Sharon Gets Busted…Again On Y&R

Old habits die hard for Sharon(Sharon Case).

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    Melvins mom

    It’ll be interesting to see exactly who she calls now that Nick is off in re-re-re-re-commitland and Jack has washed his hands of her.
    Someone get this woman some help already!

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    Again, sexism at play on the Y&R. Why is Sharon a desperate, pathetic fool while Nick, Deacon, Jack, Victor, Adam, Cane, P3, and Neil are made to be saviors for the women in their lives? It is totally sexist and the show is getting too dark.

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    Deacon is no savior! He’s a sleaze bag. The only who thinks of Deacon Sharpe in heroic terms is himself.

    Devil’s advocate: It is odd that 3 women (Sharon, Mary Jane, and Ashley) on canvas suffer from some kind of mental illness.

    But, I don’t find Y&R “too dark.” I’m enjoying it; the show is addictive.

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    I love Y&R, yet what is with this seemingly plot-driven situation? And who’s the misogynist on the Y&R writing team? The character of Sharon arrested the way people plan trips to the supermarket! Jeez! LOL

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    I cannot remember exactly, but did Sharon realize that she was stealing the last time?

    If the answer is no, then I think that she probably did not steal the ring this time. I believe Mary Jane probably planted the ring on her to get her out of the way and away from Jack or hurt Victor.

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    Love it!! Love it!! Love it!! she is so pathetic and delusional she goes to the jewelery store where Nick bought Phyllis’s new wedding ring and tries it on!!! Patty and Phyllis are not to blame for Sharon being a stupid idiot! she is doing that all on her own!

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    Plot driven crap and I don’t like it. Sharon is many things, but not a thief. It is just like the writers are throwing darts at the wall of what to do with Sharon and the rest of the characters. Let her steal some stuff and be crazy without dealing with it. Lets have Ashley go crazy without knowing she is pregnant. Lets have Phyllis be dumb over JerkNick.

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    I’m sure we are going to find out what the reasoning is behind Sharon stealing things. I just wonder who she will call this time since Nick is back with Phyllis and Jack is done with her.

    We get to see a new set. I just wonder who else will be using it. I can’t imagine them just building it for Sharons s/l.

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    Again, Sharon and Nick, in high school was what pulled me into this show in (appx) Nineteen ninety six ~ ninety seven. Sharon was my favorite GC Citizen……but her flip flopping (and I’m not just talking about her flappy’s on the side of her head. CUT IT ALREADY!!) and lies…..I’m just not a Sharon fan anymore.

    But today is all about Zapato for me. I wish they hadn’t done that to him…..I wish they hadn’t SHOWN HIM on the sofa after he passed away either. YES ITS A TV SHOW, Blah, blah, blah…..I just thought it was unnecessary and the writers have pissed me off.

    So do I care about Sharon’s stupidity this mornin?? NOPE!

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    I agree with you Siomonstuart.

    Who is hating Sharon Case so much in that moronic team of writers that they want to utterly destroy her character?

    What about Phyllis remarrying a guy who was professing is love to another woman 2 weeks ago! How stupid is THAT!

    The way the women are written: all weak, mentally ill, stealer, sinner and plain stupid is pure Hogan. He did it on ATWT and he is doing it on Y&R.

    MAB is not that much of a boss if Hogan can destroy all female character that way and she let him.

    I’ve know Sharon and Phyllis character for years, no way in hell they are in character.

    Y&R is pure crapola nowadays, I don’t recognize the characters I loved for years! I am so angry and frustrated a time out is probably in my future!

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    Time Pass, you’ve really got my thinking about our leading ladies on this show…..

    Ashley: Crazy Lunatic Mess….
    Phyllis: Taking back that skank, Nick
    Nicki: Making her crawl back to Victroller and not allowing her to have happiness with a decent guy …
    Heather: Back with Adam. Law Degree, but can’t see (no pun) what he’s all about…
    Mary Jane: No Explanation needed
    Chloe: I still miss Gang Busters Chloe. Not this wimpy one
    Mac: Just yesterday told Mrs. C. that’s she’s pretty much sick of being the Do-Gooder and is okay w/sleeping w/a married man.
    Amber: Destroyed her in the eyes of her love, Daniel…

    YUP!! I see your point!! Nina, Mrs. C, Jana and Lily are the lone exceptions of not being ruined (for now) at the hands of love.

    Jury is out on: Gloria, as we neve see her anymore and Vicki cuz…. I doubt any of us really care!! LOL!

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    I would really like to see Sharon being a strong single woman and raising her baby on her own as MILLIONS of women do every day, without going crazy or needing some guy to rescue her. It’s an impending insult to single moms…

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    This is ridiculous!! Come on guys. You have every lady on this show weak and pathetic. The Y&R woman could always hold their own, and now? Someone please tell me when almighty Jack and Phyllis will be confronted on their sexual moments, because we know they haven’t caused any conflict in any lives at all!!! Leave Sharon and Ashley alone already. The show I love and remember is getting old
    and predictable and I’m beginning to fast forward through the whole damn show!!!!!!!

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    What tha hell it is tru she gets arrested, I dont get why the writers on this show and all of sudden Sharon is GC newest jailhouse Thugstress(GMAFB) it would be different if out of the last 14yrs of watching Sharon she did this but to try and make it believable is pure comedy. Somebody on Y&R must not like my girl because this is straight BS.

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    Ashley: ‘m sorry this is a woman who stole a man’s sperm and impregnated herself with it. Didn’t she also have a break down years ago because she had an abortion?

    Phyllis: Taking back that skank, Nick. Because it’s above her to take a man any way she can get him. She tricked a man into thinking the two of them had sex and that she was pregnant with his child ruining his marriage in the process. She also had an affair with a married man while he was in the process of grieving his daughter.

    Nicki: Making her crawl back to Victroller and not allowing her to have happiness with a decent guy. And Bill Bell’s writing for Nikki was different?

    Heather: Back with Adam. Law Degree, but can’t see (no pun) what he’s all about…. Look at practically every lawyer or cop on soaps and you’ll see they all are giving a brain the size of squirrel. Men and Women.

    Mary Jane: No Explanation needed. Sheila, Mary Jo, etc., etc.

    Chloe: I still miss Gang Busters Chloe. Not this wimpy one. See Phyllis. Not exactly the same but enough similarities.

    Mac: Just yesterday told Mrs. C. that’s she’s pretty much sick of being the Do-Gooder and is okay w/sleeping w/a married man. Because that never happens on soaps.

    Amber: Destroyed her in the eyes of her love, Daniel…. Amber destroyed herself with all the shenanigans she’s pulled over the years. Daniel just learned the truth.

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