation going on, then it makes sense, but if that isn’t what the thread is about, which this one certainly was not, then you are creating a hostile environment on the blog, and yes my friend, if others are having a problem with it, it can be corrected. We discuss diversity in daytime all the time here. This thread was not about that subject. It was about Santa Barbara’s anniversary.

     I am not playing a word game with you here, I can solve the issue with the click of a delete button, but I don’t believe in censoring comments, however several people have begun to complain, and all roads tend to lead back to you. I have actually gone to bat for you and asked that your comments not be deleted at times, but seriously you are straight up working my last nerve. Keep it up and there won’t be a discussion to have, because when I feel you are trying to bait someone I will just simply zap your post. Point blank, period. If that doesn’t work, I will have Luke delete your profile. Now go ahead and make some outrageous comment about your sharp tongue, knock yourself out, but remember you are in my house. We don’t come on your site stirring up mess and we will not allow you to keep doing it here. You can speak out freely about the state of Y&R and whatever else you want, but in THOSE threads. Don’t keep searching people out in other threads that have not hot kitty to do with what you are talking about. If you do, you will be zapped.  

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    Hey Jamey
    Thanks For The Vids I loved SB. I started watching in 86.
    Do You Know If There Is A Santa Barbara History Book? If Not Maybe You Should Write One!!!

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    Jillian Bowe

    Karen, obviously you have some sort of agenda yourself by trying to repremand Jamey. Nobody’s into censorship but when someone keeps trying to be disrepectful and overbearing in all post about one topic that doesn’t have to do with the main post yeah they will be called out for it. They will be called out for it and for also trying to be rude and combative. As Jamey said in the post, and if you would look, others have called out said poster for such.

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