Gorgeous Ladies of Llanview and Finally, a Kish Kiss!

Wow, I’m still reeling from yesterday’s double bouquet catch at Viki and Nora’s wedding reception. First Tea (Florencia Lozano) caught Viki’s (Erika Slezak) and then the ethereal Blair (Kassie DePaiva) caught Nora’s (Hillary B. Smith) and made a sound like “Chtzaaa!” while pumping her hands into the air like she’d just completed a tumbling routine. Add to that drunk Dorian (Robin Strasser) passed out on a pew and basically I can tell you that you had at me at “drunk Dorian.” Seriously, I’m not even bringing up the incredible Grey Gardens episode on Monday for fear of exploding with delight.

But tomorrow is the first homosexual kiss in Llanview since … when? I can’t think of another one off-hand. Officer Oliver Fish (hunky gay boy Scott Evans) and Kyle Lewis (hunky straight boy Brett Claywell) are locking lips for the first time since their KAD Frat House days. Yay! I am really excited about this because I love they gays but also feel that this is so far a well told story. I think that Brett is actually shaping up to be one of the better actors on the show, especially given his somewhat random beginnings as a blackmailing “Lab Rat.”

Now, of course, the kiss doesn’t solve anything and, because this is Llanview, actually makes things worse for awhile. But it’s the first big step on Fish’s road to being open about his sexuality (expect him to finally admit the truth around the end of the month). So, yay for inclusiveness. But what I’m NOT looking forward to his one last hetero dalliance with one of the most despised ladies in all of Soapland. Do I need to tell you who or can you guess?

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    I read a different take on the Grey Gardens spoof. Marlena Delacroix (marlenadelacroix.com) labeled it as misogynistic because it made fun of two severely mentally ill women amongst other issues.

    What are your thoughts?

    I’m also very interested in what women viewers think of the spoof?

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    Has Marlena seen Grey Gardens. OLTL was not doing a spoof but was honoring it.
    Two of its stars on broadway are OLTL vets
    Christine Ebersole (ex Maxine)
    Matt Cavenaugh (ex-Mark)

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    I think that Brett should submit himself for supporting actor in 2010 just on that episode where he read the letter, talked to Cris about Fish in the hall and then shared that Drink With Roxy. That was awesome material

    Scott Evans is 25 and can be younger actor. He was also great with Layla that same episode. I spy two emmy winners in the future.

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    yay for kish… but what’s this about one last dalliance? is stacy gonna go after fish to get her pregnant? could that be the replacement baby she needs to trick rex? aiyaaa!!

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    Im All For Gay Parents but No Keep Stacy away. I thought it was spoiled that stacy and her pal kim from vegas find a surograte and pay her to give them the baby so she can carry on the charade.

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    This is bothering me. I hope Kyle’s penchant for deliberately doctoring lab test results comes in handy should the above spoiler/speculation come to pass…

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    Before news of the miscarriage I thought that Stacy’s baby should belong to Fish as she discovered the pregnancy about a week after having sex with Rex. That said OLTL just did a baby switch/lukemia sl which required us to believe that not 1 but 2 hospitals have the worst security in the world. These baby switch, DNA tamperings belong to a pre9/11 world. If there is no getting rid of Stacy, then she should have carried the baby to term and everyone should have discovered that Fish was the father not Rex. Kish could sue for custody but Kyle’s past could make it difficult leaving Fish to decide if staying with Kyle could interfere with his gaining custody. There are enough hot button current issues to contend with w/o the dragging out the old soap staples.

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    Oh My!! Oh My!! Can’t wait for the Kish Kiss to be finally on screen!! I think that Fish and Kyle have great chemistry and I’m eager to see more scenes between them.

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    The Grey’s Garden knockoff soured for me as soon as Todd smirked into the room. Does OLTL remember Blair had a life for almost 25-30 years before she ever met Todd?

    Poor Kish. Naturally they can’t have a story of their own, we have to make sure Stacy comes in and Frons’s little pet has another plot to stick her immobile face in.

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    I don’t despise Stacy the way others do. I think Crystal Hunt plays a crazy, dangerous bitch very well–she carried off that fur-and-lingerie attack on the car with aplomb.

    So if she uses Fish to get re-pregnant and pass it off as Rex’s, I’m ok with that, because it keeps Kish front and center, as they will then be involved in the whole Stacy/Rex/Gig/Schuyler quad and it propel storylines (custody battles, etc.) for years to come.

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    TV Gord

    I used to read Marlena de la Croix when Soap Opera Weekly was worth reading, but this column is really offbase. Not only was the Grey Gardens takeoff an homage and not an insult, but the stuff she says about Addie becoming a character to be laughed at is absolutely wrong, too. No one I know was laughing at Addie when she wore her scuba gear or when she started boinking David Vickers (not the dog). We were cheering her on! After years of being locked up in St. Anne’s, she was finally free and living HER life on HER terms. Am I alone in this? I never ONCE laughed AT Addie. I was laughing WITH her as she was enjoying life for the first time!

    Sorry, Marlena. You need to get your sense of humor back.

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    Love, love, love Addie Cramer! No, I never laughed at her when she lived at La Beulaie…she was ENJOYING her freedom and wanted to experience everything she had missed while locked up at St. Anne’s… Addie had F.U.N. and she made sure the fans knew she was enjoying life and often told Dorian to stop being such a pooper…

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    Is Marlena watching the same show we are? As long as I’ve been watching the show, I’ve never ever thought Addie’s role was to be a punchline. I always laughed with her, especially when she was the mirror that always showed truth and reason to the Cramer women.

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    I LOVED the Grey Gardens homage. I guess I could see how some peole might find it offenseve to the Beales, but the show basicaly took scenes from the documentar and redid them, so wouldn’t tha t make the documentary and the other incarnations offensive too?
    And Addie’s awesome. I relize it’s probably due to Brian Frons that she’s not on that much, but they need to get her back soon.
    I used to love Marlena’s colums in SOW but she seems to have lost her sense of fun.

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