Let the Guessing Begin: Who is Katherine’s Daughter on Y&R?

Jeanne Cooper was one of several The Young and the Restless stars who appeared at the Silver Star Casino. Before the appearance, she spoke with Our Prattville magazine’s Melissa Parker and revealed this tidbit, which will keep Y&R fans guessing.

“You know, Jill is not my daughter. Well, we’re going to find out who really is my daughter… so start guessing!”

She also had this to say about Eric Braeden and Victor Newman.

“You know that I’m richer than Eric Braeden… and I’m richer than Victor Newman!” When it was suggested that she could probably buy Genoa City, with a straight face, she replied, “I did!”

For a very long time I’ve suggested on the podcast–to the chagrin and horror of my Y&R watching co-hosts–that I wouldn’t be surprised if one day Gloria Fisher (Judith Chapman) turned out to be Katherine’s real daughter. After reading the quote from Cooper I can’t help but hope that Katherine discovers Gloria, Michael and Kevin are family.
Gloria is the only character on canvas who appears to be the exact age as Jill, but if push came to shove the writers might be able to pass Nikki off as Katherine’s daughter.

Who do you think is Katherine’s daughter?

Let the Guessing Begin: Who is Katherine's Daughter on Y&R?

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  • Nikki Newman (80%, 4 Votes)
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  1. Profile photo of snizzle

    Actually having Glo as Kay’s daughter would tie the Fisher/Baldwins into a core family. Not sure I really want to see that opportunist Gloria strike gold again though.

  2. Profile photo of josser

    Gloria Bardwell, not Fisher.

    I was hoping that Kay’s daughter would turn out to be a character played by Donna Mills. Given the shows budget, I can’t see Y&R bringing in a new actress when it would be easier to use a current actress.

  3. Profile photo of mooney

    Gloria as Kay’s daughter= Jamey’s dream come true or how about having Kay’s daughter be played by Jamey’s favorite Jill, Brenda Dickinson.

  4. Profile photo of Smitty

    Oh gosh Luke don’t you speak that madness into existence!!! Gloria is the last person on the show I want to be her daughter.

    I am conflicted on Nikki being her daughter. Even though Nikki is too young to be Katherine’s daughter according to her and Jill’s age.

    The only other possible person on the cast that I could possibly see as Katherine’s daughter that fits in the age range is Gina Roma. I know it’s a long shot but I would much rather it be her than Gloria. gosh PLEASE MAB NO GLORIA!!!

  5. Profile photo of TicToc238

    I think it would be cool if Nina turns out the be Katherine’s daughter. I don’t know the back ground of Nina or the history before I started watching in 1990.

  6. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    If Glo-Ho is Katherine’s daughter … sorry, but then I’m turning off this show – probably – forever. That’s just wrong. That is even worse than making Jill/Katherine mother and daughter in the first place. And Gloria tied to the Chancellor’s … I couldn’t take it.

    And Nikki … as Jillian said it, is sadly too young to be Kay’s daughter. So I hope it’s someone off screen.

  7. Profile photo of elbugten

    Susan Lucci. Wasn’t that the rumor going around? Oh, wait, I’m confusing Kay w/ Phyllis Diller. Okay, fine. Then I have 2 other suggestions: Esther the maid or bring in Deidre Hall as her daughter.

  8. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Let Tawney Moore be Katherine’s daughter. That’s a million times better than Glo-Ho and it would make Amber Kay’s granddaughter. If someone from the current cast has to be tied to Katherine that way, it has to be Amber.

  9. Profile photo of mrsnoahdrake

    Y&R would lose a lot of viewers if they made Gloria turn out to be Katherine’s daughter!
    What about Ashley?
    If I recall correctly, she’s not John’s biological daughter and maybe there was a baby mix-up there.
    Or Lauren, though she is younger than Jill. But it would finally give Tracy Bregman a much-needed storyline.
    I know that Susan Seaforth Hays plays her mom, so they could bring her back too.
    And is crazy Mary Jane really Paul’s biological sister?
    That would be a riot if she turned out to be Katherine’s daughter.
    Nina could not be her daughter because Nina and Phillip are about the same age and Jill is Phillip’s mom.

  10. Profile photo of RenewGLFF

    I like the Lorie Brooks idea, at least she grew up in Genoa City (I think?).
    I’m glad that (apparently) Kay’s daughter will be alive. I know people hated Jill/Kay as mother and daughter and I understand, it was horrible, but I don’t know why so many people want the real daughter to just be dead and buried when the woman would be Kay Chancellor’s daughter. Could add a lot more to this show than Mackenzie. She could be a new love interest for Victor too, finally a woman around his age. this thing with Ashley is uninteresting and can’t last much longer

  11. Profile photo of josser

    Donna Mills! We know that she can act up a storm. Could you imagine the war between her and Jess Walton?

    Of course, Gloria vs. Jill would make for a great conflict since it would build on all of the issues that exist already between two.

    But Donna Mills…Oh, that would be so great. Then we could have a nice reunion with Ted Shackelford and a seriously vicious triangle with Gloria!

  12. Profile photo of soaplover123

    Please let it not be Gloria. I think the show would lose viewers.

    It could be Nikki considering the way they age in the land of soaps. Katherine and Nikki have always been close like mother and daughter.

  13. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    Oh Lawd – NOOOOOO – not GloHag! Puh-leeze! If they made Gloria be katherine’s daughter, that would just sever the last floss-thin shred of credibility this show has left. ANYBODY but her! Besides, Gloria looks way too old to be Katherine’s daughter anyway.

    I also agree that Nikki is way too young.

    On the top of my wishlist though, I’m pulling for the dearly departed Violet Montgomery to be Katherine’s daughter. After all, she did have Katherine’s ring, right? Then, perhaps Katherine will feel guilty for Cane growing up as an orphan because his mother was given away.

  14. Profile photo of luverica

    Speaking as someone who started watching Y&R back during the era of the Brooks sisters, I would love for Kaye’s daughter to turn out to be Lorrie Brooks and I would love to see Jamie Lynn Bauer. Not only would there be a throwback to some great Y&R history, but Lorrie back in Genoa City would automatically cause some conflict on two fronts.

    1. Jill trapped Lorrie’s father Stuart into marriage by getting pregnant. Even though Jill lost the baby, Lorrie couldn’t stand her and they had their share of confrontations. Lorrie would definitely get the last laugh on Jill if she turns out to be Kaye’s daughter.

    2. Before Nikki, Victor fell head over heels in love with Lorrie. They were engaged to get married but Lorrie got cold feet and basically left Victor at the altar, which broke his heart. She came back some years later to try to pull a scam on Victor which almost succeeded, but she ended up calling it off and leaving town again. Even then Victor still had feelings for her. Imagine the drama that Lorrie could put Nikki through on both the Kaye and Victor fronts.

    Lorrie Brooks was kind of the Brooke Logan of her day. She wasn’t exactly a bitch but she could be bitchy and scheme with the best of them. She could more than hold her own against anyone in Genoa City. I loved her and I would be very happy if Maria brought her back.

    Luke, no offense but Gloria is soooo OVAH! ;-)

  15. Profile photo of DarthChancellor

    I love the idea of Amber’s mom Tawney being Katherine’s daughter, but I think they should recast Donna Mills to play her instead of Andrea Evans. I would love to see Donna Mills on Y&R!!! As for Deidre Hall as Lorie Brooks….I think she would be a better fit as Paul’s mom Mary…..

  16. Profile photo of solafidex

    Does Kay need a daughter? HELL NO!

    I’m really afraid for Y&R – it is becoming so plot driven, and I don’t understand why the writers are trying to create a new arc instead of “playing the beats.”

    For example:
    – P3 needs a DNA test to prove he is who he says he is
    – Abby should be furious with her bio-dad for the way he treated her sister, Colleen
    – Is Jill still working at the salon?

  17. Profile photo of

    Also, I don’t think Gloria will turn out to be Kay’s daughter, but I *do* think Gloria will create an elaborate scheme to “prove” she is Kay’s daughter as part of a “get rich quick” scheme. Think blackmailing DNA technicians and so on. We will get this beat, and that will lead to the revelation of the “true” daughter.

    And this is total wishful thinking, but I’d love for the show to bring back Brenda Dixon in a new role and have her turn out to be Kay’s kid.

  18. Profile photo of arielade

    I haven’t been watching Y&R for more than six years or so, so I’m not sure who the Brooks sisters are but everyone seems to love them.

    Also, was Sharon’s mother ever featured prominently on the show? She’s the only other one in that age range that I can think of. That would make Sharon Kay’s granddaughter, and maybe Kay can get Sharon’s head screwed on straight and stop ho’ing around.

    I think it’s going to be Gloria though…. gulp.

  19. Profile photo of shane1969

    I posted this last week. Let Nina’s mother be Kay’s daughter-thus making Nina Kay’s granddaughter. This would ignite the Jill/Nina feud even further and keep the great Tricia Cast around.

  20. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    Why are they giving Jeanne Cooper another huge, front-burner storyline?? Just what she needs.

    I’m more interested in finding out who Jill’s mother is. I don’t give a rat’s ass who Kay’s kid is.

  21. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    It would be cool if Katherine Chancellor’s daughter was revealed to be…

    Lauralee “Lorie” Brooks played by Jaime Lyn Bauer or Deidre Hall. Either would be great in the role and either’s casting would be buzzworthy – Jaime because of her history with the show and Deidre because, well, she is Deidre Hall. Also, as luverica mentioned, if Lorie is Katherine’s daughter, there is history and built-in story with all the main players in Katherine’s life – Jill, Nikki and Victor.


    Tawny Moore, Amber’s mother, played by Andrea Evans. Andrea needs to return to daytime and in a role that will utilize her “unique” talents. Can’t you just imagine the hi-jinks that would ensue with Tawny as Katherine’s daughter and Amber as her grand-daughter? However, a little comedy on Y&R goes a long way and Jeffrey and Gloria are currently bringing the funny – at least, as much as they can.


    Jamey & Jillian, this choice is just for you. ;-) A new character played by none other than Brenda Dickson. TPTB just need to ensure that the character is DIVA-licious and Brenda will definitely bring her A-game. I would so love to see Brenda mixing it up on screen in scenes with Jess Walton, Melody Thomas Scott, Eric Braeden, Peter Bergman, et.al. It could be delicious.

    However, with any of these choices, the writing would have to be spot on. And this highly-anticipated story could be very good. But, whatever the story direction, please, Please, PLEASE…

    GLORIA CAN NOT, SHOULD NOT, MUST NOT BE REVEALED TO BE KATHERINE CHANCELLOR’S BIOLOGICAL DAUGHTER! However, I have a sinking feeling that this is were the story will lead us.

  22. Profile photo of ChiTownFan

    I want it to be Dru, played by my Victoria Rowell, she acts more like Katherine than the others! Victoria Rowell is bi-racial and her being Kay’s daughter would send Jill’s head spinning.

  23. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I just read on twitter a rumor that Kim Zimmer might join Y&R as Leslie Brooks, and *she* will turn out to be Kay’s daughter. Possible??

    I’ve actually recently been reading up on the Brooks’ sisters…could be interesting I guess.

  24. Profile photo of josser


    Dru is too young to be Katherine’s daughter, who would be in her mid 50s to early 60s (Katherine is 80!). Also, we already know who the father of Katherine’s daughter is, and he’s white.

  25. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    SoapSnob I had to come out of exile to answer you…… HELLS NO!!! Sorry but we aren’t trying to have Brenda D come back on Y&R and they don’t do that mess with the first actress coming back to play another character while the current acress in the character they gave up is on the canvas. SoapSnob shame on you! *LOL*

  26. Profile photo of josser


    You have a great idea! Brenda Dickson for Kay’s daughter! Unfortunately, after Thom Bierdz’s less than stellar return, I doubt the Y&R’s producers would take another risk on a vet. :-(

  27. Profile photo of Scott Novick
    Scott Novick

    I picked the someone else off-screen choice. I want it to be someone new.

    I definitely do not want it to be Gloria. If we get that, we’ll wind up with all this guilt trip about how everything Glo went through with Lowell and Terrible Tom was all Kay’s fault, and maybe even that John might be alive had Kay not given up her daughter. Kay will have enough guilt about giving the child away that she doesn’t need all the burden of Gloria’s woes on top of it.

    As for Nikki, while it would be fitting to have her be Kay’s daughter since Kay treats her like one, I just think it would be a bit contrived. I don’t see a lot of tension, either, since Nikki would probably forgive her BFF for giving her away; after all, Nikki has had her share of screw-ups, hasn’t she? So she is not one to judge Kay.

    And as for bringing back a Brooks sister, a lot of today’s Y&R viewers don’t even know who the Brooks family is. Stuart is not around anymore and his wife Jennifer is long dead, so where is the impact of the story without them. The choice of Lori Brooks especially seems poor given that there was already a paternity story about her back in the day which would have to be thrown out if Katherine and Arthur Hendricks (or one of her other guys) turned out to be Lori’s parents.

  28. Profile photo of

    Whoever said Flo Webster made a greeeeat selection! I’d love to see her be the daughter…she’s sooooo trashy, AND it would keep Nina around! Love it!

    So Tawny Moore, Flo Webster, or a new Brenda Dickson character. These are my top three faves.

  29. Profile photo of josser

    Andrea Evans & Donna Mills are my top picks for outside actresses to play Katherine’s daughter.

    Donna Mills would be my number one choice! She could come to town and make a great play for Victor and Jack!!

  30. Profile photo of east.west

    All of these choices are interesting, but I would go w/someone off screen w/a notable Daytime actress, prolific character actress, or Primetime soap star of yesteryr to play that role. If Tawny were to be Kay’s daughter I can get buy w/that b/c the only reason I tolorate Amber on this show is her friendship w/Kay and to make them kin I would be able to deal. I pray that Gloria doesn’t turn out to be the daughter b/c I heard rumors during LML time at Y&R that was going to happen sometime down the line.

  31. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I personally don’t mind Gloria as a choice. She has had to scratch her way through life. What would happen to her if she had everything she ever wanted? Maybe she would turn nice…. Plus it would be nice for Michael and Kevin to have it a little easier. Especially Kevin.
    Nikki is a little younger than Jill but certainly not that much younger. She has been on Y and R for a very long time. But it would still be cool for her kids not to have to bow down to the mustache anymore.

    My pick though is one noone has named. If Dina Abbott were Kay’s daughter, that would make Ashley and Jack her grandkids. With Jack being on a level playing ground with Victor in the power dept., we could see a renewal of their feud that would reignite the show.
    Maybe recast Dina with Deidre Hall? I think that would work pretty well.

  32. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Dina and Kay were classmates in school. So that can’t work. Yes Nikki is a few years younger than Kay but its known that she was a kid when she first came on the scene and Jill was already an adult in her early to mid 20s.

  33. Profile photo of ATLn30318

    Here’s my two-cents worth: Hell to the No – No 4 GloWorm being Kay’s daughter although I think it be the most drama producing; Judith Chapman is very good at her craft. I think the TPTB or even the actress herself might have submitted her scenes from Michael’s version of It’s A Wonderful Life for Emmy consideration as I was moved to tears by her performance. Since Jeanne Cooper has put it out there that her daughter will be revealed – I can’t come up with a name of an actress to portray her. As for Amber turning out to be Kay’s granddaughter – again I say Hell to the No as I personally can’t stand Adrienne Frantz’s acting as of late on the show. She was tolerable with all the scenes she had with Kay but now – it makes me cringe whenever she’s on screen and I fast forward through any of Amber’s, Daniel’s, Kevin’s and Jana’s storylines.

  34. Profile photo of Freerhythm

    The selection of women in that age range is SO small on the show (Nikki, Jill, and Gloworm being the only ones I can think of). So…I like the idea of connecting her to a grandchild via a new character that’s been off-screen. We don’t know much about Phyllis’s family background, and Michelle Stafford is a helluva actress who could definitely mix things up with the Chancellors. Plus, it would be great to see her doing something besides pining after her adulterous husband. Maybe Sharon’s mother? Hope would be too young, but it would be interesting to see Adam try to go up against someone besides his suddenly stupid father….

    ANYONE BUT GLORIA!!!! Nikki would be “nice,” but there’d be no “oomph” to that storyline….Same with Esther…I hope the Writers have got better ideas than me on this one….(although I’d definitely vote for anything that gets Kim Zimmer back on the screen…perhaps as a revamped Flo Webster?)

  35. Profile photo of Mike Jubinville
    Mike Jubinville
    If Glo-Ho is Katherine’s daughter … sorry, but then I’m turning off this show – probably – forever. That’s just wrong. That is even worse than making Jill/Katherine mother and daughter in the first place. And Gloria tied to the Chancellor’s … I couldn’t take it.

    I think I’m right there with you on that one!

  36. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    How about they drop the whole *Kay had an out of wedlock baby and Jill’s not REALLY a Foster” debacle and never mention it again? Besides, doesn’t Katherine have enough going on in her life with Murphy, Mac, Jill, Nina, Phillip, Billy, Delia etc. etc. etc.? Do we really need to see the “real daughter” show up?

  37. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    Nina doesn’t need to be Kay’s granddaughter just to have an excuse to stick around. She’s already Phillip 4’s mother. Her job was to birth the next generation Chancellor and she’s done that.

    I still say that Katherine’s grandson should be Cane and NOOOOOOOO GLORIA!!!!! Under any circumstances!

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