Y&R’s Eva Marcille Guest on “Wendy Williams Show”

The Young and the Restless
star, Eva Marcille (Tyra) makes her rounds on the talk show circuit. The former America’s Next Top Model winner sits down with the self-proclaimed "Queen of all media" Wendy Williams on The Wendy Williams Show on Aug 5.

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    I was listening to my local rdaio station and they are on the money about this show. I think Wendy is alright, but sometimes she comes off akward and it makes the show cringeworthy. If she can fix that I think the show would be better.

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    I love Wendy’s show! I loved the one they showed on VH1 (from her radio show) and while her show is kind of awkward (making fun of the audience? LOL) it’s still interesting. She’s definately better at it than Tyra, and Tyra’s done it for a few years now (is Trya’s talk show still on???)

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    green rider

    Who cares that she is on a talk show?
    She can’t act worth a plug nickel. Y&R have her all over the place – in every issue of the soap magazines & now on tv talk shows.

    They certainly want her to become a popular character. I just want to see her go away & NOT come back. And she can take Mac with her!!

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