All My Children and One Life to Live to Go HD and Get More Space as Part of Relocation

Both All My Children and One Life to Live will look a lot different once they make their respective moves starting this December. According to sources, both shows will now be shot in high definition. AMC is set to move to LA in December and begin filiming in Los Angeles on January 4. The show will begin airing in HD in February. OLTL will also begin being filmed in HD once it moves to AMC’s old studio which is reportedly 30 percent bigger than OLTL’s current studio.

AMC’s LA space is reportedly twice as big as its current studio, complete with two stages where permanent sets can be built.


Update: ABC has issued an official press release concerning the moves. The press release in its entireity follows below:

"All My Children" and "One Life to Live" are getting new homes — but you can still catch them at their old times.

ABC Daytime announced today that it would move production of "All My Children" from New York to Los Angeles and that "One Life to Live" would move into "All My Children’s" former New York space, giving both shows facility upgrades and streamlined production models.

"All My Children’s" new facility is twice as large as its current one. It includes two stages, which will allow it to keep more standing sets. It will also allow the series to switch immediately from standard-definition to high-definition TV.

"One Life to Live" will enjoy similar upgrades when the show moves into "All My Children’s" old home, which is 30 percent larger than "One Life to Live’s" current space.

After the show relocates in December, "All My Children" will begin taping episodes in Los Angeles the week of Jan. 4, 2010, and will begin airing in HD in February. The move of "One Life To Live" to its new home takes place soon after "All My Children" relocates.

"All My Children is one of the most recognizable brands in television, and we are committed to continue telling and enhancing the stories of the residents of Pine Valley," said Brian Frons, president of the Daytime division of the Disney/ABC Television Group. "The move to Los Angeles enables both ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ to dramatically improve the series production models and achieve significant efficiencies while enhancing each show. We had to examine every option on the table to combat the current economic realities, and rising costs of production, and we are doing it in a way that makes each of our shows stronger."

"I am so grateful for the wonderful commitment from ABC to ‘All My Children,’" said Agnes Nixon, creator of both shows. "While I will miss being able to run over to the show … it feels a little like I am sending one of my children off to be married. … I am glad the network is making moves that will enable the team to continue telling stories about Pine Valley. … There are many more secrets to be revealed."

"All My Children" has been on the air for 39 years,"One Life to Life" for 41, and both have enjoyed critical acclaim since their inception. "One Life to Live" was the most honored show at the 2008 Daytime Emmy Awards, with a total of 13 nominations that garnered six wins. "All My Children" earned 19 Daytime Emmy nominations.

Despite the changes in production location, "All My Children" will still air from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. ET every weekday on ABC, with "One Life to Live" following from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET.

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  1. Profile photo of dkp

    Thanks. I wonder if this AMC going to LA experiment works, if OLTL will be next. Since ATWT will likely be canceled come 2010, OLTL would be the only east coast soap left.

  2. Profile photo of KMRDaytime

    If AMC is getting more studio space and OLTL is left behind in the smaller NYC space it probably means OLTL is the least favored at ABC (no surprises there) so no matter how wonderful it is, it is likely the first to go…

    Do you think Frons thinks if he gets rid of one of the only two soaps worth watching we will suddenly think the AMC mess and GH nightmare are worth watching?

  3. Profile photo of gush900

    The big question is who will amc be losing im sure not all the actors our on board for this move.On the plus side i guess you may see old amc vets return like justin bruening,Rebecca Budig.I personally think overall with all the history this show has with being in new york this is dreadful.Im sure pratt was whispering in fron’s ear.

  4. Profile photo of amberwaves

    OLTL will look GORGEOUS in HD because the show is lit wonderfully.

    AMC will look even cheaper and crappier than it does now. They will have to lose their neon bright lighting because HD does not allow it. Somehow GH still managed to look like garbage with HD and revamped lighting (The hospital set excluded)

  5. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Besides losing some actors what is bad about the moves? I’m really asking so if anyone has the answer please let me know.
    I mean, it looks like ABC is still willing to do what it takes to save their shows unlike CBS(P&G and Bell) and NBC.

    Also, what is exactly does the HD switch mean in the long run? Why are they doing it.

    Help a sister out, I’m really cluless when it comes to these things

  6. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    AMC’s almost impossible to watch during the confusion and fusion scenes because of all the white. If all that white is in HD it will be like being blinded by the reflection of snow on a daily basis.

    OLTL on the other hand will look AMAZING.

  7. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    troymclure, my reasons for not liking the move are just personal and selfish. As a frequent visitor to NYC (and a lover of the city), I like that all of those stars are in the city. They’re always raising money for good causes by making appearances. They get to do stage work, they appear on shows like The View (which is in the same building), and there’s always a chance of seeing them around Manhattan. Also, some of the non-contract players could occasionally turn up on Law & Order or other shows done in the city. I just think it’s going to be a loss to have all of those people leave New York.

    Also, when I used to watch General Hospital, it was always in the back of my mind that the show was supposed to be set in upstate New York, but it was done in California. If I ever start watching AMC again, I know I’ll have the same feeling.

    I didn’t say my reasons were RATIONAL!!! ;-)

  8. Profile photo of At50

    “AMC’s almost impossible to watch during the confusion and fusion scenes because of all the white. If all that white is in HD it will be like being blinded by the reflection of snow on a daily basis”

    I think the set might end up being replaced or changed. GH built the new hospital set for HD so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the sets are revamped for HD.

    “The big question is who will amc be losing im sure not all the actors our on board for this move.On the plus side i guess you may see old amc vets return like justin bruening,Rebecca Budig.”

    I think AMC may try to lure back old favorites living in LA to prevent a ratings loss when some of the cast leaves. One of the main reasons Rebecca Budig left was because her husband is in LA so I wouldn’t be surprised if she returns.

  9. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    Call me naive, but I think this is good for both shows. I doubt ABC would invest capital if the shows were immediately circling the drain. I’d be worried if their new soundstage was the streets of Peapack and rather than HD we’d be treated to seing our stars in natural light. Salaries and misogynistic story telling aside, ABC is the only network that is reinvesting in the soaps currently.

  10. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Tvgord thanks for giving me your personal reasons. They might not be rational but they are as valid as any. I can definitely see many NY based actors starting to suffer. GL will be gone, ATWT is pretty much dead and now AMC.

    For me, whatever saves the genre is ok with me and at least ABC is willing to give it a valid shot

  11. Profile photo of rocki345

    Dang! They are changing venues quick. Can’t networks when making changes( whether moving or canceling a soap) at least give these shows a year heads up!!! I mean it ain’t gonna be easy for the show or the cast to just up & move or figure out career decisions in just three months time. Its like GL, being officially & abruptly told that you’re canceled, only given 3 months to tell story and plan new career moves, I mean thats just F’d up and unfair.

  12. Profile photo of dsrbroadway

    One of the many reasons I’ll miss AMC is NY is having so many local theatre actors (who truly value the craft of acting) get cast in roles of varying size on the show. With the show going to LA, and Pratt in control, I just worry we’re going to prettier, more questionable casting choices.


    Has anyone thought about the Thorsten Kaye/Susan Haskell situation? I would hate to lose Susan Haskell, but as a non-fan of Zach, I would have to say I would risk losing her to keep Zach from taking over Llanview.

  13. Profile photo of season1217

    On the plus side i guess you may see old amc vets return like Justin bruening,Rebecca Budig.

    How long have you been watching that you consider Justin Bruening and Rebecca Budig vets?! If that’s the case than Eden Riegel should be collecting social security.

  14. Profile photo of At50

    “How long have you been watching that you consider Justin Bruening and Rebecca Budig vets?! If that’s the case than Eden Riegel should be collecting social security.”

    Vet doesn’t have to mean old. Rebecca Budg first appeared on AMC ten years ago. I think that could qualify her as a soap vet.

  15. Profile photo of chelsea13

    I feel sorry for the crew members who just lost their jobs with this move. Especially in this economy. I mean these people have probably been with the show for it’s entire run and for this happen to them, it sucks.

  16. Profile photo of PattyRenee

    I wonder how S.California will pass for PA? No way this can happen as AMC has many outside shots. Maybe the so called,ocean,will,finally, be real now though! How will the stars stay out of the sun to look like PA people?
    This should be fun to watch!

  17. Profile photo of keanna

    I do feel bad for the crew memebers, maybe they can get transfered to L.A. Still say it is going to be interesting to see who stays and who goes. Get new writers and EP should be next on the to do list.

  18. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    I think that this is encouraging news for AMC and OLTL as I am hesitant to believe that, in these economic times, ABC would invest the kind of capital that these moves and production upgrades will incur without expecting a return on that investment. At least it appears that ABC is willing to give its shows a fighting chance. And that is commendable. (I also hope that ABC observes some level of patience while awaiting the return on their investment.) However, following the move and production upgrade, AMC MUST receive a new Head Writer and Executive Producer if it is truly to remain viable. OLTL can just continue as the “little soap that could” in bigger, more comfortable surroundings and in HD.

  19. Profile photo of katclaws

    “Do you think Frons thinks if he gets rid of one of the only two soaps worth watching we will suddenly think the AMC mess and GH nightmare are worth watching?”

    ITA with you KMRDaytime. It’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  20. Profile photo of myworld

    I have a different way of looking at the recent ABC moves.

    Let us think about somthing, this move that ABC is going to have is a huge risk.

    It is not clear who will be on the ride for the move or stay behind and who will travel from NYC to LA from AMC, but OLTL will not have these worries at all.

    I get that AMC is getting the new space and it may appear that they are getting the better deal, but OLTL is not at risk story wise and that is what matters.

    It seems like to me that ABC knows that OLTL is solid and they are not even considering messing with that cast instead are getting more space and cool new look.

    I have a feeling the bigger risk here is AMC not OLTL.

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Isnt AM’s husband a restaurateur? And yeah, TK and SH?? WOW. I could see them trying to bring back AH somehow. WOW…I am still processing all of this in my head, but I think I am with TroyMcClure on this one. Whatever you say about Frons, clearly this is a major investment in the genre and that should be applauded.

  22. Profile photo of dsrbroadway

    OLTL is, to me, the best looking show on daytime television – mainly because they’ve had to stretch their creativity to present this town in a small space and small budget. it’s meant a stronger emphasis on creative blocking, light, camera angles, and set design.

    {erhaps I’m in the minority but AMC, on the other hand, is full of expensive looking, but not very visually appealing sets, the lighting has been atrocious for years, and the blocking, which I thought they excelled at for a very long time, has not been so since they went all hand-held.

    I just hope OLTL remembers its roots and doesn’t get to big for its bigger britches.

  23. Profile photo of dsrbroadway

    I honestly can’t imagine the few vets that are left making the move to LA. I fear in the end we will lose David Canary and Susan Lucci, unless they want work a couple of years and then retire in the warmer climes.

    Or maybe they will work out a schedule where they work half the year to maintain their lives in NY?

  24. Profile photo of josser

    Look, this ensures that both AMC and OLTL will be on in 2010 and possibly 2011. That’s pretty damn good news.

    I’m interested in hearing about the details. Will ABC pay provide relocation assistance to the cast?

  25. Profile photo of elbugten

    I’m concerned about TK and SH. I like both of them in each of their roles, and I’d hate to lose either of them, but I can’t see them doing a bicoastal relationship on a permanent basis. I also worry we may lose Alicia Minshew in the process, since her baby is due in November and she’ll be dealing with becoming a new mom right around the time of the big move.

    I agree that this is an investment in both shows, and it really is good news. I’m a little sad to see AMC leave NYC, and to see OLTL move down the street. Their building had character; it looks a lot like a castle on the outside, with turrets. Plus as a fan, the potential to meet one of OLTL’s stars was pretty great, since the building had only one entrance. The building where AMC tapes now is much larger and has several entrances. But I’m sure the OLTL actors will be glad to finally leave their dungeon basement dressing rooms!

    I’m eager to hear who will be making the move to LA.

  26. Profile photo of goyankees



    Seriously, that was the first thought I had hearing this news.

    I said it before, this crap could move to the MOOOON and it still sucks.

    Good luck to OLTL. I can’t wait to tune back in once Stacy is gone. And I will not till she is.

  27. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Even if we get some veterans returning to AMC with the move to California will it be any good if the writing’s not there? I can’t even see James Mitchell wanting to return if they’re going to mess with Palmer.
    I just hope OLTL is still in the running at this point. I hate to sound stupid, but will the sets still be the same?

  28. Profile photo of DarylE

    Oh yeah .. Budig and that sensationally UNtalented Justin Breuning are all I care about NOT .. sadly I can forsee losing Thorsten and Alicia … personally I couldnt care less if Matheson moves or not .. same for Melissa whatshername

  29. Profile photo of CGat

    Well, the era of the East Coast SoapOpera looks like it’s over. Of the 4 standing as of now, one will be gone in September, one in January, and it’s becoming clearer that one will be ending with in the next year. So I guess OLTL is the will be the only East Coaster from this point next year…

  30. Profile photo of

    I have a feeling Frons and Thorsten will reach a deal where TK returns to OLTL as Patrick. It makes the most sense—if TK wants to stay in NYC, then move him to OLTL rather than lose him entirely.

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