OLTL Casts Tonye Patano and Frankie Faison

One Life to Live has cast Weeds star Tonye Patano and The Wire star Frankie Faison as the mother and father of Shaun, Greg and Destiny Evans, according to Soap Opera Digest. I just finished writing about how OLTL has taken great care in rebuilding its African American cast in Why One Life to Live Deserves to be the Last ABC Soap Standing and discovered this. Weeds is one of my favorite comedies and for the first several seasons Patano was one of the reasons why I fell in love with it. Their first air date is September 10.


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Can't wait to see Tonye Patano on my t.v. regularly again. LOVED her on Weeds and have sorely missed her. I can totally buy her as Destiny's mother she had to get her straight talkin' from someone like that. Great casting choice TBTP at One Life.

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8 April 2009
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OMG, Tonye Patano!

I absolutely ADORE her from the first few seasons of Weeds (it's not an accident that the show started to SUCK after she left).

I. Can't. Freakin'. Wait.

Kudos to OLTL.

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Great casting! I like how OLTL has a diverse set of African-American actors. Some soaps (Y&R) tend to feature only lighter or mixed looking African-Americans.

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I like the Frankie Faison casting. I know he's done a ton of stuff, but I always think of him as the slum landlord in Coming To America .

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Some soaps (Y&R) tend to feature only lighter or mixed looking African-Americans.

You mean light, bright, damn near white?

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It's the "Year of the Parents" on OLTL!

The Brennan's - Phil & Cindy
The Rivera's - Ernesto & Aurelia
The Evan's - Richard & Phylicia
The Fish's - George & Barbara

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Ceila? Yay! I'm all in. *Great* casting moves, OLTL.

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Now to pull a card out of Jamey's FANTASY CASTING/PLOTINES:

Let Phylicia be Sadie Gray's daughter and Carla's sister. There's already built-in animosity between the sisters as Phylicia had to pick up the slack in the home after Carla's disappearance. Tension was created more after Sadie was reunited with Carla while Carla begged Sadie to keep her secret. Fast forward to today where ADA Carla (Tracey Ross) returns to town after Sadie dies.


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I totally agree about casting. OLTL doesn't mind casting the brown. I, for one, appreciate it.