Adam, Mr. Kitty And Zapato Partner Up on Y&R?

Has Mr. Kitty decided to ditch mama Mary Jane (Stacy Haiduk)? According to The Young and the Restless newbie Michael Muhney (Adam 2.0) via twitter, Kitty may team up with someone new:

Running lines in my dressing room for my next scene. HINT: it involves Zapato, Mr. Kitty, and me doing a tap routine to "lollipop guild".

Is this all a ploy for Mr. Kitty to avenge mama Mary Jane for being the fall guy in Adam’s dastardly plans? Stay tuned!

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    They better not hurt or kill Zapato or I am done with this soap. They have so many stupid story lines now- Chipmunk, inner nut, GAAAAAAAAA- get back to the core players and BTW- I hope Victor Newman goes down for good – cannot stand him – I think he may have met his match in Billy – GO Billy and stop this stupid Adam/Ashley story – Ashley has always been a nut case – why did they even bring her back?!?! Enough already!!!!

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