Brooke Returns From Her Leave of Absence on B&B

Wow, that was fast. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) returns from her leave of absence, just in time to give a motivational speach to the down-in-the-dumps Forrester team. The only thing missing is her pom poms.

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    Now, today’s confrontation between Brooke and Stephanie reminded me of their confrontations in the 80’s and 90’s. It is one of the best feuds in daytime. Give me more. Bridge will be together. It is just a matter of time and Stephanie will again look like a fool along with that thing named Taylor…lol. I love it!

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    Hey, I hate Brooke, but KKL is a great actress and she makes me feel for Brooke, sometimes does, not always. But I just think this back and forth is getting old and fans are tired of it. Move Brooke on with someone else. :(

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    Simonstuart2003, I hear you. I feel the same way about Eileen Davidson. I like her as an actress but hate Ashley. This story arc will always focus on this back and forth triangle. The same is happening on Y&R with Victor, Nikki and Ashely. Brooke may move on with someone temporarily but Ridge will be her choice when the show ends. Just as Nikki and Victor will be together in the end.

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    kassam1964, You should be ashamed of yourself talking about the queen bee, Brooke Logan like that! Katherine Kelly Lang and Susan Flannery ARE the Bold and the Beautiful. Get with the program and be down with the WHORE. (smile)

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