OLTL Casts Lisa Evans as Fish’s Mother

One Life to Live has cast Scott Evans’s real-life mother, Lisa Evans, as Fish’s mother Barbara, according to SOAPnet. This comes amidst the recent high profile casting of former Weeds and The Wire stars Tonye Patano and Frankie Faison as Destiny, Shaun and Greg Evans parents.

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    I can’t wait to see them interacting together. It should be interesting seeing a mother and son in real life playing mother and son on screen.

  2. Profile photo of appleridge

    Scott Evans said in an interview I think SOW that When has scenes with his real-life mom and he says mom it feels like its Scott talking to mom not just Fish talking to his.

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    Wow, what a fantastic idea, and what a brave choice for Scott and Lisa. I can only imagine the emotional honesty that will be on display, and bravo for the pair for willing to tap into their relationship for those scenes.

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