BREAKING NEWS: I TOLD Y’all, All My Children MOVES to LA; OLTL Gets AMC Studio!

As I previously reportedAll My Children is moving to Los Angeles. Sister soap One Life to Live will now move into AMC’s former New York studio, with both soaps getting streamlined production modules and facility improvements. ABC Daytime President Brian Frons just broke the news on the set of AMC to the cast and crew! Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as this story develops!

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  1. Profile photo of josser

    Bummer!! I feel sorry for the cast and WORSE for the crew. This means that probably 98% of stage, production, and make up crew will be laid off. That’s awful.

    Thorsten Kaye’s wife appears as Marty on OLTL. One of them will probably leave daytime. :-(

    Susan Lucci? Michael E. Knight? David Canary?

    How many of the cast will want to make the move?

  2. Profile photo of ghaddict

    I wonder what this means for OLTL……..It seems to me that if any of the ABC soaps are to be canceled….it would be that one….which is sad…..although I don’t watch it….

  3. Profile photo of LoTr1985

    Wow! I wonder what all those vets are going to do. Will they stick around or do what Gearhy does over @ GH and do a couple months in couple months out thing.

    I can’t IMAGINE AMC w/out Luci or Canary. And I feel so badly for the crew. Wonder if any of them are being offered chance to move on to LA or they’re just being let go. That just sucks.

    But I can’t blame them. The unions in NYC are ridiculous! The fact that you can’t have permanent sets really hinders your ability to save money. I now understand all this pushing to take the filming outside.

    In any event…best of luck to EVERYONE.

  4. Profile photo of chris345

    This so explains why GT has not signed with OLTL and neithe did DC as of now. They must have been notified of the possible changes during the contract discussions.

    Sounds like OLTL is the shaky ABC show.
    So perhaps moving to LA for soaps is the only option now. That’s if you hope to be employeed for more than one year tops 2.

    If GT goes west who could she play..
    AMC Harley, recast Liza
    GH brenda or maybe she is going to play Scott’s daugther.
    Y&R Victoria
    B&B they can make one up.

  5. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I wonder how many actors will walk they don’t need to during these economic times but I bet amc loses zendell alisha can’t move right now she’s pregnant and like others said thorsten or susan will have to quit they don’t strike me as the bicostal type and susan lucci will be gone to. :(

  6. Profile photo of rocki345

    This news is quite bittersweet for AMC. I know they gotta do what they gotta do to stay on air. But it sucks that this is gonna cost alot of crew members(perhaps some cast also)their jobs.

  7. Profile photo of Smitty

    Just a general question for anyone that can answer…so does this buy AMC or OLTL more time on the air? I know you all had reported that there were talking of possibly cancelling one of the ABC soaps? I’m trying to determine if this is good news for daytime because lord knows we don’t need anymore bad news.

  8. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Why not cut soaps to 30 min? That way the networks could save money by filling the extra 30 min with a talk news or game show? Or would that just make to much sense?

  9. Profile photo of amberwaves

    F–k ABC! It sure as heck makes OLTL the shaky soap. Please go and read the original DC report..

    This probably means OLTL has two years left, at the most..

    This move is actually a sign that AMC and GH soaps are the soaps that ABC will attempt to save, per the article.

    Come on OLTL, get those ratings UP.

    Such a shame for all of the laid off crew members.

    I would think that Lucci is PISSED. Somehow it is making Nelson’s recurring rumor true..

  10. Profile photo of Llanview76

    I just read the article on Soap…gosh, not only do they constantly have to correct their newsflashes but it seems their tone in several referances to DC are a bit curt.

  11. Profile photo of appleridge

    This should buy both shows ore time
    two questions
    What does streamlined prodctio mean
    Is AMC’s current bigger than OLTL current one and will they no longer have 2 break down sets on a daily basi with OLTL moving 2 AMC’s studio?

  12. Profile photo of josser

    Just what will be left of AMC if it loses Lucci, Knight, Canary, Williams, Morgan, Minshew, or Irrizary.

    Hell, this is probably a certain end to Doc Martin. I can’t imagine that his portrayer would want to venture west.

  13. Profile photo of heddalee

    I think this is good news for ABC Daytime in general. All three soaps can breathe a bit easier. If need be, OLTL will probably be moved to the West Coast to give it more time on the air, down the road. I suspect ABC plans to do it, but the chaos of moving two shows at once is too much.

    Plus, it’s not like All My Children is going to thrive in LA. It’s an incoherent mess that’s about to be majorly disrupted by this move, from production to stories to the cast roster. AMC will continue to drift towards oblivion, just less expensively for ABC.

  14. Profile photo of aveRex

    This really sux for daytime. I believe we are truly witness the end of a great genre. OLTL will probably get canceled bc of this. OR, maybe it is a setup to really cancel AMC? My guess would be that not even half of the cast would pick up and relocate to L A., but who knows.

    I guess the timetable of this transition is several months away…January 2010?

    Quite depressing.

  15. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I wonder if gl would of survived more years if they had moved the show to la years ago? Well at least abc is doing something instaed of just letting them die weather it be good or bad

  16. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    Don’t pay enough attention to know, but with the math involved, OLTL will be the only soap left on the east coast after next year. This could mean OLTL is going too.

    I wonder, why don’t they film in Canada? Primetime does it to save money. Is it that they think no talent will freeze their butts off to do a soap opera? Well, no talent really wants to do a soap now, so I don’t see how it would be that big of a risk. You might be surprised by the turn of events it will create. The unknown beats the known in this case.

  17. Profile photo of luverica

    When are they exactly moving? If they wait until 2010, then I certainly wouldn’t hold it against my girl Susan if she just say, ‘I did my 40 years of service. See ya!’

  18. Profile photo of Katjoy26

    I think in the long run this is very bad for daytime. And I feel very bad for the cast and crew which was apparently outright lied to! But Jamey, once daytime finally puts the last nail it ITS OWN coffin I hope you get a reporting job from the Capital or the White House. You are obviously able to fine great sources! So congrats to you.

  19. Profile photo of east.west

    Another pt. for Jamey and the DC crew on still being the place for the breaking news in Daytime. Here’s a novel idea for the AMC: LA. Fire Pratt & JHC and get someone in there that will care for the shows rich history while bringing something new. B/C this move is a way to start fresh, but they won’t do it.

  20. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Yeah, it is going to need a whole lot more than just moving the show to another coast. It needs new writers because Pratt sux the heck at of any soap.

    Get rid of the talentless actors like Randi, Natalia, Colby, NuLiza, the new DA, and Marissa and bring back some legacy characters like Mateo and Hayley’s kids, Brooke English daughter Laura, or other legacy children with talented actors to fill the role.

    Focus on the Hubbards and Erica Kane and back burner Ryan, Kendall, Zach and the kids. They need a long break from our screens and put Amanda, Tad, Jake, Jr, David and give them good s/ls.

    Please let the soaps survive for another twenty years.

  21. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Jamey, can you do an article about the pros and cons of this event? I don’t understand if this is negative or positive.

    I can see the negative aspects but as a whole it seems as though ABC is still willing to do what it takes to save their soaps.

  22. Profile photo of east.west

    Roger over at welovesoaps posted a great idea. Recentering the show around Bianca, but like I have been posting here and at Goldderby, the only way I can see positive changes is if Pratt & JHC are gone.

  23. Profile photo of uofmichgrad99

    Applause to Frons for finding a creative solution for keeping all 3 ABC soaps on the air. The press conference today could have easily been the announcement of the cancellation of OLTL. Trust me, that was strongly considered. The fact that ABC is still investing quite a bit in the daytime drama lineup should be commended. A relocation is far from cheap. The intial costs will exceed by far the return investment. OLTL, the most cost efficient soap in daytime, will be even more “lean” with more studio space on W. 66th street. AMC will lose some stars, but in these hard times, most of the cast will relocate. All in all, this is a positive step in the right direction for keeping the ABC 3 hour block together. I bet we will see crossovers with AMC/GH. Erica Kane meeting Luke Spencer…lol. I just can’t wait for Robin Christopher to return now!

  24. Profile photo of KDMASK

    I for one feel badly for the staff/crew in NYC. I am thinking that CA may have a clause to hire their Union workers. Many ppl have been in NYC since the early ’70’s. Not to mention the actors–it’s a huge blow to NYC. I also love the flavor of AMC being in NYC and the ability to do remotes that look real.

    I still think this doesn’t bode well for OLTL, just sayin’.

  25. Profile photo of season1217

    I really thought DC lost their minds with this rumor. My apologies! I was wrong..

    Oh no! Make no mistake they all have lost their minds but they have very good sources when it comes to what’s going on in the world of soaps.

  26. Profile photo of keanna

    I have to say Jamey and DC was on the money once again.
    I agree you guys should do an article on whether or not this is a good or bad move. OLTL will move to AMC’s studio. It is going to be interesting to see if AMC’s top talent will make the move. I still say they should have move to Canada or Connecticut. Also, they need new EP and HW. Bring back characters like Brooke, Laura, Reggie, Dani, Sean, recast Colby, a Santos or two. Get rid of characters like Taylor, Randi, and Marissa. This should be very interesting.

  27. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    I probably annoy the readers/viewers/posters of this site because I try and be positive about most things that happen in daytime. One could say that ABC is making these changes in hopes of not having to cancel one of the shows. OLTL never seems to go over budget. Apparently, that is not true of AMC. If actors refuse to go to California that is certainly their right, but job assignments get relocated all the time in the working class world. I hope we continue to have Adam, Tad, and Erica in Pine Valley, but if the actors who play them refuse to go, so be it.

    I agree that the writing on AMC is weak, but it seems a little better than it was a few months ago. I think Brian Frons wants the ABC soap lineup to do well. Unfortunately what he thinks daytime should be and what long time fans, like myself, think it should be are two very different things…and that is the problem.

    Soaps should never be plot driver…always character driver…I miss the Douglas Marland and Claire Labines of daytime!

  28. Profile photo of pecola

    I won’t be sure how to feel about this until I hear who’s making the trek with the show to the left coast. Of course, if some people don’t make the trek, I won’t be disappointed.

    Whatever the case, ABC should use the money they’re saving with this move and offer Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun whatever it takes to become regulars.

  29. Profile photo of DaytimeFan0001

    I for one think this is great news. We all saw how much it cost ABC to move GH over to HD. Now with these two, it is truely a big investment. Someone over there is behind these shows. That’s more than I can say for Bloom over at the Eye.

  30. Profile photo of awtribute

    This is the 1st big soap move west since The Brighter Day–it didn’t last long afterward with many of it’s actors not wanting to or being able to make the move; supposedly there were continuity issues afterward as well. Wow, only 2 NYC soaps left after this…I never would have guessed.

  31. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    Daytime Confidential rocks!
    I read this morning on another soap site they were quoting ABC saying it was a rumor! HA!

    This is so surreal…..AMC not in NY….my first thoughts were for the crew/makeup/wardrobe anyone else not making the big bucks.

    This is a HUGE shake up for AMC- can it survive?

  32. Profile photo of binksfan999

    ITA!!! Bring back Riegel and Tamara Braun back. Hell, Riegel lives in LA. Maybe this will induce her to become more of a regular now that she doesn’t have to travel as far. Of course, Pratt would have to resign first.

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