DC Exclusive: Eden Riegel “Selfishly Thrilled” About AMC’s West Coast Move

Eden Riegel (ex-Bianca)  is a happy camper this morning. The Emmy-winning beauty talked to Daytime Confidential about the news of All My Children relocating to the West Coast, where Riegel currently resides with hubby, Emmy-nominated Imaginary Bitches creator Andrew Miller.

"Of course selfishly I am thrilled that my AMC family may be moving here," says Riegel. "I miss Alicia [Minshew], Cam [Mathison], and Susan [Lucci] so much, and New York is way too far away. And I hope that the Production team, crew, and hair, makeup and wardrobe departments will be making the move as well.  After so many years of incredible work, they are as much a part of the family as anyone."

Wouldn’t it be positively groovy if AMC could lure West Coast-based AMC alums like Riegel, Tamara Braun (ex-Reese), Alexa Havins (ex-Babe), Justin Bruening (ex-Jamie), Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) and Robin Christopher (ex-Skye) back to the canvas now that the show will be filming in their neck of the woods?

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    Here’s whats working for me on AMC: the Jake/Amanda storylines. I just adore this couple and I love, love Jake (writers – please don’t F’k this one up; if/when you run out of storylines/ideas for them – why not just have them leave PV and them living happily ever after with Trevor). And Chrishell Stause Amanda – I have to give girl her props for bringing it. Her role as mother fits her so well – what well spring did CS dip into to make this so believable.

    Enjoying Tad Martin: All his scenes with Trevor, just adorable. Not feeling him and Taylor though. Overall, liking the direction the writers are taking him for the moment and MEK’s performance is just spot on.

    For Ryan: my heart just broke for him on 8/4/09 episode when he was saying goodbye to Ian and Spike and Spike’s reactions – you could not have written/scripted that, and they didn’t. It was just pure magic.

    Overall – I’m enjoying AMC.

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    Wouldn’t it be positively groovy if AMC could lure West Coast-based AMC alums like … Alexa Havins (ex-Babe), Justin Bruening (ex-Jamie)… back to the canvas now that the show will be filming in their neck of the woods?

    Yes, bring back a character that ruined the show for many and an actor who was upstaged by a talking car. Please do it!

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    Only if the writing team doesn’t, well, SUCK!

    I want great storytelling and not this hack job that has been done by Pratt to my Pine Valley characters. I no longer recognize any of them anymore.

    Bring back the heart of Pine Valley in the writing and the cast and I will return to the fold.
    Stay as it has been and no move to LA or anywhere else will bring this viewer back to the fold. It hurts too much to see my favorite characters destroyed as they did to Bianca on her last visit with Reese.

    Tell great stories FIRST!

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    AMC might desperately need Eden after the move depending on how many cast changes happen & what storylines are popping during the move.

    But they mucked up her character with the last visit pretty good. How can they write her better?

    This is going to be rough for AMC. They need a riveting storyline to keep the audience during the transition. (see GL)

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    “Last I heard Robin Christopher moved to PA when she left GH.”

    That’s what I heard too. Right now she’s closer to AMC’s current home than its new home. But if she ever comes back to LA I’m not sure if I would want her on GH or AMC. Her character was no longer of much use to TPTB at GH when she left and while I think more could be done with Skye on AMC I don’t trust Chuck Pratt not to ruin her.

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    Luke Kerr

    I hated Babe, but loved Alexa. As I mention in this week’s abc podcast if bringing Alexa back as Babe meant getting rid of some of its current young actresses I wouldn’t have a single problem with that.

    AMC has no sould. It needs Eden so badley it isn’t even funny. I only want her back if they give her a good s/l though.

    As for Budig and Robin Christopher. Well anyone who has ever listened to an ABC episode knows I’ll in heaven if they return. lol

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    As I mention in this week’s abc podcast if bringing Alexa back as Babe meant getting rid of some of its current young actresses I wouldn’t have a single problem with that.

    Get out. If I was in a car with you I’d throw you out on the side of the road and never look back. LOL!

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    LMAO Season! NO BABE!! I don’t care who plays her, I don’t want to see that baby stealing tramp again!

    I would love for Tamara Braun and Eden Riegel to come back! No matter how bad their storyline turned out, I love them as a couple! Seeing as Pratt blamed Eden for the whole mess, I doubt they would even want to come back.

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    Luke Kerr

    LMAO!!! Season….Don’t worry, i almost threw myself off a cliff after admitting that on the podcast, but if it meant getting rid of a bunch of current actresses I’m desperate enough to be willing to have Havins back as Babe or someone else, maybe her twin? LOL

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    I’m sorry but I’d rather watch a video of Denise Vasi pretend to have a miscarriage on loop for 24 hours straight than to have that loathsome character back.

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    Me too Luke ~ would love to have any of those characters back. I might actually consider taping the show fulltime again instead of just youtubing Jake/Amanda scenes!

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    Throw Luke out of the car? Now am I going to have to call your secret boo, Glo, to come give you some sugar and a talking to? You know you would just melt under Glo’s seductive gaze.


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    Catherine of Imaginary Bitches is on Twitter and she had this to say:

    Rumor is Frons moved AMC to LA as part of a deal to make Paula Abdul the new Binx.

    Doesn’t really have anything to do with the post, I just thought it was hysterical!

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    I would be absolutely thrilled to have Eden and Tamara back at AMC. But I seriously doubt Eden or Tamara will be back since Pratt is still the headwriter. I love Eden and Pratt blaming her for the Breese debacle was disgusting to say the least.

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    AMC needs its heart back, they do need Bianca but the writers have no idea how to write for her. I love her too much to see how the writers once again throw her under the bus to prop up another terrible character.

    And Babe and Jamie back? Luke, what in the world? Babe is a horrible, horrible character and I wish the writers clued in nobody liked her! The only thing I liked about Jamie was his friendship with Maggie, everything else was terrible, specially after he and Babe kidnapped Ace -little Adam- and he was ruining around acting all tough with JR. God, that was so bad!

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    OMG! if Skye came back i would be so happy! and i hope that AMC eventually gets some new writers maybe that guy who wrote Night Shift (season two) i think he would be great! and was i the only one kind of pissed that Skye wasnt at Stuarts funeral and not even mentioned! when Stuart was believed to be dead a couple years ago she was heartbroken! so it didnt make sense to me that she wasnt there and not atleast mentioned

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    Babe? Seriously? The Babe-ification of AMC was the beginning of the end for me, from her despicable and most unromantic back and forth with JR, to the brainwashing of the entire Pine Valley canvas to have anything to do with her after the baby swap. Wasn’t she like disemboweled during the tornado? Good enough for me.

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    Luke Kerr

    Oh I HATE HATE HATE Babe, but Alexa is a talented actress.  After everything else they’ve done why couldn’t they recast Babe’s twin with Marissa with Alexa. It would just mean that they’d be idential twins instead of fraternal.

    If Vicky and Marley could go from being portrayed by Jensen Buchanan to Jensen Buchanan and Ellen Wheeler I don’t see why the reverse wouldn’t be possible. LOL

    Marissa could go to the glamorama for a dye job, arrive as a red head and leave as a blonde. Works for me. lol

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    Heh, Alexa as Marissa? I like that a lot. That would be the only way to get me to enjoy that character.
    I agree the show needs to hire back so many of the amazing actors it’s let go. Eden Riegal, Rebecca Budig, Alexa Havins, Justin Bruning. Maybe even [gasp!} Julia Barr if they could ever get her to return. But the writing also needs to improve big time and I’m not sure how they can do that with Chuckie, Craputhers and Frons at the helm.

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    Again, why is Justin Bruning being mentioned in the same breath as these other actors. What did he bring to role of Jamie that an attractive ham sandwich couldn’t?

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    I adore Eden and would be over the moon to see her back on AMC. If she comes back I can start watching again since I stopped after she left and then came back in April. I haven’t watched since. But the writing needs to step up to the plate to befit such an extraordinary actress.

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