The Young and the Restless Promo

Sorry Paul (Doug Davidson), my Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) realizes who she needs to be with…but not until he begs! Thanks to beautreal for the tip!

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    Well who didn’t see that one coming? I’ll pass on Nikki still loves Victor #1212345; it ranks right up there with the neverending merry-go-round of Brooke/Ridge/Taylor.

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    Here we ago again, Nikki and Victor take ten million. Y&R is following B&B Brooke/Ridge/Taylor, but in Y&R’s case its going to be Nikki/Victor/Ashley. Oh well, I better tell my grandmother that Nikki and Victor is about to have their ten millionth reunion. My grandmother could probably recite day by day details of this predictable reunion. No matter how forgetful my grandmother gets, she doesn’t forget the Victor/Nikki storyline because it has happen so many times. So not even an Alzheimer patient can forget about this storyline because it happened so many times.

    Here is what will happen: Nikki will be pregnant (believe it or not), then she and Victor will get married. Then they will have a fight then get divorce for the ten millionth time. And this time next year, they will be at each others throat. Then the following year, they get back together hence starting the entire cycle over again.

    Bottom line: Y&R is so effing predictable that you can set your watch to it.

    Usually when the Nikki/Victor storyline starts, it means its break time for me from Y&R. Good thing, all the prime-time shows will be back soon and my DVR will have better things to do than tape Victor/Nikki take ten million.

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    Whatever happened to Nikki’s temporary departure being an explosive exit? Did they re=write the story now that she is staying. It would seem she is only leaving to think over her upcoming marriage to Paul. You know, I understand what MTS means to Y&R but if she had not returned I would have been okay with that. I do not appreciate them killing off Hope. They could have brought her back on..have her undergone the eye surgery and reunite she and Victor for a change.

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    In all due respect, and I have questioned my own interest in the story myself, always hoping Victor will get his, BUT, this story has made millions follow for many years. However, she is personally, MTS makes you want Nicki to get her life and man back. Any other actress living at the ranch must know she’s a temporary sub. You can’t tell me it’s not like Mac and Rachel getting together for the umpteenth time…when they are, everything is AOK. Sorry, people love this story.

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    Jillian Bowe

    rob3215———-> As much as some do not like it, Victor and Nikki are the money in the bank couple. Now I am all for them reuniting but….. Victor has TONS of "I’m sorry’s" to Nikki. Especially since he’s unleashed this chain reaction that is known as Mary Jane.

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    :) Jillian, DEFINITELY tons of ‘I’m sorry’s’ on Victor’s part are due….especially when he was all high and mighty over losing Sabrina because of David, and how he treated Nicki. I do however, like ‘Miss Kitty and psycho Adam a lot, and am very curious to see if any will be redeemed. SPOILER: today’s episode is almost making it look like Adam was behind that car crash…interesting. Great to chat with you… have my dream side job!

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    Jillian Bowe

    Oh he needs to suffer before my Nikki takes him back. This week solitified it when Victor "forgave" her for Morticia’s death. As for the DC job….. Well its a dirty job but someone has to do it! 

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    How dare people try to compare Nikki/Victor/Ashley to Taylor/Ridge/Brooke???!!! That’s so absurd that all you can do is laugh at it.

    Victor has a lot of begging to do. I mean he needs to be down on one knee and he needs to give my Nikki back her ranch. Ashley has no business in The Real Mrs. Victor Newman’s ranch. LOL!!! NO matter what people say Victor and Nikki are Y&R’s only TRUE supercouple! IMO.

    We haven’t even seen how MTS’s exit plays out so reggyreg I say let it play out.

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    OMG — how funny is this?! Life is gonna really suck for stupid Ashley! When Victor is 100 and Nikki is 90, she is going to be chasing him around the Old Folks Home. Can’t wait to see stupid Ashley’s face when Victor leaves her crazy heifer ass for Nikki. Suck it, Ashley! Maybe Jack will give you back your old room at the Abbott mansion. Ha ha for Ashley. Dead baby in the Belly, Nikki coming back to claim her man, and now bitch is going truly crazy. Jack better tell that heifer told you so.

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    I want Nikki to forget Victor and build a life for herself withou an abusive jerk.

    Marriage and commitment between Nikki and Victor is meaningless. We all know that there is no permanence in the relationship. Why bother?

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    Jamey Giddens

    It must really be a difficult choice to choose between the man who once wished you dead or the man who once gave you VD.
    She gave HIM VD! Nasty Nikki and her Crotch Crickets!

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    *** It must really be a difficult choice to choose between the man who once wished you dead or the man who once gave you VD. ***

    This is just my favorite comment ever. LMAO!!!!!

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