Josh Griffith Replaces Courtney Simon on ATWT Writing Team

More shake-ups are afoot for the As The World Turns writing team. Veteran actress-turned-writer Courtney Simon has reportedly been let go in favor of Josh Griffith.

"Courtney has been script editor for the ATWT writing team for almost a decade," says a setside source. "People are just sick about it."

Griffith, who infamously tangled with Maria Arena Bell  while serving as executive producer of The Young and the Restless, allegedly re-writing Bell’s scripts in violation of the Writers Guild of America Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA), recently completed a trial deal as a story consultant for General Hospital. He previously served as a script writer for ATWT from April 2005–June 2006. Griffith also wrote for Santa Barbara (1988-91), One Life to Live ( associate head writer: 1991-94, 2004; co-head writer 1994-95; 2003-04; head writer 2003) and co-created Sunset Beach with current General Hospital head scribe Bob Guza. Griffith accepted financial core status during the Writers Strike of 2007-08 to write Y&R with Arena Bell.

"Everyone knows the show doesn’t have much time left, why get rid of someone who has been a dedicated part of the team for so long?" says one mole. "This doesn’t help morale at all."

Simon began her daytime career as an actress. She portrayed Dinah Buckley (no relation to the Dinah Marler character) on Guiding Light in the early 1970’s, before creating the role of  Kathy Parker on Search for Tomorrow (1971-78, 1983-84). Simon also appeared on All My Children, The CityAnother Wortd and As The World Turns. She has written for Search for Tomorrow (1982-84), Santa Barbara (1986-91), Loving (1991), Guiding Light (1992-93), All My Children (1996-97) General Hospital (1997-98) and Another World (1998-99) before joining ATWT in 2000 as a script writer. Since 2001 she had served as a script editor for the soap, save for the time she was on the picket lines during the 2007-08 Writers Strike. 

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    According to Wikipedia, “As a featured actress, she [Courtney Simon] is best known for playing Dr. Lynn Michaels on As the World Turns.”

  2. Profile photo of Worldturner

    While I can understand people being upset that long time people are let go, Courtney is responsible for reading all the scripts for continuity. That’s something that most have felt is horrendous. So I can’t be upset she’s being replaced although maybe the answer would have been to put her back to writing scripts which she supposedly was very good at. My question is whether this is the right replacement or is it another hiring of a friend of Goutman?

  3. Profile photo of appleridge

    If They were so High on Josh Griffith and He can tell good story why didnt they bring him over instead of Kriesman and that way Courtney could still have her job. UGHH

  4. Profile photo of josser

    Why did Griffith decide to go to ATWT instead of GH? Is that even a question that should be asked?

    I guess the only thing to really say is that I wish the best for Ms. Simon and her family. I hope that she finds a new gig soon.

    Furthermore, I hope that Griffith writes amazing scripts that inspire the GL actors and help keep the show alive, preventing cancellation.

  5. Profile photo of Mark

    I agree with Worldturner. She was supposed to be in charge of continuity, so hopefully this Josh Griffith guy will do a better job.

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    Though not familiar with Griffith, I’m in favor of this switch. With all the ongoing changes in front of the camera, it’s about time ATWT makes some changes behind it as well- where the stories start. It’s a minor change for audiences, but hopefully a noticeable one for the better.

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    Didn’t CS write for ATWT during the 1980s and 1990s? I thought she was part of the team (off and on) far before 2000. In fact, I seem to remember that she was writing and acting on the show at the same time.

    Does anyone remember her working on the show under Marland?

  8. Profile photo of appleridge

    yes and she also acted on the show in a recuring capacity for a long-time. Just shows u that P&G/Telnext is not Loysl. if they were CS would still be there and we would be getting JLH from GL not DK

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    Yes, she was Lynn Michaels, Memorial’s resident shrink when everyone on the show went to therapy in the 80s.

    And she was a writer for much longer than than just the last 10 years, usually writing under the name Courtney Sherman. imdb has her writing the show as long ago as 1984.

    What a stupid, bone-headed move.

  10. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I have loved Courtney Simon since she was Dr. Lynn Michaels for the masses……Angel, Courtney, Barbara, Iva, Margo, Lucinda, etc.
    It’s really a damn shame.

    But really though The World will stop Turning soon anyway so this gives her a chance to score another writer job before all the other ATWT writers are out of work.

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    NOOOOOO!! Y&R Fans were hoping Josh would return to fix the crap that no-talented Faux Bell has made of the Show since his depature! Can he be cloned?

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