Katherine Chancellor and Michael Baldwin Head To Springfield

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is reporting Young and the Restless stars Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) and Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) will be making a guest appearance on the final episode of Guiding Light. Naturally, GL is denying these two Genoa City citizens in Springfield, but what else is new. 

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    I’m glad that they are going out of their way to pay respects to GL I know some people will complain saying that they’ll get screen time that vets should have but really I believe they will just have a few lines tops. I do love Jeannie Cooper will they be crossing over with their Y&R characters or be different characters?

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    WHAT!??? That is just ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!!!!! This show has enough veterans of it’s own to carry it’s own finale, thank you very much! CBS has ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to pimp it’s Y&R stars on the soap that started the genre and means the absolute world to its loyal fans. The GL finale, since their sadly has to be one at all, belongs ENTIRELY to GL stars….NOT Y&R actors, no matter how fabulous (in the cas of Jeanne Cooper) they may be.

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    Jeanne Cooper wanted to be on GL because it is the oldest soap. She’s 80 and it’s 72. Think about it. GL has been on for most of her life. This isn’t about pimping Y&R stars as much as it is paying respect to GL.

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    Plus think about it if they wanted to pimp Y&R they’d have Nick and Phyllis pop up with kitty of course…no this is all about paying respect to GL why else would they offer to go to shoot scenes out in peapack?

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    I’m sorry but they can’t coordinate it so that Rick Hearst can come back and play Alan-Michael on GL, but they can accommodate it so that two characters, who to my knowledge, have NEVER been on GL, will make it on the show before the show ends its run? I have nothing against the two actors, but even as a non-GL viewer, I think that doesn’t make sense. Go out of your way to please the fans with favorites from GL, not bringing on characters from other shows and taking away whatever screen time is left for the GL gang. Whoever is in charge of this is crazy!

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    Not every thing is some great conspiracy. Rick Hearst didn’t go to GL because HE wanted to go to B&B for a contract role. We don’t know what the details are. In previous interviews Hearst explained that he had started talking to GL folks but got a deal at B&B.

    Jeanne Cooper is 80 years old! This was obviously a kind gesture. If you look at D.C.’s other reports, you would see that LeBlanc had been traveling with her, going to soap fan shows around the country.

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    LOL. I’m curious to see what they look like in digital. It is not exactly flattering. I do agree about Ric Hearst, if these actors can make an appearance then I don’t see why Ric can’t.

    As long as they don’t take up too much screen time, I’m ok with it. I probably would’ve preferred it to not be the last ever episode, I think that should be all GL.

    Truth be told, I don’t trust EW to just give them one line of dialogue, knowng her, the last episode will be Kay and Michael searching for silver chipmunks and stuffed kittys in Springfield with special appearances by the GL cast.

    I do admire Jeanne Cooper for wanting to pay her respect.

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    Troy i completley agree with you! it WILL be interesting to see what it looks like in Digital. I read this stuff on Michael’s twitter page two weeks back. They won’t be in the studio, instead they will be the Jersey park cause it said something about walking in the New Jersey sun with Jeanne. lol this should be interesting! I wonder if they will be in character?

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    I Think This Is cool. Ever since GL’s Cancelation announcement, Jeanne said she wanted to do one episode to pay her respects to the show. She’s not coming in to hi-jack the show. Breathe people.

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    I think it’s a nice nod from one grande dame to another. She’s a class act and at this point, it’s a better use of screen time than what we’ve seen for most of the last few months.

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    Probably not going to happen, but who wouldn’t love to see Reva Shayne revealed to be Katherine’s daughter — the possibilities for cat-fighting between Jill and Reva are endless. With the economy, though, this will not happen. We will probably be stuck with Gloria being Katherine’s lost daughter — another reason for me not to watch anymore.

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    I don’t understand why everyone’s freaking out right now. If they’re just coming to pay their respects, it will be a nice tribute. I doubt anyone’s coming to take over the show. If, however, they’re coming to take a character back to Genoa city with them…the possibilities are endless, because GL has a STELLAR cast, many of whom could fit seamlessly into the Y&R fabric…wait and see folks, wait and see…

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    Unbelievable! The Crap Broadcasting System really has no shame. GL’s last hour on the air and here is CBS trying to promote one of its other shows that it hasn’t cancelled – yet. And, please, Jeanne Cooper, get over yourself. You never asked to show up on GL before, so don’t bother coming to the table at the end.

    The only non-GL actor who should even be considered if they want to appear should be Susan Flannery. She asked to and did direct an episode of GL before it was cancelled.

    I stopped watching Y&R on CBS on April 1st, and the last thing I want to see on GL’s last day is any of their stars hogging time. I agree with you 100% Miameow.

    The one happy thing on September 18th will be that I will never have to turn on Crap Broadcasting System again. FU CBS, Leslie Moonves, Nina Tassler, and Barbara Bloom.

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    This walks, talks, and smells like a CBS/Y&R publicity stunt and it is shameful. Ellen Wheeler and P&G, for once please stand up, do the right thing, and tell CBS and Y&R “no thank you – hands off”!

    I suppose the next announcement will be that Barbara Bloom is making a guest appearance on the last episode, as a tribute for all the support SHE gave GL. It would not surprise me.

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    I would honestly prefer they play GL characters (if not extra’s) and not their Y&R characters because a cross over at the end of the show is just bad timing. Couldn’t Jeanne play an original (1952) character like Trudy Bauer instead of Katherine?

    — Here’s what SOD said about it “Jeanne Cooper and Christian LeBlanc are headed to GL to help make history with a “surprise” appearance in Springfield for a very special event”

    Sounds interesting

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    I understand why my fellow Gl fans think this is fishy, I hate the thought of CBS trying to pimp YR on Gl’s last airing, ut i do not think that is the case. JC is great, CLB could do without him , but I welcome him too. I hope the GL endig is great. and for this fan YR actors aint gone take nothing from that.

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    I agree RenewGLFF, they have no ties to the town, characters or show and appearing on the last show is just inappropriate.

    IMO, it is not a tribute, it is a tacky and classless attention grabbing stunt. Our show is ending, Y&R is not. The last show should be all GL, the whole hour. One second on a Y&R character is one second too much. Just another slap in the face for GL fans. Sigh, I will be happy when it is over so I don’t have to read more announcements like this.

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    Wow… some people are STILL unable to accept that “Guiding Light” has been canceled and taking it as a personal affront. They could run a Cirque du Soleil act during the final hour of GL and it wouldn’t suddenly “pimp” CdS! I used to watch GL for y-e-a-r-s and really enjoyed it, but I stopped watching about 4 years ago because the show had become a mess. Many people have said that it has improved under the writing of JLH, but obviously not enough to stop CBS and P&G from canceling and ending production of the show. PERSONALLY, I think it’s ridiculous to worry about Jeanne Cooper and Christian LeBlanc coming to the show for ONE episode. No one posting here in the comments can’t be certain that Ellen Wheeler and/or P&G didn’t say, “YES! PLEASE come join us!” No one seemed to have a problem when Susan Flannery decided she wanted to haul her cookies to Peapack and direct an episode (does anyone REALLY believe that GL said, “oh Susan–PLEEEEEEASE come direct an episode of GL! She likely ASKED and was told, “yes, that would be lovely.” There was publicity in the soap world about her doing this, but I don’t recall people claiming that Susan Flannery was “pimping” B&B–or herself and a possible career as a director–when she did it.

    If you don’t want to watch CBS anymore, that’s your choice. However, the soap opera genre we all claim to love is DYING. (Some may say it’s already dead and the body is simply decaying!) It’s time to accept what has happened (GL’s unfortunate demise) and support those shows that remain on the air! I’m CBS all the way–but I was glad to read that ABC is putting support behind “saving” AMC and (to a lesser degree) OLTL by shaking things up. Perhaps P&G (who obviously doesn’t care about their shows’ fans) should’ve considered such changes a long time ago and then they wouldn’t have to stop production after receiving a cancellation notice from CBS?

    By the way, I am a watcher/fan of Y&R, but knowing CLB and JC are appearing isn’t making me want to tune into the final episode of GL any more or less than I already desire to.

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    Again, Jeanne Cooper is 80 years old. Why is it so hard to see this as a kind gesture on the GL’s behalf to a beloved soap actress? I just don’t understand this phony outrage.

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    What people seem to be ignoring is that at 80 years of age, Jeanne Cooper may not be around that much longer. Why can’t we have more respect for Cooper?

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    DanMan869 from what I understand, Susan Flannery did ask to direct an episode of GL and GL accepted. She did it before GL was cancelled, because she wanted to learn about GL’s new filming style. Nothing wrong with that. The point I am making is she expressed interest in appearing on a regular, normal GL episode.

    That is much different than wanting to appear on camera during the highly publicized last episode of the series, when you have NEVER expressed interest in being on the show before. Especially, when you have been around for all 72 years of the show’s existence (as has been pointed out by others here). That is my point. It is disingenuous. Other than that, the fact that JC is 80 is irrelevant – there are 80 year olds that have massive egos and crave attention.

    Since you don’t watch GL you probably don’t understand. Maybe, when CBS gets around to cancelling Y&R and they decide to bring Wayne Brady, Drew Carey, and Dr. Phil on to Y&R’s last episode as a “tribute” you will understand why GL fans feel the way we do.

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    GLFLBNY, just to be clear, Susan Flannery didn’t appear on GL–she directed an episode. With that in mind and using Miameow’s word, she was “pimping” her own career as a director. She has directed on B&B before and obviously wanted to learn how to direct under GL’s production model. She has expressed an interest in the press a few times in the last year or two about retiring from acting. It seems pretty clear Flannery is planning for a possible second career in directing. (Something Grant Aleksander did, as well, during his time away from AMC and GL.) Yet, no one found it offensive that she got a bunch of soap press from her directing an episode of GL. Some might have said, “stick to your own show! Why can’t you direct your OWN show!” There was no outrage expressed because there wasn’t any need for outrage. I don’t see how it’s any different with Jeanne Cooper wanting to appear on GL.

    Maybe everyone (myself included) should wait to see what this appearance turns out to be. Maybe it will be nothing but background characters–or maybe the final episode will be Katherine Chancellor walking around Springfield with Michael Baldwin talking about all things Y&R? But wait to see what this appearance is all about before claiming it’s an outrage.

    I DO understand the disappointment of losing a show that means so much to you as a viewer. There are things in popular culture of the past that I wish I could change–but accept that I can’t. I AM upset that GL has been canceled–but really can’t blame CBS. It has been a mess for the last several years and Jill Lorie Hurst’s magic came way too late after P&G (not CBS!) had allowed Ellen Weston and David Kreizman to DESTROY this once-great show! The show was owned by P&G–not CBS. If P&G had wanted to continue producing the show, they should’ve tried harder to improve it BEFORE CBS felt they needed to cancel it.

    If the day does come that Y&R is canceled, I would hope that if Sony Pictures chose to allow non-cast members to appear on the final episode that they would choose someone such as Kathryn Hays or Susan Flannery or Don Hastings or Eileen Fulton–soap opera royalty just like Jeanne Cooper!–to make an appearance before Wayne Brady, Drew Carey, and Dr. Phil. You’re kind of off target by comparing those three TV personalities to Jeanne Cooper (and Christian LeBlanc).

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    I am a dedicated GL fan. I do understand Cooper wanting a chance to be on GL as it ends. The decision to put her on the last episode probably wasn’t hers to make as much as the writers had to figure out a way to fit her in it.

    Did you notice this week that Dorothy Lyman, who originated the role of Opal Gardner on AMC, had a small role as the wife of the man who died serving in Vietnam in Alan’s place?

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    josstheguy said: “Reva Shayne is a P&G character. I doubt that they would allow the character to transfer to a Sony/Bell production.”

    Hey Joss… just a thought: if P&G allowed Alison Stewart from ATWT to appear on Sony/Bell’s Y&R (during the Amber/Cane in Las Vegas storypart), maybe they would let a GL character transition over to Y&R? Personally, I think any GL characters would fit better on ATWT if anywhere else, but… Something to think about, though (GL->Y&R).

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    I agree that the Guiding Light veterans should get the bulk of the air time during the series finale. But I also agree that these two Y&Rs being on is a show of respect. I don’t want to give credit to the network, but maybe with the appearance of one of Genoa City’s most beloved citizens, Katherine Chancellor, it is a way the current number one ranked show is paying respect to the oldest show, which help to start the genre. I don’t know, I think it is a respectful and classy gesture on the part of whomever commissioned this. Again, I don’t want to give credit to the network or the fool(s) in charge of the Guiding Light daily operations, they killed my beloved soap, so I don’t think they have the foresight to come up with this grand scheme, if it happens to be true. For the record, I believe Mel and Daytime Confidential!

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    That’s cool…I guess? I probably won’t even know who they are, since I’ve never watched any daytime drama but GL. I’ll just watch for the old lady that they obviously want us to notice? Aside from that – FUCK YOU CBS.

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    DanMan869, thanks for the correction on my Susan Flannery comment, I knew she directed – just used the wrong word. When SF directed GL, as a fan I was flattered she did it and still am. At the time, GL was an ongoing part of CBS daytime, and I always felt CBS was amiss in not promoting more crossovers and interaction between its shows. However, times change, and for CBS to try this now when it will not benefit GL or its fans, reeks more than a little bit IMO.

    I disagree strongly with your assertion that CBS is not to blame for GL’s demise. I will not defend P&G, they have made more than their share of god awful decisions involving GL in recent years, but I hold CBS primarily responsible. In 1996, CBS began allowing its large market affiliates to move GL out of the afternoon soap block and into a morning timeslot. Currently, GL airs in the morning in more than 12 of the major media markets, including in NYC where I live. No soap has ever been successful long term in a morning timeslot, that is why no soaps except GL are on in the morning. IMO this is reason #1 why GL’s ratings are bad when compared to the other soaps which ALL air nationally together in the afternoon. GL has not been competitive since that decision and it’s ratings woes increased as more and more affiliates moved GL. Also, from what I understand, Barbara Bloom is extremely involved in the day to day operations of all CBS shows (except to some extent Y&R). So, I highly doubt that P&G would place an EP or HW at any of their shows without her approval. She was obviously very involved in the decision to change GL’s production model last year, from her comment to fans six weeks in to “chill out” when it came to the concerns being voiced. For CBS to give GL less than a year after implementing such a radical production change is not right especially given this show’s 72 year history. CBS disgusts me and most GL fans.

    With regard to my comment on guest appearances on Y&R at a future last episode, I made an assumption (a good one) that Y&R will be the last soap standing on CBS. Therefore if CBS tries this type of publicity stunt with them they will have to use their game and talk show talent since there won’t be any CBS soaps or talent left. At any rate, I guess we should agree to disagree.

    Joss – From your prior posts, I know you are a GL fan. Don’t take this the wrong way, but from those posts I also know you are a Y&R fan first and foremost. So, I would expect that you would not have a problem seeing Y&R cast members pop up on GL’s last episode. I am a GL fan first (and only at this point), and given my feelings on CBS and their management I expect they are trying to cash in on what they believe will be a highly watched episode with promotion for Y&R. To be frank, I really want to see CBS daytime fail after what they’ve done to GL, and I don’t want to see any of their other shows try to benefit from GL’s last hurrah. I understand and respect your opinion, but disagree with you on this one. (FYI, I used to watch Y&R and Kay and Jill were my favorite characters. I think JC is a fabulous actress, so this is not about her personally.)

    I have no problem with the Dorothy Lyman appearance for two reasons: 1. it is not the last show, and 2. she is not promoting another CBS program.

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    From what I heard the actors are coming back NOT as their Y&R characters but rather as characters FROM GUIDING LIGHT’S PAST HISTORY!! So, it is TOTALLY a nod to GL!! At the Emmy’s, on the Red Carpet Crystal Chappell had only very nice things to say about Jeanne Cooper’s (& Christian Le Blanc) visit to Springfield. By the way BOTH JC & CLB also visited Memphis and St. Jude’s Hospital to visit the sick children there. I really do not think anyone is pulling anything except paying respect to the ending of the longest running soap opera!! Crystal had mentioned that Jeanne Cooper is a Classy Broad (Crystal’s words) and knows & understands the reprecussions of Guiding Lights cancellation–Not only the Guiding Light’s actors BUT rather THE WHOLE INDUSTRY and what I took as the industry as a WHOLE (meaning not only actors but EVERYONE involved with Soap Operas including the writers & technical people and everyone else involved.)

    I could be wrong–But I take it as one Grande Dame giving PROPS to another (GL)!! I think Jeanne Cooper is total CLASS!! At least it was worked out unlike OLTL NOT letting Jerry Van Dorn back for a small part to bring Ross Marler back for the final!!

    I’m third generation Guiding Light watcher in my family and a HUGE fan. I take it as a total TRIBUTE to Guiding Light (A Legend in itself) by another Legend Jeanne Cooper.

    Again . . . I know nothing besides what I have heard or read recently. In fact I had not heard about it until Crystal did the Red Carpet interview and the interviewer brought it up to Crystal. I then did research because I did not want to miss it (the way Crystal talked about it seemed endearing) I really did not find much . . . But bring it on!!

    For me personally, the more important issue (at least to me personally and to LGBT representation) is whether Olivia and Natalia will even have a kiss . . . No I am not a perv or anything like that. I am just talking about the same representation of same sex couples versus straight couples (which all have had kisses and sex scenes galore . . . ) I just happen to think Otalia should have the same. I know time is short and all the other “red tape” involved . . . I am just hoping for a kiss. Because a kiss in not just a kiss . . . . To me that is a more important issue.

    :-) :-) :-) :-)

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    Joss–perfectly stated. Phony outrage. The time to have been outraged was around 10 years ago when GL started running off the rails–and then the anger should’ve been directed at P&G. In the case of Jeanne Cooper, this appearance is simply a beloved soap actress asking to and being given the opportunity to pay homage to a beloved soap opera–the oldest one on the air. I think it’s something GL fans should be proud of; JC (or any other actor) wants to pay tribute to “OUR” show. At least she won’t be popping open a can of Pringles or using Tide. Talk about “pimping”…

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