OLTL's Robin Strasser Re-Signs

Robin Strasser
has revealed on her hotline she has re-signed with One Life to Live

"My dear friends, a heart attack has been averted. It is my pleasure to announce that I've said yes. Yes, what did I say affirmatively yes to? The whole deal of continuing to play Dorian. I can't allow it to be about money. It's pay cut time. Daytime is hanging on a thread. I believe that. I get it."

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3 February 2008
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YAY!!! Llanview wouldn't be the same w/o Dorian. While I'm sorry that RS had to take another pay cut to stay on, I'm glad she realized that the show must go on and everyone must do their part to make that happen. Maybe in a few years soaps will be in a better place and she'll get a raise. In the meantime, I'm glad I have more of Dorian to look forward to! Now, if we could just get Tuc Watkins back on a permanent basis...

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26 June 2009
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couldn't have heard better news. so glad the vets are re-signing !!

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11 April 2009
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Strasser is doing the right thing for herself based on the facts she has available and according to her beliefs. I'm happy to have her around Llanview.

We're all the luckier to have her on our TV screens.

The fact that Strasser took the pay cut shows how desperate times are for daytime, I imagine. Some income is better than no income because the OLTL gravy train might end sooner than expected.

Strasser, like many other soap actors, plays a multimillionaire who has little concern about the economic realities facing the world. I wish someone would create a documentary of the soap world, contrasting the lives of soaps' wealthiest characters with the lives of their portrayers.

Maybe soaps need their own Doomsday Clock to scare and inform soap opera workers and viewers how close all the shows are to ending.

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5 July 2008
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I Am Happy That RS Is Staying. I wonder If She's glad One Life Is getting a bigger studio and going HD?

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2 January 2008
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Thank god now maybe they can get tina sloane to play melinda kramer

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2 April 2009
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Strasser also might of been smart with her money over the years and has a nice nest egg

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Love her!
...so glad that she is staying!