Is Willey Being Phased OUT at AMC? Will Lucci be Forced on RECURRING?

Sources are telling TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco All My Children may be trying to phase out leading man Walt Willey (Jackson), and push daytime’s most famous face Susan Lucci (Erica) to take recurring!

Don’t expect the contract player to appear in Pine Valley “for a while; they want to force him on recurring,” maintains an insider. ABC is also trying to figure out a way to throw Susan Lucci (Erica) on recurring, offers a major network insider. “She just costs too much,” he/she explained. Don’t worry, fans — the network doesn’t know how they will pull this off, but they’re trying to find a way to do it. Hello: L.A.!

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    Unfortunately, WW has not been used properly for some time, especially since RB left and they wrote out Jackson’s other kids. As for Lucci, well it was only a matter of time, with the other shows asking their famous faces to go recurring. But why the move to L.A.
    why not Toronto, Montreal, or Connecticut instead. And that’s not the show’s only problem, if they get rid of CP and JHC, and put Agnes Nixon in charge again, and let her pick the writer and producer. Also, get rid of a few characters and bring back some characters AMC should be able to rebound. Maybe ABC can let Frons go as well.

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    You know, I’ve been loving AMC from 1973 up to the mid 2000s and I thought I would never say this but I would just prefer Susan Lucci to announce her departure next year (her and the show’s 40th) and for ABC to stick a fork in it. Unless miracles appear (replace Frons with Agnes Nixon, Craputhers with Francesca James or Sri Rao, and Chucky Doll with Claire Labine), stick a fork in it. This story’s done.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    I agree. Susan Lucci has given them so much over the years. She even took a big pay cut. And they want to just give the Face of Daytime” the soft shaft. You can call that a phasing out too! Which makes you just want to say why not just put us all out of our misery and just end daytime soaps. I mean why invest if they are going to just make these big damaging moves every couple of months. It just ain’t worth it.

    People who run daytime television are some of the worst people in business today.

    It just sickens me that anyone would ever think of bumping Susan Lucci to any status other up the contract ladder. Susan still looks good. She got the body to boot. She has made concessions and is a team player. Yet, that ain’t enough.

    These people won’t be happy until everyone is making 40 bucks per episode again and they go back to being live.

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    AMC is so stupid! How about dropping this “cougar story” that’s not working and find a way to reunite Jack & Erica! I was never a huge fan of them, but they are a fan favorite! Instead of dropping Susan Lucci to recurring, why don’t they fire the unecessary characters they have running around! It still saddens me what has become of this once amazing soap!

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    Interesting and kind of ironic when I consider that my own personal feeling of AMC’s downfall was when they let Michael B. Jordon (Reggie Montgomery) go which started the process of torpedoing all the great stories that could’ve been told with a Montgomery/Kane union. It would’ve gave the character of Erica Kane amazing growth worthy of her 30+ years as the most well know character in daytime and cement her and Jackson as one of soaps best couples. It pains me whenever I think of how TPTB dropped the ball on that one.

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    I also stopped watching when the Montgomery family crumbled. I loved the interaction amongst Erica and Jack’s blended family. I loved it when Reggie would call Greenlea (sp?) Greenpea.

    I miss Jackson/Erica and their brood. :-(

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    Michael B. Jordan had such an amazing chemistry with both Walt Willey and Susan Lucci. I’ll never forget watching one of those ABC Daytime Spring Break fillers and they had Michael comparing character backgrounds with the guy who plays Rex on OLTL and someone else. After the other guys went through their list of backgrounds, Michael got this sweet smile on his face and very calmly said, “My mother is Erica Kane.” The other guys were like ‘Oh we fold. You got it Michael.’ I thought it was the sweetest thing. If they would’ve allowed Erica to be a mom to Reggie, they wouldn’t need that unforgivable Erica Kane revisionist abortion storyline.

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    Wasn’t it odd that neither Reggie nor his sister showed up for Bianca’s wedding to Reese? What about Greenlee’s death? Her brother and sister were absent from the memorial?

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    TV Gord

    I could see Susan Lucci taking this deal. Rather than be on contract for less, she could work out a more lucrative recurring deal, and still be in the public eye, which she needs to keep peddling her various products on the shopping/infomercial circuit. Without AMC, those deals would likely dry up eventually. (Remember when Kathie Lee was with Regis, she was all over the dial in commercials…when she left Reege, those deals all dried up.)

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    disillusioned GH fan

    If ABC puts her on recurring, guess how fast CBS will buy her up? Slap her on Y/R or B/B and that’ll just kill whats left of AMC! And killing AMC does allow for that rollout of daytime chat fest shows on ABC! (A-nother B-roadcast C-ancelled)!

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    Interesting thought disillusioned GH fan but I don’t think Queen Melody (don’t kill me Jillian because I love her too :-) ) would allow that. I would love to hear Jamey take a crack at that MTS breakdown. LOL!

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    I new this was coming when they had Jack take Annie’s case. I get that Greenlee is his daughter, I get that Kendall lied about the accident, but in the end it WAS an accident and Kendall IS Bianca’s sister and Erica’s daughter. (He always claims she is like a daughter to him, but whenever that is tested he NEVER ever seems to give he any of the same slack he would give his real children.) It seems like everytime there are rumbles about him leaving I start to see them writing in serious conflict with Kendall because they know she is a fan favorite and it makes sense that the only people that could ever make Erica turn on Jackson would be her own kids. Now to not only damage her daughter’s chance of getting clear of murder charges but to also defend the woman that nearly killed Erica…OH BOY.

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    I don’t get all the clamoring for Sri Rao. I’m sure most anyone new to daytime would be better than Guza, but with the way daytime works, we’re more likely to get Megan McTavish back than someone new.

    I didn’t think most of the Night Shift 2 stories were memorable besides Robert’s cancer storyline. The reason that story worked was that it brought back characters we wanted to see in a dramatic, soapy story.

  14. Profile photo of JackandEricaFan

    Walt Willey and Susan Lucci and their amazing chemistry together are what drew me into AMC. With either one of them off the canvas, the interest for me in ever watching this program again goes with them.

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    Now remind me how much Pratt, Carruthers, and Fronz make a year? Hmm. A lot more than Susan Lucci. So, let’s do a little salary balancing, eh? Or a little people replacing. Uhh, how many times do we fans have to repeat this before someone actually LISTENS? I really would like to know. If Irna Phillips were still alive, she would straight up murder the Ellen Wheelers, Chuck Pratts, and Chris Goutmans of the world- old-school soap style. ;)

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    How come ABC wants to get rid of Lucci but they create new a new kid for Tony Geary’s Luke? I’m sure Geary’s getting paid a handsome sum and hatred for Luke is at an all-time high. Why doesn’t ABC get rid of Geary instead? Oh I know. Men are more important than women to this sexist network, right?

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    I can sadly see them getting rid of Walt Wiley because they haven’t written him well in quite some time and don’t seem to know what to do with him.
    But to get rid of Susan Lucci? They’d have to be insane! I can’t believe even Brian Frons ect. wouldn’t know that Erica’s the character who made their show for so many people and how many people would actually walk if she was ousted.

  18. Profile photo of luverica

    Dariclone, Brian Frons is a sexist pig with a huuuuge ego and probably believes that knocking Susan Lucci down to recurring would not cause a media backlash that would bite him in his fat buttocks. What a tool.

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    Wow! After she took a pay cut and has been working like a trouper to save the show. (fight scenes with Greelee throwing chairs?!)
    Meantime GH threesome-SB, TG, MB – no talk of putting anyone on recurring or paycuts. Just articles on how they band together to not take a paycut?

    Guiding Light then AMC next? Scary out there.

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