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Melissa Claire Egan hosts This Week on ABC Daytime. The preview includes scenes of Stacy losing her baby on One Life to Live. Antonio catches Kyle and Fish in a kiss. JR thinks Annie is getting away with murder on All My Children. Jerry tracks down Michael and Kristina on General Hospital. Will Maxie accept Spinelli’s proposal?

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    AMC- I cannot wait until this longer than long SL of who killed Stuart is over! If Kendall did it, just get it over with!

    OLTL- I’m all for Gigi & Schyler! Congratulations Crystal Hunt, you gave a much better performance at losing a baby than Rancid Randi on AMC not that it’s much of a compliment… I’m already over the “will they tell Clint?” stuff at this wedding. And finally Kish = OLTL ratings surge this week i bet

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    I am not impressed with this promo cause GH is so boring now. So Dante’s a cop and another one of Sonny’s spawns, I can’t even muster up enough energy to care.
    GH is still a mess and with Jason hanging around the woman who endangered his son twice and now we have Sonny who is still married to the woman who endangered his son and chasing around Olivia who is a replacement for Kate.
    It is awful how TPTB have it’s two leading men acting like idiots and neither one will get father of the year for how they are treating their kids.
    I am sick and tired of watching Sonny’s spoiled brats day in an day out.
    Nothing on this show is interesting to me.
    I miss the GH that use to be the number one soap but I will not watch this show at all.
    I will watch again when Jason and Elizabeth are reunited and nothing else will bring me back.

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    Cristian finds them kissing not Antonio.

    It’s about time something happened on the Oliver and Kyle front because the storyline needs some movement.

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    I’m still loving GH so I’m happy…..I’m also a little bit wary because I have a feeling it could all fall apart…of course I’m still hoping for notEmiy to die in some sort of freak (or not so freak) accident, only then would I be fully satisfied….

    ITA GH LOVER……That had to be the most obvious secret EVER….mostly because it was easy to figure out even without spoilers….I am starting to like Dante though… If they get rid of Ethan I’d be ecstatic…lol…

    (Just in case Perkie doesn’t post)
    LOVING JASAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they were cute today…. :)

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    Oliver and Kyle’s looked decent. It wasn’t the typical knawing of face or chaste sibling kiss that mostly appear on soaps.

    OLTL is still my favorite ABC soap. I wish the soap would finally get to Layla and Cristian having a relationship! Those two are hottest actors on OLTL!

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    Love this promo. The AMC stuff is tiresome (yes I love MCE too, but the storyline is a dog and I hate that Kendall is suddenly confessing)but I love the OLTL stuff and esp. the GH stuff. Bring on JaSam vs. Jerry. (and how awesome was today when Jason was looking at Sam and we got the first few bars of Just You and Me!! Took me right back…SQUEE!! Did I just say sweet tooth? Yes, you did Jason, yes you did!!!

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    Today’s episode of OLTL was classic soap opera. I actually sat on the edge of my seat during the double wedding scene. The Dorian/Blair moments were hilarious. OLTL should submit this episode as a part of their Emmy reel next year…

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    I just about had a heart attack when they started playing their song……

    I’m also looking forward to the Jerry stuff….Kemo and Sebastien Roche always had great chemistry…..I can almost hear him saying “Sweet Sam”….lol………

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    LOL GhAddict…I saw EET followed by all those !!!!!s and I thought, uh oh, someone is calling me out again LOL

    So glad you had the same reaction. DaisyClover emailed me when she saw news of it on Twitter and she was already going crazy. Can you imagine how crazy the bunch of us are going to get when we get our our first JaSam kiss in years if we are going this nuts over just a few bars of the song!!??!!

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    Love Adam and Annie and Annie and Jr too. Give Darnell Williams and Debbie Morgan a real frontburner s/l. And Susan Lucci too. OLTL is great and the only thing I want is Stacy being run over by a car by Kristina from GH. GH sucks, as always. Bad. Frons and Guza Pink slip.

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    I can’t even think about a kiss…..That just makes me go crazy…..I’ll have to be sure to record that episode because I know I’ll pass out before the kiss is even over and miss the rest of the episode….LOL…..

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    OLTL is the best soap on ABC and this promo proved it. They are giving viewers exactly what they have been asking for–godd storylines. The vets on OLTL are showcased in the double wedding, and it is so nice to see vets instead of teens on screen. Stacy lose her baby–I have to say no one likes Stacy and no one wanted her to have Rex’s child. Schuyler/Gigi may have come as a surprise possible couple but it is a good story to come out of the mess that is Stacy. And Kyle/Fish–another good story told as the characters are developing on screen.
    GH has absolutely nothing interesting or believable right now. Dante is good so far but he alone is not worth tuning in for. Spixie–not buying the great romance, Claudia-don’t feel sorry for her because she is all about revenge. Losing her baby could have softened her, but instead we get more vengeful acts. Sonny/Olivia/Johnny–who cares? Michael/Krisrina–while yes Drew Garrett is great the story sucks. Jason/Sam–not buying it either. These two cannot be a romantic couple again. I don’t know a single parent that would forgive the person who endangered their child/children. GH writers need to study OLTL to see how good stories are told.

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    I did something last night I haven’t done in about 5-6 months.

    Trying to kill time before Jon and Kate returned (grr) and with nothing else on TV, I thought maybe – just maybe it was a decent time to watch AMC and see if it’s improved.

    OH DEAR GOD. With the exception of Jake and Amanda this show is still as awful as it gets. Last I tuned in “Casey Callison” was still alive and her and Jesse’s kid was contemplating becoming a cop. She’s already ensconsed in the PVPD just a few months later. Didn’t Stuart get killed like, 6 weeks ago? Yet Kendull is already on trial?

    In conclusion, I missed Jon and Kate cuz I passed out from sheer boredom.

    Experiment Over. AMC is just horrid. I watched that show ‘all my life’ just about. But no more.

    What a trainwreck….

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    Coolblue – ITA

    I never would have thought that OLTL would be the best soap on ABC..but it is and by miles

    I do love Dante, and while yes we all knew he was going to be a cop, it is nice to see that TIIC did not mess with that storyline because we all know how they love to do that. I absolutely love JOlivia and it pains me that there is a chance of them messing with it for of all people SOnny (Blech)

    While my opinion on JaSam2.0 is known, I am still waiting for better writing, not just throwing them back together because it was a Frons edict.

    And for the record Jason and Sonny both look like potential tards if they stay with women who have endangered not just a child but their own flesh and blood. But I will forgive Jason because he is being written so far from who he is that its almost laughable

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