Why One Life to Live Deserves to be The Last ABC Soap Standing

The best argument the soap opera genre can make in favor of its own survival airs at 2pm EST on ABC/ 9pm EST on  SOAPnet. Its name is One Life to Live.

OLTL’s fictional town of Llanview, PA. is a town rich in history, overflowing with talent, boisterous in personality and uninhibited by an addiction to one or two characters.

Monday’s nod to Grey Gardens–acted out by the fantastic foursome of Robin Strasser, Kassie DePaiva, Trevor St. John and Florencia Lozano–and the seamlessness with which it was woven into the double wedding ceremony of Viki  to Charlie and Nora to Clint is one of many examples of why OLTL has surpassed The Young and the Restless as the genre’s most well-written soap opera. 

Unlike the majority of their competitors, Ron Carlivati and his team of writers are not bankrupt of fresh ideas. Guided by the steady hand of Executive Producer Frank Valentini, the team at OLTL is willing to think outside the box, put new twists on classic soap opera clichés and pull from their show’s storied past, even if it means confronting controversial topics, or the possibility that a storyline could bomb.

Critics have accused Valentini and Carlivati’s version of OLTL of recycling old storylines, but in the words Eddie Cibrian‘s alleged temptress LeAnn Rimes “there is nothing new under the moon.” The difference is Ron & Co. turn what they recycle into fertilizer. Some of it may stink–i.e. the Morasco Fiasco– at times, but almost always something significantly better or beautiful grows up out of it.

The against-all-odds determination to make the best out of bad story ideas handed down from above, has given OLTL viewers innumerable episodic gems. This would not be possible without the genre’s most malleable stable of actors. No soap opera boasts a more well-rounded, diversified cast of veteran actors or legacy characters, twentysomethings, integrated new actors and characters, racial and sexual minorities, or as strong a stable of teen actors and characters.

OLTL is a true ensemble drama. Unlike network siblings General Hospital or All My Children, OLTL rotates its cast in A, B and C storylines. OLTL’s storylines don’t revolve around the same five characters over and over again.

No other soap currently on the air— save for Y&R— drives storyline by showcasing its veteran and/or legacy characters the way OLTL does. Erika Slezak as Viki, Robin Strasser as Dorian, Hillary B. Smith as Nora, Robert S. Woods as Bo, Kassie DePaiva as Blair, Florencia Lozano as Tea and Susan Haskell as Marty, Trevor St. John as Todd and Jerry Ver Dorn as Clint, are utilized day in and day out.
While Y&R may also embrace their vets, you could fly the Starship Enterprise through the gaping hole left by its under 20-cast. OLTL doesn’t have that problem. OLTL features the best stable of teen/young adult actors and characters in daytime. Austin Williams (Jack), Brittany Underwood (Langston), Eddie Alderson (Matthew), Jason Tam (Markko), Kristen Alderson (Starr), Shenell Edmonds (Destiny) and  Brandon Buddy (Cole) outshine most of their industry peers five-days-a-week.

By comparison, All My Children, a soap opera obsessed with youth and beauty, unfortunately doesn’t take the necessary steps to ensure their pretty, young faces actually know how to act. Perhaps Julie Hanan Caruthers can approach the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency about the possibility of merging the two shows? They could rename it All My Modeling Agencies and air it on NoSOAPsnet.

With the exception of Billy Miller (who is now on Y&R),  Adam Mayfield (Scott), Daniel Kennedy (Petey), Ambyr Childers (ex-Colby) and Lucy Merriam (Emma), AMC  hasn’t cast anyone who can act under 30— let alone 20— in at least three or four years.

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    I don’t watch OLTL regularly, but ICAM about the bankrupt storylines on GH and the painfully bad acting from the younger crowd on AMC. Just based on what I am reading/seeing briefly, OLTL has more genuinely involving storylines and lively, exciting writing.

    My main problem with OLTL at the moment is the overly light touch being used with the Tea/Todd/Blair storyline. These characters are all very dark, IMHO, and while I appreciate their comedic talents, I find it difficult to REALLY believe that any of them really have strong (albeit twisted) feelings for each other.

    My heart will always belong to GH, damn them, so I don’t want GH to be cancelled before OLTL. But I have to reluctantly endorse this post. OLTL deserves to be the last ABC soap standing.

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    I agree, what a great post Luke. While the show isn’t perfect and has some issues, overall it’s a very enjoyable show. Like you said, one of the few soaps that does a decent job at using it’s vets, but at the same time adding some new younger characters that I’m liking. Plus, it’s rebuilding the minorities on the canvas, which is a great thing.

    Then there’s my favorite story and main reason for watching, Kyle and Fish. Show’s doing a great job with these two, beating out ATWT and Y&R (who would have thought that?), just needs a tad bit more airitme and would be even better.

    I think OLTL deserves to be the last ABC soap standing as well.

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    Great post Luke. Even though I don’t currently watch OLTL (GL is taking up all my time) I always thought it was the best out of the ABC soaps and that is why I was so happy about Gina Tognoni and Daniel Cosgrove going there. What the hell happened with that?? According to DC and every other soap press they were both pretty much a done deal and then nothing??

    DC, you haven’t reported on this, any news?? Was OLTL lowballing them, was the reports phony??? What happened????

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    Great piece Commander Luke! I agree w/ a lot of what you wrote. Though I tend to be more critical of Campivati – oops, Carlivati – and Valentini, I do think they do A LOT of things right.

    Of course, my hope is that no more soaps get cancelled, but…

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    disillusioned GH fan

    I couldn’t agree with this statement more. I have always kept my eye on OLTL, even if not faithfully until I came to the conclusion that “the soap of luke and laura” had indeed died and appears never to return.

    OLTL knows how to reinvent the wheel, it knows how to take once popular and already told storylines and use them again by expanding on them and enriching them for the better. OLTL rarely destroys it’s legacy characters, instead, lets their aura live on even when they have long moved on.

    ABC daytime, as far as soaps are concerned, aren’t exactly responsible leaders and managers for the jobs they must fulfill day in and day out. If I performed my duties at work the way they do, I’d have been fired and blacklisted long-long ago! You just watch and see, they will kill off daytime as we know it, which has been their goal and if save only one soap, it’ll be the “branded” soap. The soap that brought us luke and laura and then destroyed them with the likes of an affair riddled marriage that spawned the likes of Teethan (what a god aweful reinvention of history)!! General Hospital can rot in it’s in own sewage, but thats what the TPTB swim in it seems!!

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    I would like for more current characters to be rooted to the past, make more of OLTL’s history come full circle. I think Mimi King being the mother of Gigi and Stacey would be fun! Also, Herb Callision coming back would be nice too…Dorian needs one of her greatest loves of all to come back to her.

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    I would like for more current characters to be rooted to the past, make more of OLTL’s history come full circle. I think Mimi King being the mother of Gigi and Stacey would be fun! Also, Herb Callision coming back would be nice too…Dorian needs one of her greatest loves of all to come back to her.

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    Here, Here Luke!!! Because of all this and the DC staffs high praise I deserted GH at the beginning of this year and fell immediately in love with OLTL. I admit sometimes there are things I do not like but I can still stand to sit and suffer through it as opposed to the garbage on GH that had me fast forwarding through most of the main story lines. I really love most of the casts and even the ones that have smaller parts in the B and C story lines don’t disappoint. But I have to say it is the writing and the creative forces that keep me with this show. They love to tell stories and that’s the great thing about it, not much feels contrived. I’ve become a loyal fan because TBTP are loyal to fans (as loyal as they can be with their network exec in charge) and as long as the remain so they will keep my viewership.

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    I used to love GH and would have fought for it’s survival, but the show’s not really recognizable to me anymore. If it got cancelled, I wouldn’t care.

    As for OLTL, I was never a fan growing up, but have dabbled in it off and on for years. Lately, it’s been the one ABC show that I watch consistently… not just cause I recognize the characters, but also appreciate the diversity and the gay storylines. I do think the cast skews a little young for me, but I can’t complain, as long as Viki, Dorian, David, Tea, Roxy, Lindsay and Todd are around. I would get rid of stacy, re-cast Blair with an Asian and bring back Evangeline, but those are small things.

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    I 100% agree. OLTL should be the last soap standing. However, I think GH will be the last soap standing, even if it’s in last place. It’s ABC’s “flagship” soap. Barf. GH doesn’t listen to their fans and they deserve to go off the air right after GL!

    March 2010!

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    For years, I was an ATWT fan, but the utter silliness the show has become in the past few years turned me off; Y&R was strong earlier this year but has descended into an unwatchable mess. Now, I’ve been watching OLTL since the beginning of the summer and I have to agree, it is far and away the best-written and best-acted soap on the air.

    It isn’t perfect–I, personally, can’t stand Destiny and her shenanigans–but nearly everything else–Téa/Todd/Blair, Kyle/Fish/Layla/Cris, Clint/Nora/Bo–is absolutely aces and has me glued to the set. The Kish storyline, in particular, has, from the beginning, thoroughly outclassed the attempts by ATWT and Y&R with their gay romances by creating real, believable characters, acted by two terrific actors with genuine chemistry. Bravo, OLTL!

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    Luke Kerr, this post was absolutely, positively true in every way. This column actually prompted me to email Brian Frons of ABC Daytime to save OLTL !

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    Wow, frankly I thought DC was full of it with this AMC and OLTL news (before today) but now that DC has been proven correct, it also means OLTL will be the next ABC soap cancelled- which I always knew would be the case, despite it being profitable and underbudget- and AMC and GH are both OVER budget. Which is very interesting considering OLTL being excellent looking, compared to AMC and GH looking completely CHEAP.

    With that being said, OLTL”s reputation as the red headed stepchild of ABC soaps is complete and utter BULL.

    OLTL has given its fans so many wonderful memories- and has been the mosty UNDERRATED soap on the air for many years.

    I pray that OLTL becomes ABC’s top rated soap by a mile, so Frons will have no choice but to respect the show- which he does not.

    OLTL is by far ABC’s best soap, and defintely in the top 2 soaps left on the air in terms of quality- from production values to writing.

    I love you OLTL, and I pray you can hit a 2.0 or something to save the show.

    And the recent few weeks have been very well balanced with a great family dynamic- which has been wonderful.

    I could give a rat’s ass about the “legacy soap” AMC and that garbage dumb known as GH.

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    Super great post!

    I have watched soaps off and on my entire life (I was named after Rachel Corey from AW) and it’s very disheartening to read that they are going by the wayside; however, the blame for this rests solely on the writers, EP’s, and show runners who have run these once great gems into the ground. They consistently ignore fans, denigrate veterans, skew too young, shove any kind of minority to the backburner, and are generally really lazy. And it doesn’t help that Emmy voters reward this laziness by being lazy themselves in both nominating actors (let’s nominate Geary for the 800th time even though he hasn’t done anything) and rewarding CG and 5 episode explosions over subtle, long-lasting, great storytelling. “Brand” used to be associated with something you couldn’t live w/out. I’m sorry but a soap that is averaging a 2.0 and is the most expensive one in your daytime lineup doesn’t constitute a brand, or at least a good one, and it certainly doesn’t deserve all of the accolades it gets. Just b/c ppl die and things blow up doesn’t mean it’s the Sopranos.

    I don’t think soap fans mind most recycled plot lines but they need to be done well and they need to be good lines to begin with! And they need to pay attention to the fans and understand that we’re living in 2009. So many of these stories and the way they treat characters is degrading and embarrassing. GH keeps digging into the mob well but this story so painfully and obviously turns off fans–enough already! ATWT continually makes its female leads the butt of jokes and desperate shrews. Y&R brought on way too many new faces, without explaining who they were, and then expected fans to be happy about not seeing their veteran faves. AMC has one of the youngest casts on television but they can’t act their way out of a paper bag.

    I started watching soaps full-time again when Luke/Noah started on ATWT but that has turned into one of the biggest boondoggles I’ve ever seen! Two ball-less eunuchs who are gay in name only and apparently don’t even warrant a scene of them in bed together. Too edgy for the CBS dowdy? I guess. It wasn’t just the complete lack of guts in telling that story that made me leave either. It was the way the characters, especially the female veterans, are written as hags who are forced to make impossible choices so they become the bitch, the shrew, or the wimpy pushover. So many great female actors but yet they are left with nothing to work with. So bon voyage!

    These days, I really only watch OLTL in its entirety, although I keep up on all of them to see if there’s anything worth checking out. So far? Nada. I watch GH to see hunky guys w/out their shirts on but that isn’t going to make me watch everyday. I watch Y&R to see the vets snarl and twist but they’re not getting great storylines so it doesn’t make me watch everyday. I watch AMC to see Kendall and…well, that’s about it but that’s not going to make me watch everyday. And I don’t watch ATWT at all anymore because I don’t like to throw up.

    OLTL has its moments of WTF but, for the most part, it’s become a rarity on daytime television. It’s a fantastic soap that deserves kudos and deserves to survive before AMC and GH. Great writing, great acting, great character driven storylines, great use of veterans, a young cast that can act, and a fearlessness (I hope) in presenting a truly great gay love story. OLTL for the win!

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    I could not agree more. I have given up on all my other soaps (except Y&R). OLTL in day in, day out the best soap on air.

    They may have made some mistake, but the acting and use of long term vets keeps me tuned in daily. I am even starting to think Crystal Hunt is improving.

    I have been watching One Life since Karen Woleck took the stand, and I love the fact that Vikki and Dorian are still featured on a regular basis. From what I have heard Vikki will be driving a lot of story this fall, and it is about time.

    I also love the additions of the Kyle/Fish and Layla/Christian stories. These two couples have so much chemistry and I hope they are heavily featured for the rest of the year.

  16. Profile photo of coolblue

    I agree about OLTL, it is the best soap on ABC. I like the use of vets, the teens can act, and the ages between these two demographics are enjoyable to watch (most of the time). The storylines are well written even if once in a while we get the classic soap cliche. The talented cast delivers day in and day out.
    I hated hearing that Guiding Light was being cancelled after 72 years of broadcasts. I wanted all the show runners of ALL the remaing soaps to sit up and take notice. Unfortunately I have yet to see that happen on GH. The majority of viewers of GH have voiced their opinions, and were not listened to by TPTB so they turned their tvs off. The ratings don’t lie. Give viewers what they want.
    OLTL produces a show that true soap fans would enjoy watching. Yes, the ratings are not great for OLTL but it is no reflection of the quality of the show. I tell everyone that will listen how great OLTL is on a daily basis. I hope when GL airs its final episode, that those true soap fans give OLTL a chance. ABC should not cancel OLTL.

  17. Profile photo of Axl4ever

    I totally agree. Out of the three OLTL delivers more so on a daily basis. They don’t have the “shocking” murders or “shoot outs”, but they still have the actual concepts of what daytime is. It’s about relationships and slowly building up. I don’t love the the Stacy/Gigi/Rex thing (and no one does), but for the most part, it’s still better than the other two. They come in under budget, they’ve been doing better in the ratings over time and they’ve got a talented group.

  18. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    OLTL has been on my must see list since Viki was a waitress in Paris, Texas. I had watched the show regularly back when Marty was raped as well. I agree that the stories are strong and actors are talented. I hope OLTL lives its life for many decades to come!

  19. Profile photo of keanna

    Luke, you are on the money honey!!!! Though I only see bits and pieces of OLTL, even I can see it is the best written of all three ABC soaps (except for the Stacy/Rex/Gigi triangle) for the reasons you’ve said. They have younger actors who can all act, use their veterans in major story lines, embrace the history of the soap and use ethnic and culturally diverse cast in great storylines. I hope it is not the next soap let alone the first ABC soap to be cancelled if so the people at ABC are a bunch of fools.

  20. Profile photo of lilyredd

    Great article. OLTL is the last soap standing for me. While there are some serious problems with the show (Stacey-Rex-Gigi), it can be incredibly entertaining like the amazing Grey Gardens fantasy. I loved Blair and Dorian crashing the wedding today. Todd’s cell phone was, also, amusing. I’m interested in the Fish-Kyle story. OLTL has great potential and often meets that potential.

    I hope ABC sees the incredible work the actors, writers and producers have put into this show.

  21. Profile photo of VikiLordFan21

    I have loved OLTL ever since i was old enough to remember lol. im 20 now and i remember so clearly coming home after school and sitting on the couch at 2pm watching Dorian seduce Joey and Viki spazzing out and turning into Jean and the Harem(lol) i was about 4 and i was hooked lol and i can still remember those storylines. aside from Y&R (which im a year fresh viewer) i don’t see any other soap touching it in regards of storyline and the actors. I use to Watch all the ABC shows but the past year it has been painful to watch GH (which i use to liiiivvvve for!) and AMC ugh! ever since they started that Greg Madden BS ive just been over it and it seems to be getting worse. OLTL should definetly be the last soap on ABC standing because aside from some mis steps (the santis Morasco Fiasco ) it is still one of the best shows on TV and they still utilize all the people we grew up Loving, like my personal Favorite Viki :)

  22. Profile photo of Jack661

    AMC’s penchant for hiring “hair models” (as Nelson rightly calls them) has been a problem for at least 10 years. Remember the “actors” playing Kit Fisher and Braden back in ’98? Viewers hated them and the storylines tanked because they didn’t have the acting chops. It seems AMC over the years keeps veering away from it roots and heart as new writers and EP’s continually try to put their “stamps” on it instead of returning it to the great show it was in the 1970’s to mid-90’s.

  23. Profile photo of sactownfan

    My biggest issue about this thread is that it is, unfortunately, too reminiscent of TVG CA. Everything is always the ‘BEST EVER” or “WORST EVER”.

    There is no gray area. No acceptance that some stories work, while others don’t. It’s always just the blaring… ‘THIS SHOW IS THE BEST SHOW EVER….!”

    And while I have great hopes for the Kish story… it seems to me, this article is all based on “hope of what will be.” This is the writer saying optimistic things… because thats what he HOPES will happen… not because their have been great scenes already between them.

    Similarly, fans of GL’s Otalia… seem to be abandoning them in droves… after a full YEAR’s worth of support… because they have been unhappy with a few weeks of shows…

    Um, I’m sorry… have NONE of these people actually WATCHED daytime? These shows are 52 weeks a year! I have watched daytime since the 70s… but cannot think of ONE storyline that has been “awesome” for 52 weeks. Why don’t current daytime fans get that?

  24. Profile photo of matilda

    I completely agree with everything you said about OLTL.
    OLTL rocks! I haven’t enjoyed the show so much in years. Kish storyline and the Todd/Tea/Blair triangle are the best things right now on daytime soaps.

  25. Profile photo of mickey4376

    OLTL is the jewel in ABCD’s crown. I wish they’d realize that and give One Life the respect it deserves. I’m not even watching AMC or GH anymore– so much for their “brand name” or “flagship” shows. Excellent article, Luke! Thanks so much for saying what so many of us OLTL fans were thinking!

  26. Profile photo of valso

    I started to watch OLTL because of the Kish storyline but now I fall in love with the whole and I don’t miss an episode. It deserves the praises because it’s really well written specially comparing it with the soap I was following before that was ATWT.

  27. Profile photo of josser

    Since OLTL has fixed the Morasco Fiasco, I think the biggest problem that OLTL needs to fix is sexism or clueless stories involving Todd.

    Trevor St. John is a brilliant actor. He’s also very handsome and charismatic. His character Todd Manning is a near sociopath who gets away with the worst of crimes and comes up as sexy, desirable love interest of two of OLTL’s most intelligent women. Huh? How logical is it for Blair who fought for custody of her children to sleep with him and get into fights over him?

    The OLTL writers need to step back and try to deliver to Todd some kind of comeuppance.

  28. Profile photo of ISISDaWonder

    I agree OLTL is the BEST soap on the air right now IMO…*even OVER Y&R* for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. *right now I’m allabout the Chancellors and Winters* I am a DIEHARD GH fan…but honest to goodness…I’ve had to take self imposed BOYCOTTS in the past seven years because of the goo they have been writing….the way they write women is appauling…and to disrespect the ANCHOR family *the Qs* esp Monica *the character with the MOST seniority on the show* is unacceptable.

    I agree the lack of the use of the vets on all the soaps…and the lack of writing GOOD s/l has been the downfall of daytime for YEARS now.

    OLTL has been consistently getting better over the past two years…and yet they keep getting over looked at the Emmys…NO WAY should GH have won two years on a row…ATWT should have won one year and OLTL should have won also…

    I agree ATWT has been bad lately…but then again I stopped watching when Jessica Griffin left.

    I miss the says when I had to have TWO VCRs going to tape OLTL and GH and Y&R-ATWT.

  29. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Wonderful post, Luke!
    I agree that OLTL is definitly the best and should *not* be canceled. But some part of me doesn’t want to stop hoping a miracle will happen for AMC eithier. Not that a thing anything like that will really happen. *sigh* If wishes were horses…

  30. Profile photo of Beth

    To continue on the same theme, here, here Luke! OLTL has been the single bright spot after having to watch AMC and GH die slow painful deaths at the hands of supposedly creative people who are obviously in it to get a paycheck. If OLTL accomplishes nothing else, it shows that there are people out there who CARE about the product they’re putting out in the world and who want to see this genre survive. Their showrunners are bright, wildly creative people that actually think about what they’re doing. The actors obviously are happy with their work and the people that are handling them, because their performances shine nearly every single day. I don’t know if this AMC will help them, but I sincerely hope it does ratings-wise. OLTL deserves to live on long after the stench of its sister shows finally disappears after their demises.

  31. Profile photo of BigDede

    Y&R sucks right now. I just started putting OLTL on my DVR because of all the color on the screen. As a Black person I was very excited to see that.

    But Todd and Tea got me addicted right now. I just hate Blair. She’s starting to look old.

  32. Profile photo of Miry

    Great Post Luke! You completely rocked it.
    OLTL is indeed my favorite soap, & I think that you highlighted everything that makes it soo great perfectly.



    (& may I say more please! You are a fantastic writer & you should do so more often– I know it can get crazy running this site; but I am just saying… I really enjoyed this piece).

  33. Profile photo of michalia

    I have been watching more and more of OLTL than any other soap for the same reasons given. I love the way all characters have a chance to be front and center and it isn’t the same handful everyday. I also love the use of vets. And what other soap can do a love scene better than OLTL. Gh’s loves scenes are sleezy one night stands and always on a couch. I used to be a huge fan of GH, but can no longer watch that show. It is insulting and nasty. I don’t feel that way when I watch OLTL.
    This piece was excellent. I am so happy OLTL is being recongized as a great soap….because it truly is the best one on the air. The writers on GH and AMC could learn something from OLTL’s writers….how to write a soap!

  34. Profile photo of Malice77

    Such a great post that I wanted to join to give in my 2 cents. I do like All My Children here and there, but absolutely love One Life to Live, it is completely addicting. Bravo to the comparison between Susan Lucci and Robin Strasser also. The comments about the younger actors were right on the mark also, not to forget the actor that plays Asher, and the actress that played Lola also. And speaking of people breaking the law, compare the two top cops of Pine Valley and Llanview, John McBain kicks Jessie’s you know what, as far as acting chops and story lines go on a daily basis. And another one of my personal favorite characters that has not been mentioned, everything is coming up Roxie! Ilene Kristen always livens up any storyline she is in, even the Morasco Fiasco, and holding back on who Rex’s father is. She is even great playing drunk. One Life to Live all the way.

  35. Profile photo of Dueler312

    OLTL is definitely one of the best soaps i ever watched. Granted, the Morasco Fiasco needs to be ended, that’s for sure, but the rest is great, with Dorian always competeing against Viki, The teens, and plus Jack and Sam, Todd, Blair, and the rest of the group. Its is really awesome. I Hope this show can stay on for as long as possible

  36. Profile photo of Mommainternet

    I totally agree. I could not believe it when I heard they planned to cancel OLTL and keep AMC. I’ve been an ABC soap watcher for (hate to say this) at least 30 or more years now. GH just doesn’t interest me, always seems like the same thing is going on. I stopped watching AMC this past year. There are so many faults with that show. Too, too many new actors. I remember once hearing an interview with an editor from SOD and she had said you should never have 2 new actors alone in a scene together. The audience hasn’t had a chance to take a vested interest in them yet. AMC seems to constantly do that.

    But enough said there, on to OLTL. This is the show I look forward to and watch the entire episode each day. My daughter who is 16 also watches and really not for the teen storyline but for the Gigi and Rex/Schyler, Fish and Kyle and Tea/Todd/Blair storylines.

    I love having all the old characters on still. I love the humor and how incredibly well written the show is. So loving the Fish/Kyle storyline – extremely well done.

    Only things I can complain about is Shaun’s family – most can’t act and I fast forward through them, but am a total fan of Shaun and really liked his scenes with Tea, too. It’s a shame though because I think Rachel is a great actress also and would do better with an stronger actor playing opposite her.

    Loved seeing Matt grow up and I really think he’s a great actor. Can’t wait to have Kelly Cramer back. I think that’s going to be fun and Gina is my favorite Kelly. She’s always had the best chemistry with Blair and Dorian. I like the chances the show takes – and I was one of the ones who actually really liked the 1969 storyline.

    So I am hoping that someone there at ABC who makes decisions might actually sit down and watch the two soaps and see that OLTL is really the show show with substance and stories and the one that needs to stay on the air.

  37. Profile photo of ABCJunky73

    ITA Luke! Great Job! It just baffles me as to why OLTL doesn’t get the respect that it deserves. OLTL is clearly better than GH and AMC! ABC is a bunch of idiots for not giving OLTL more praise than GH! OLTL should be the last one standing in my book!

  38. Profile photo of brightongirl

    As someone who nearly gave up on daytime television after what has been done to General Hospital…finding One Life to Live via the Kish storyline has been a blessing.

    OLTL is definitely the best daytime drama that is currently on the air.

  39. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Hold on, now….OLTL is certainly not PERFECT, and Ron Carlivati is still in the dog house with me for NUMEROUS head writing infractions!!!!!!

    Among his BIGGEST mistakes, and quite possibly his biggest "boo boo" has been Stacy Morasco!!!!! This character has all the believability and likeability as a fire-breathing dragon!!!!! I have watched her lose a baby, sleep her way through all the under 30 male characters on the show, and threaten Gigi, but NEVER have I found this character even remotely interesting or compelling!!!!!

    And, why does he keep subjecting us to all these PREDICTABLY BORING Blair/Todd reunions. Every six months–like clockwork, it seems—they end up having sex, kissing or reuniting. I am also not feeling him with Tea, so perhaps Ron needs to pick up his pen and create a NEW female character for Todd Manning. The more loathesome and bitchy, the better……

    The rest of the show is, for the most part, solid and well-written. BTW: I loved Dorian pretending to be a lesbian to win the election!!!! It couldn’t have been easy to find something new and exciting for Dorian to do, but he managed to create that.

    All in all, I still find GH to be more interesting and compelling than OLTL, but it is WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY better than AMC!!!!!

  40. Profile photo of Lenegal

    OLTL, warts and all, is the only ABC soap that is watchable right now.

    I cannot be bothered with the horrid writing at AMC, and GH, which was once my favorite soap was overrun with Guza who kicked the vets to the curb.

    Part of the mass appeal of OLTL is that it is one of the very few soaps that uses its vets along with the teens.

    The headwriter is great. Now Frons has got to keep his dirty hands off this soap. He and Guza did everything in their power to destroy GH…………….and it has worked.

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