Royal Photoshoot On B&B

Jennifer Gareis
relinquishes her video blogger role to Texas Battle as she and her onscreen sisters on The Bold and the Beautiful prepare for a photo shoot. At the 1:20 mark did John McCook (Eric) hoe check Battle?

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    I watched the show, it was boring. I can’t stand those girls. Stephanie was the best part at the end of the show with just a stare.

    Jackie O and Silly Cat are gross. (She is a hotty for her age, I’ll give her that)

    I hope that Ridge and Eric end up living in a one room apartment with only one pair of pants as the “Valley Girls”, drive past them laughing and Taylor and her family along with Stephanie’s children are sitting eating outside at a great restaurant and watch the “Valley Girls” acting like the made it and all of a sudded they plow into a Bus.

    I would rather see Pam and Clarke on for 30 mins then that messed up family. They take “Keeping it in the Family” to another level. JMO

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    I agree Reggy, the show is in a good place right now. KKL is bringing it! I like this stuff…classic B&B type stuff, but I am waiting for something over arching to happen now. I know I am going to catch HELL for this…but I think a small earthquake should hit. I know ppl hate those gymic storylines (clear springs) but that would really put everyone on, and light a fire under a lot of unseen characters.

    And yes Jillian! Looks like John was hoe checking Battle! haha when i was there he kept “joking” with Battle to get off of his phone and put it away.

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    I am glad you can see some improvement! I like your idea of an earthquake. It reminds me of the Falcon Crest cliffhanger. They should have an earthquake and kill off a character. I think this will bring more interest to the show.

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