Louise Sorel Talks Pigeon With We Love Soaps!

Santa Barbara fans you are in for an anniversary treat! Well, it’s more like an appetizer (Pigeon perhaps?). We Love SoapsDamon Jacobs recently had lunch with the fabu Louise Sorel, and has sneak peek on WLS’s latest podcast. Check it out here!

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    J Bernard Jones

    PIGEON PUFFS!!! I so remember that scene when she served the pigeon and the look on Laken’s face! LOL

    I just fell out of my chair when she said — in talking about protecting animals — she’d kill Sarah Palin as soon as she got the gun in her hand! ROFL

    And her Dame Judith Anderson impression is HILARIOUSLY dead on!

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    Sorel’s interview was great. I’d encourage everyone to listen to it.

    With Days adding at least 3 actors to contract and recurring positions in the fall, I wonder how that will affect other actors on the show. Will Days eliminate other characters to make room for these characters?

    Days has an difficult job of weaving these new characters onto the show to maintain what is working today and make it even better.

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