AMC Update: Julie Hanan Caruthers Re-Ups; Walt Willey Officially OFF Contract!

This just in. According to insiders, Julie Hanan Caruthers has re-signed her contract with All My Children. Hanan Caruthers will in fact remain as executive producer as AMC makes its transition to Los Angeles and its new high definition filming style. Walt Willey (Jack) on the other hand may not be so lucky.  

"Walt is officially off contract," says a mole. "Also, Ray Mac Donnell wasn’t at the cast meeting."

TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco reported in his last Suds Report his sources were hearing Jackson’s extended vacation would keep him off the canvas indefinitely, now with news of the move to Los Angeles, it’s looking more and more like Jackson Montgomery won’t be a character high on the list of priorities.

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  1. Profile photo of wbl_amc

    oh yay… although if crapputhers stays and pratt doesn’t i’ll be ok with it but crap/pratt combo is not gonna be any different in LA than in NY

  2. Profile photo of Lewis0817

    They under used Jackson since i have been watching (2007) I am sad they didnt think he was a valued actor and character, because him and Erica were always a great fit. And I am happy Pratt will not be able to be the EP, Now just get him off the writing! He is a used up hack, who couldn’t write himself out of a paperbag!!!

  3. Profile photo of VeryCleanIndeed

    Not over the moon about any of this. I don’t blame JHC completely because the main problem is Frons, but still. I think a complete change of EP and HW is needed for the show. And Walt Willey. Sigh.

  4. Profile photo of Jack661

    Heck, poor Walt….L.A. would have been such an easier commute from Santa Fe too! If viewers saw the first few years of Jackson/Erica, they would know the appeal. Jack wasn’t this current incarnation of sanctimony; he used to accept Erica for what she was. I sure don’t like how the vets get the “Brooke English” treatment when they are retired off of the show… no flashbacks, no goodbyes.

  5. Profile photo of blackjack21

    question: a few weeks back there was a blind item about an east coast actor that was being phased out due to cosmetic surgery – was this referring to walt willey?

  6. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Julie Hanan Carruthers moved to NY for this job (fresh from her stint as EP on Port Charles) so I am sure she is pleased to be going back to California.

    I am not surprised about Walt Willey. Sigh…
    Depending on how many people don’t choose to do this, they should evaulate if the show is worth still doing.
    I think they should just cancel it.

  7. Profile photo of dsrbroadway

    C’mon Ryan-Scott, you know as long as Thorsten and Alicia switch coasts, they will revolve the show around them no matter who else is in the cast. Much like they do now.

  8. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Having the same exec and writer who is tanking the show still onboard isn’t going to make the show better, is it Frons? It will buy some time but we don’t know who will go to LA and what the move will do to the show. But I hope that OLTL is still kicking butt and is not the next show to go.

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